The delivery services industry is evolving rapidly. Only in the US, it comprises about 7,500 companies both large and small. Companies are trying to optimize and improve the delivery process.

As an example, UPS's new VR training program that will simulate some of the uncertainties and challenges of delivering packages on crowded city streets. Trainees will interact with the content using voice commands to identify obstacles while wearing headsets.

But still, two-thirds of shoppers suffer from bad delivery service. Below are the top 7 worst delivery problems.

  1. Keeping track of the schedule.
    38% of people come across parcels that arrive late. As an example, the customer was informed of the date and time of the delivery.

    "...After waiting all afternoon I called Estes Express and was told the shipment, 1149017638, is still awaiting departure from Memphis TN.I am not only unhappy that the Shipment was not Delivered but also that Estes Express did not have the courtesy or the customer service to call me and advise of the delay..."

    The person was disappointed not only that the shipment was not delivered but also that the customer service didn`t call to report about the delay. Under the Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise, goods should be delivered within 30 days unless a different time period is agreed.

    If you paid for express delivery, or your package didn’t arrive within 30 day, you should get a refund on the charge for the bad delivery service. You can also cancel your order and ask to return your payment.

  2. Damaged items.
    This is a very common problem. We can find many reviews on the worst delivery company. In this one we can read about delivering a damaged package

    "Damaged package delivered to my was broken and a piece was missing.So somebody opened the box and resealed it or something. But they delivered it anyway. I started a case with UPS they picked up the box from my customer after the second attempt. Then they delivered it back to him the next day resealed again..."

    The person is disappointed with “unprofessional shipping service” and unwillingness of the company to do any record of damage inspection. To solve such problem, send a written notification (it can be an email or a completed form on the company’s website) to the Customer Services department within 7 days after delivery.

    Note the shipping number, the shipping date and submit pictures that show the damage. You can find the complaint letter template for bad delivery service on

    complaint form

  3. Stolen and lost items.This is one of the worst delivery problems.
    In this review a customer received the package. After opening it, this person discovered that “someone working at the delivery company had torn into the package and stolen everything but the speaker cable”.

    In this case, you should get the refund and handle the dispute with the courier. Mail a short description of your complaint:

    • the parcel number;
    • the shipping date;
    • the address information of the receiver/consignee;
    • description of the contents;
    • the weight of the parcel;
    • the signed-off shipping list;
    • your contact information;
    • include the invoice to the consignee as an appendix.

    Another way to solve this problem with the worst delivery company is to file a complaint with U.S. Postal Inspector. You can get help this ways:

    • Visit to get contact details;
    • Email or mail your queries;
    • Complain by phone.

    You can also file a police report with your local city or county. Protect yourself from the worst courier by purchasing parcel insurance. It will cover the costs of shipping, the package value, up to the amount specified.

  4. No plans in case of emergencies (hurricanes).
    The worst delivery company doesn’t have any procedure for emergencies. In this review customers were left with no access to their storage units, no delivery of their PODS, no access to the website, and no communication via phone.

    "...My POD is stored in Seattle, nearly 3,000 miles away from Irma. PODS failed to have a contingency plan in place for emergencies such as hurricanes and customers are left with no access to their storage, no delivery of their PODS, no access to the website, and no communication via phone..."

    In such a case you should file a claim and request a refund.

  5. Too high prices, hidden payments.
    You should pay attention to the charge for delivery services. In this uShip online review, a company wanted extra money for staying in and food for the puppy not mentioned before.

    "...they told me I had to pay 900.00 to rent a crate seenig it was summer and they needed better vent for the puppy they said it was 100% refundable when the puppy got here sound ok cause it was warm weather out.
    then they tried to tell me it didn't have all its shots and it was at the half way point 500.00 so the the puppy was sittin and allready left his house, I didn't want to pay my heart went out to the puppy so I said ok.(dummy me) later said he missed his flight so he would have to stay over night and cost for food and being takin care of $700.00..."

    Check pricing and take a closer look at the fee structures before signing up. To determine the right price for the shipment, visit the website of chosen delivery company. Open Shipping rates section and download rate information.

    Some companies provide calculators on their sites where you complete information about your shipment (destination, origin, shipment date, and weight) and see the price. You can also contact Help Center of a chosen company (by email, phone, or chat).

  6. Bad customer service (irresponsible vehicle drivers, delivery men, poor organization of the delivery process).
    Vehicle drivers and worst courier deliver packages to the wrong address, leave them outside of the home, under the rain or at the end of the driveway, addresses.This video shows how the Lasership delivery guy throws the item on the porch breaking it.

    Here one of the Seattle Fed Ex drivers leaves packages outside and pretends to ring buzzer but he's clearly just clicking the "Cancel" button…

    If you come across bad delivery service, address to customer service managers with the complaint. It should include the parcel number, the shipping date, the address information of the receiver/consignee, a description of the contents and your contact information.

    In case of delivery to the wrong address, include the invoice to the consignee, a signed declaration of the person to whom the parcel was addressed. This must show that the consignee has not received the parcel.

    In case of damage caused by irresponsible vehicle drivers, delivery men,(leaving under the rain, throwing the package), attach a detailed picture / close-up of the specific damage to the item.

  7. Packing.
    Worst courier doesn`t pay attention to the parcel marking and packing, signing as fragile. As a result, goods without such a sticker might come damaged. This post blasted Facebook:

    Amazon delivery service

    Amazon left a stack of boxes (some marked "heavy") completely blocking in the main door to the house putting the person at risk from fire or other emergency. The customer filed a complaint with the local Fire Marshal asking them to issue a warning about this bad delivery service.

    In this case, write a complaint letter to customer service managers, attach the video with inappropriate courier’s behavior and ask the worst delivery company for the refund. 

    Delivery services aimed to make our life easier and more convenient. People want to get a quick, simple and safe procedure of delivering. However, they face lots of delivery problems, especially around holidays. Consumers have to take many actions to resolve holiday shipping issues with the worst delivery companies. 

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