Air flights have become a significant part of our lives. Air traveling is a fast, safe and entertaining way to reach almost any destination. It is sometimes the only way to get to particular spots. Read about the best flying tips and tricks on how to get the best price on flights, as well as airplanes hacks on what to do before, during, and after the flight.

It is hard to find a person who doesn’t like traveling. The number of flights is rising year after year. According to statistics posted on, 36.8 million flights were operated worldwide in 2017. Among which 30% of people traveled using up to two long-haul flights in the last two years including both leisure and business trips.

Traveling preparation takes a lot of time, and unforeseen still happens. Thus, it is good to know some airline secrets for a successful and cheap journey.

Top Air Travel Hacks

How to Get the Best Price on Flights

A trip, full of pleasant memories and bright adventures, primarily depends on a good planning. The budget determines a lot in it. If you have little money, it doesn’t mean you can’t effort a small journey. There are some airline hacks on how to get the best price on flights and they are as follows:

Choose the best season for traveling by air

First of all, you should book your tickets beforehand, at least 2-4 weeks ahead. Friday is considered to be the cheapest day to start your trip and Monday is the best day to return home (choosing these days can help you save at least 100$). You should differentiate dates according to domestic and international flights. The cheapest time for domestic air trips is:

  • Martin Luther King weekend. At this time right after Christmas holidays and some days after (January, 21 – January, 27) flights become cheaper.
  • End of April. Easter weekend is over, days become warmer but it’s not yet a time for beach weekends.
  • September. It is the cheapest period after the summertime peak season ended.
  • Mid-December. The timeframe between Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays is another period for saving money.

If you think of how to get cheap international flights, the cheapest seasons for them are:

  • February, 23 – March, 2. It is a gap after Christmas celebration and before spring school holidays.
  • April. It is the time when people travel well for less money as people prefer to wait for the summer holidays.
  • End of summer. The time when children and their parents are getting ready for a new school year.
  • The week before Christmas. Everybody is waiting for the winter holidays.

Select a frequent-flyer program

It allows you to earn free trips, upgrades (e.g., from Coach to First Class) or other awards based on how often you fly on that airline. In some programs, you can earn credit by using specified hotels, rental car companies, credit cards, etc. This program is free.

Take advantage of back-to-back ticketing

The Saturday-night stay rule makes travelers stay over a Saturday night for a discounted ticket. However, you can book two flights to get around ticketing restrictions.

Choose low-cost carriers

Among them are JetBlue, AirTran, etc. They provide simple fare structures; sell cheaper fares for an advanced purchase.

Check airline and Internet travel sites for special offers

Visit websites like, Airfarewatchdog, The Flight Deal, etc. for special deals.

Choose the best airline for you and your traveling family

According to the annual Airline Quality Ratings (AQR) report, the top 5 US airlines are:

  1. Alaska Airlines, 
  2. Delta,  
  3. Virgin America, 
  4. JetBlue, 
  5. Hawaiian.

They showed improvements according to such factors as on-time performance, denied boardings, mishandled baggage, and customer complaints.

How to prepare for the flight


Learn how to get more benefits from a particular airline

Southwest Airlines has the lowest rate of consumer complaints and is considered to be family friendly (6 in the ranking). Thus, it is good to learn tips for flying southwest to get more benefits. The airline doesn’t have business class and most seats are almost the same.

You get your seat according to the number you as a passenger received at check-in. One of the common tips for flying southwest airlines is to get the Southwest Companion Pass which gives an opportunity to bring along one “companion” on all of your Southwest flights for free for two calendar years. You can earn 110,000 Rapid Rewards points in one calendar year.

It is sometimes hard to get loyalty benefits from airlines. As an example, you should know some United Airlines tips and tricks if you want to earn a benefit. Most people collect United Airlines miles in order to find award seats. Be aware of so-called phantom award seats. You try to book an award seat which is shown as available. However, you get an error.

There is one of the United Airlines tips and tricks on how to get on a waitlist for a discounted Business Class or First Class United Airlines Saver award ticket. In order to achieve it, do the following:

  • Book a coach award ticket online.
  • Call United Airlines at 800-864-8331 to get on the waitlist for a Business or First Class Saver award seat.
  • Get a Saver award seat automatically when it becomes available.

Tips on What to Do Before the Flight

Trip organizing is stressful. You should take into account the following things:

How to pack the baggage

Make a list of items you want to take. Divide your staff into two groups: the first one is for things you need during the flight, so put them in a carry-on bag. The second is for a checked bag. There are also limitations for them: in most cases you can take two checked bags. Pay attention to weight.

For more tips on how to pack, you can watch the video below:

What to take onboard

There are some items you should never put into a bag you plan to check into the cargo compartment:

    • Small valuables: cash, credit cards, jewelry, cameras.
    • Critical items: medicine, keys, passport, tour vouchers, business papers.
    • Irreplaceable items: manuscript, heirlooms.
    • Fragile items: eyeglasses, glass containers, liquids. 

Pay attention that the US put into place restrictions on electronics in carry-on luggage for flights from certain countries and on certain airlines. Thus, you have to find out whether you are allowed to pack tablets, cameras, or laptops in your carry-on luggage.

It is also good to take some toiletries (toothbrush and toothpaste, tissues, shampoo). However, there are some rules on traveling with liquids. You are allowed to take no more than 100 ml of any of them. You must place these liquids into individual containers. The total amount you can carry is 1 liter.

You should also take some clothes. In case your checked luggage delayed or lost, you would have everything you need for the beginning.

Think of some entertainment during the flight (headphones, books, etc.).

Take a bottle of water and some snacks. Pay attention: there are some restrictions concerning liquids, gels, or aerosols. You can take apples, chocolate, granola, sandwiches.

You are not allowed to bring creamy and spreadable food like peanut butter, cream cheese, sauces, etc. Food and water must be in 3.4-ounce containers and fit into the passenger's 1-quart bag.

Also, it's a good idea to read tips on how to stay safe and healthy during the trip prior to any traveling.

How to check-in on time

It is obvious that you have to meet the airline's check-in deadline. In order to help you, some airlines provide mobile flight tracking apps, airport delay tracker, airport status, packing. There are even more useful travel tools like TripIt, GateGuru that can help handle your trips.

Tips on What to Do During the Flight

Traveling becomes a great experience when you know some travel hacks for flying:

Сhew gum, suck on candy or yawn when the plane takes off or lends 

It will help overcome pressure change and prevent you from having an"airplane ear". Try not to sleep at that time.

Avoid drinking tea and coffee which are made from plane tap water

The investigation of the Environmental Protection Agency stated that such water could contain coliform, bacteria that may end up in your spoilt travel.

Choose seats toward the back if you want to get more attention

Most passengers prefer seats at the front of the aircraft because they can leave the plane first and choose better meal option. However, it turned out that for passengers sitting near the back of the plane, it's much easier to slip in for extra drinks, pillows, etc. The seats near the toilets/lavatories are not good choices.

Selecting an exit row seat is also can be disturbing especially when you travel with a kid.

Use airline's offers like A.V.O.D (Audio Video on Demand) 

However, it can be quite expensive. That's why it is better to take something for entertainment with you (movies, magazines, books, Game Boy, CD player, etc.).

Drink water during the flight

It will help you to avoid dehydration. Skip the alcohol even if it’s free for the same reason.

Avoid too much makeup

Cabin air is often less than 20% humidity which dries your skin. Adding makeup, grease, dirt, and dead skin cells and we get problems and stress on your skin. Instead, it’s better to take a hydrated facial spray.

How to deal with baggage issues

Tips on What to Do After the Flight

Overcoming long flights is like an art. If you don’t know what to do right after the flight, you may feel exhausted and face many unexpected issues. Thus, you have to take into consideration the following tips:

When you pull your bag, check carefully your name tag or the bag tag number

If your bag arrives open, unlocked or visibly damaged, check right away to see if any of the contents are missing or damaged. Report any problems to the airline before leaving the airport; insist on filling out a form. Open your suitcase immediately when you get to where you are staying. Any damage to the contents or any pilferage should be immediately reported to the airline by telephone.

In case your baggage is damaged or lost, report the problem to the airline immediately

Fill in a missing baggage claim form completely. The airline has to find your luggage and get it to you during 21 days. In case the bag is declared as lost, you should fill in inventorying form of what was in the bag in order to compensate your lost items.

Relax for a while after arrival instead of being the first through the passing gate

To feel better and fresher visit the bathroom at the airport, wash your face and chew a mint gum.

When you are in a new place, beware of travel scams

You should always be careful about free offers that look too good to be true. Dishonest taxi drivers also like to cheat. Negotiate all rates in advance. Learn beforehand about most common travel scams.

Flights are not so easy. They are exhausting, stressful and may influence both your body and mind. However, air trips are also interesting and always a start of something interesting. Thus, flying tips and tricks can help you feel happier about getting to your destination.


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