Probably the biggest shopping event on a global scale is just around the corner for Amazon Prime members, who are eagerly waiting for the commencement of their favorite annual shopping holiday. Similarly to Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, Amazon Prime Day gives shoppers the chance to grab goodies at extremely low prices. As you read on, you will find out how to spot the best Amazon Prime Day deals on and how to avoid the most common Amazon Prime Day 2019 scams, so you end this shopping spree with a big smile.

1. What Is Amazon Prime Day?

A shopping holiday that is usually launched every mid-July and provides Amazon members who have an Amazon Prime subscription with exclusive Amazon Prime Day sales on a wide range of products sold on the online platform. This includes Amazon Prime Student members, who can get Prime free for 6 months if they have an edu-based email. And, despite its name (Amazon Prime “Day”), the event can last up to 36 hours.

Note: You will need to be patient during Prime Day when using We have received several Amazon Prime Day reviews from distressed consumers who complained about how difficult it has been for them to access on Prime Day.

"Unable to complete a search today. Cannot search just the daily deals. I see the app on my iphone no longer lets me see today's deals. This requires way too much effort for little savings and unbelievably slow shipping. I'm heading over to, they ship FAST and they offer a large variety of items..."

In this case, it is best to contact an Amazon customer support agent and have your issue addressed the best possible way.

2. When Is Amazon Prime Day 2019?

According to Amazon, those wondering “When does Amazon Prime Day start” will have their answer.: Amazon Prime Day 2019 starts on July 15th and will last till July 16, which happens to be the same day the very first Amazon Prime Day event took place.

Amazon Prime Day 2019

Amazon Prime Day Details

Year Start Date End Date
2015 July 15 July 16
2016 July 12 July 13
2017 July 10 July 12
2018 July 16 July 18

That being said, Prime Day in the past years has been kicked off during the second week of July. For instance, last year, it was held on July 10th but the 2016 Amazon Prime Day took place on July 16th. Amazon usually makes the announcement of the exact date of this event around late June to early July, so we will have to wait just a little bit to know for sure.

3. What Time Will Prime Day Deals Begin?

The Amazon Prime Day offers in 2019 could occur at any given time. It could be in the morning, afternoon, or later in the evening. Just remember that the company is based on the West Coast so fine-tune your watch accordingly. If we take a look at the past four years, since the first Amazon Prime Day, the start time varies.

Amazon Prime Day Offers

Year Start Time Duration
2015 2:59am ET 24 hours
2016 2:29am ET  24 hours
2017 9:00pm ET 30 hours
2018 3:00pm ET 36 hours

Although the start times have been sporadic from 2015 to 2018, we do know that it will last, at least, 24 hours. What is yet to be seen is whether the sale will surpass past years in regards to the duration of the event. Is it safe to assume that Amazon will go for an unprecedented stretch of the sale? Probably yes, judging by the fact that the e-commerce giant aspires their special day to be far greater than Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and the likes.

4. How Do I Find the Best Amazon Prime Day 2019 Deals?

One of the best places to start looking for top Amazon Prime Day deals is Amazon’s Today Deals page. There, you will find super-fast offers called Lighting Deals available for a limited time year-round. However, during the Amazon Prime Day event, all Lighting Deals will be exclusive to Amazon Prime members only.

Considering the narrow time window you have to make the purchase at the given price, it is best to opt into email notifications and mobile alerts, so you always know beforehand what will be on offer before a Lighting Deal starts. Remember to add the product to your cart to claim it and watch the countdown timer so that you make the purchase before the discount expires.

Of course, that is only one of the ways to catch great Amazon Prime Day deals. Doing some diligent research on your own on the Amazon platform will also reveal plenty more discounts on products you fancy the most. Needless to say, though, before you score a deal on Amazon Prime Day, you will have to be an Amazon Prime member. If you are not yet subscribed, you may benefit from the free trial the e-commerce site offers and sign up for it around the Prime Day start date.

5. Where Can I Shop for Amazon Prime Day 2019?

If Amazon sticks to its old habits, we can expect a Prime Day hub to be launched any time soon (yet, after the official announcement of the Amazon Prime Day specials’ start date). Although Prime Day deals will be readily available there, you may also check out Amazon Prime Day review sites that will also be offering hand-picked lists of Prime Day best deals on their pages and doing all the work for you (cross-checking Amazon’s prices, etc.).

And, if you will be on the go that day or at work, you can download the Amazon app (available for iOS and Android operating systems), and set up alarms for the products you wish to keep an eye on during Prime Day. Note, though, that the mobile app does not offer notifications on all Amazon products.

It should be noted that if you have good credit, you can apply for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card and get 5% off your Prime Day purchases (includes buys from both and Whole Foods Market). Or see if you qualify for other store cards offered by Amazon if you are still building your credit. So, regardless of where you shop for Amazon Prime Day in 2019, you can maximize your earnings from this endeavor.

6. How Do I Shop on Amazon Prime Day 2019?

Traditionally, all online shopping from takes place at a PC or laptop. However, there are several more options to consider, as well. For instance, if you own a device that is compatible with Alexa, such as a Fire tablet, you can also ask Alexa for 2019 Amazon Prime Day offers. Before you do any of this, make sure you do some prep before Prime Day, which includes:

  • Setting up 1-click ordering on Amazon.
  • Enabling Alexa voice ordering because some discounts are Alexa-exclusive.

Finally, you could visit on your mobile phone and download the free Amazon app.

7. Which Countries Will Participate in Amazon Prime Day 2019?

In 2018, a total of 16 countries offered deeply discounted products and Amazon Prime Day deals, including:

  1. The UK
  2. The USA
  3. Mexico
  4. Spain
  5. Italy
  6. France
  7. Austria
  8. Germany
  9. Luxemburg
  10. The Netherlands
  11. Belgium
  12. India
  13. China
  14. Singapore
  15. Japan
  16. Australia

Taking into account that the event is gaining a larger loyal following with each passing year, chances are this list will add more members to celebrate this year Prime Day. However, there is no official announcement from Amazon on that yet.

8. What Shipping Options Are Available on Amazon Prime Day 2019?

Until a year ago or so, Amazon had a contract with FedEx that carried out all domestic deliveries from and to the prime retailer via their Express service. This is no longer the case, but Amazon is taking measures to ensure orders arrive either overnight or in a day or between 1-3 days via its own shipping infrastructure free of charge. For that reason, Air Prime has been enhanced with the addition of 15 Boeing 737-800 cargo aircraft, as a means to help the company deliver on their promise for next-day shipping.

Nevertheless, for the time being, free one-day shipping is not yet offered for all items and all zip codes. For now, the company provides :

  • Free 2-day shipping for its Prime members and
  • Same-day delivery on selected products and zip codes.

It is not unlikely, though, to see free one-day shipping being provided in the light of the big shopping day.

How Do I Avoid Amazon Prime Day 2019 Scams?

To be certain that you will end up with some of the best deals on Amazon Prime Day 2019 and avoidAmazon Prime Day 2019 fraud at the same time, do:

Use price comparison engines, browser extensions, & add-ons

Price engines and add-ons like PriceGrabber, CamelCamelCamel, and Google Shopping serve their purpose right as they collect information on products and prices from a wide range of retailers and then show you the results. A great practice is to combine price comparison engines and also research the price history using tools like Keepa.

Check whether the offer is legit or not

Bogus price drops are a common phenomenon during major shopping events, the Amazon Prime Day included. So, head to the manufacturer’s website, verify the original price there and then navigate to competitor’s platforms to see the price they are offering for the same product (i.e., Walmart or Best Buy).

Research the seller and the store

You should be very cautious when an unknown online store or seller comes forward with a great deal. It is best to run some checks on them by using consumer watchdogs like Pissed Consumer. This applies to 3rd party sellers too. In any case, do go through as many Amazon Prime Day reviews of the particular seller as possible and see how they (the seller) have replied to complaints from consumers.

You may also want to check out our guide to help avoid marketplace scams.

How Do I Contact Amazon Customer Service?

You can visit our Amazon Contact page, where you will find not only a toll-free number but also a long list of telephone lines you may use, as well as an email and chat option. If you are contacting them during Prime Day, remember that they receive a considerable bulk of orders and customer service requests from consumers that day so be ready for anything, including holding the line for a while.

Judging by the rocky start Amazon Prime Day 2018 had – there were plenty of Amazon Prime Day complaints about the 15-minute outage the website experienced last year - and the Amazon Prime Day reviews we have received that speak of the online retailer’s drop in the quality of the provided customer services, it appears that the company could use some patience on your side, at least, during the major shopping event.

"Amazon has grown exponentially in a decade and has gone from the high level customer service to low level, poor quality customer service as many large retailers. Amazon's primary focus became growth and expansion and diversification of products and services..."

Now that all the major aspects of your Amazon Prime Day shopping adventure are cleared, you could start exercising some of the practices mentioned here to get yourself the best Amazon Prime Day 2019 offers. And, if you stumble on any obstacle(s) along the way, you may visit Pissed Consumer and:

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