A handful of furniture stores dominate the market, especially when it comes to shopping for furniture online. Rooms to Go and Ashley Furniture are two of the biggest names in purchasing new items for your home, but is one better than the other? We decided to compare Rooms to Go with Ashley Furniture to see which company actually lived up to expectations. Which is the better furniture company? Rooms to Go or Ashley Furniture?

Rooms to go

Ashley Furniture

Rooms to Go Rating*- (1.8)⭐⭐

 Ashley Furniture Rating* - (1.8)⭐⭐

Rooms to Go Reviews - 2.2K

 Ashley Furniture Reviews - 2.7K

Rooms to Go Resolved Issues - 14

Ashley Furniture Resolved Issues - 14

We decided to look deeper into customer experiences and store information to compare Rooms to Go vs Ashley Furniture. We looked at Rooms to Go reviews from Pissed Consumer site and several others. We did the same thing with Ashley Furniture reviews.

To compare Rooms to Go with Ashley Furniture, we looked at a number of criteria. We have summarized our findings in the table above and offer more details in our Rooms to Go vs Ashley Furniture breakdown below. Our comparison criteria include:

Read on to see who we determined was the best: Rooms to Go or Ashley Furniture.

Rooms to Go vs Ashley Furniture Rating

Thousands of customers have left Rooms to Go and Ashley Furniture reviews on PissedConsumer and on other sites and forums. Some of these customers have left positive feedback and others have left Rooms to Go and Ashley Furniture complaints. We have complied the customer reviews from PissedConsumer to create a rating based on our algorithm. 

Rooms to Go reviews created a rating of 1.8 stars out of a possible 5. The company scored highest on staff, reflecting some positive feedback about Rooms to Go customer service. Rooms to Go furniture quality earned only 1 star out of a possible 5.

Ashley Furniture reviews created a rating of 1.8 stars out of a possible 5, essentially creating a tie between the two companies. There were fewer Ashley Furniture complaints about furniture quality, however, leaving the company with 2 stars out of a possible 5 where Rooms to Go had only 1. Price and design both had positive feedback in the rating system.

You can find the discussion about Rooms to Go and Ashley Furniture in many places online, not just their own websites. While some customers are attracted to lower prices, others leave Ashley Furniture reviews that show price may not be the only consideration.

Ashley Furniture reviews

Ashley Furniture isn’t alone in the online discussion, however. There are some Rooms to Go reviews online as well as discussing price versus quality.

Rooms to go reviews

The ratings across websites vary as well. While PissedConsumer has a 1.8 rating for Ashley Furniture, another website has a 4.2 rating based on 923 customer ratings.

Ashley HomeStore rating

Rooms to Go vs Ashley Furniture Pros and Cons

Price and quality of furniture and customer service factor heavily into the pros and cons of each company. The Rooms to Go reviews reflect the discussion where Rooms to Go customer service winds up listed under both a Pro and a Con according to different customers.

Ashley Furniture complaints create the same scenario where Ashley Furniture's customer service is both a pro and a con for the company. This just shows that sometimes it just depends on who your salesperson is or what the customer is expecting.

One of the Rooms to Go pros is customer service and pricing. One customer left a review that he enjoyed the pricing and the original salesperson, but was frustrated when his new mattress started to sag. Thanks to the Rooms to Go warranty, he was able to get a replacement mattress, but that mattress didn’t match his box springs and he is concerned about quality after playing the bed swap game.”

Rooms to go customer review

Ultimately this customer wound up paying far more than he anticipated, even with the initial low pricing options.

Ashley Furniture customers enjoy the design of the furniture and friendly salespeople. They don’t enjoy the Ashley Furniture customer service experience; however, especially when they are trying to fix a problem.

A couple left a video review on PissedConsumer about their experience with Ashley Furniture customer service and the options they had under the Ashley Furniture return policy. After buying almost $12,000 worth of furniture, the couple wanted to exchange a small console table.

They were told they had waited more than 72 hours and could not return the table for store credit. The customer was frustrated since the Ashley Furniture return policy on the website clearly states they may return furniture for up to 30 days. Ultimately, although they love the furniture they will “never purchase anything again from Ashley Furniture.”

Ashley Furniture customer review

As indicated in the pros and cons, sometimes your experience is determined by who you are working with. In reviews left on a different website about Ashley Furniture's customer service, customers have had a great experience with customer service. In this case, a customer left 5 stars, primarily in response to great customer service from the salesperson and at the checkout counter.Furniture shops reviews

Rooms to Go and Ashley Furniture Prices

Prices between Ashley Furniture and Rooms to Go are similar. Both stores offer affordable furniture with varying designs. In fact, price shows up as one of the most positive factors in several reviews. In one review website, low pricing at Ashley Furniture is highlighted as being especially affordable.

Ashley Furniture prices

Rooms to Go offers affordable furniture as well ranging from the hundreds to the thousands for sofas and bedrooms.

Rooms to Go prices

A sale makes the items even more affordable. To take advantage of the Rooms to Go payment financing offers noted on the website under each item, customers can apply for the Rooms to Go credit card offers that make it easy to buy a new living room, dining room or bedroom and pay it off over time.

The Rooms to Go credit card offers you flexibility in how you make your payments and lets you take advantage of various financing specials that the store might offer.

Rooms to go financing


Rooms to Go vs Ashley Furniture Return Policy

The Rooms to Go return policy is spelled out on the website according to two shopping models. If you bought your new furniture online, the order may be cancelled until the furniture is loaded onto the truck. After it is loaded, the items can be returned within 48 hours of delivery.

Rooms to go return policyThe Ashley Furniture return policy is broken out into different styles of purchasing as well. According to the Ashley Furniture FAQ, items that are sent via standard shipping can be returned within 30 days of delivery. Items that arrive damaged must be reported within 72 hours of delivery in order to be within the return policy.

Ashley Furniture return policy

Items that are delivered in-home after being ordered online still have a 72-hour window for damages or if you are unhappy with the item. There is no option to return items ordered online for in-home delivery after 72 hours.

Rooms to Go vs Ashley Furniture Refund Policy

Rooms to Go includes refund information with their return and exchange policy. When you return an item within the terms of the Rooms to Go return policy, you will be granted a refund of the purchase price plus tax, but delivery fees cannot be returned. You will also be expected to pay a restocking fee.

If you bought your new furniture in a showroom, you will not have any options for refunds once the furniture has been delivered. You can apply for a total refund if the furniture has not been delivered and the sale is canceled within 48 hours.

Ashley Furniture FAQ addresses refunds along with returns. According to the company’s refund policy, items that are purchased in the store are bound by the criteria set by the store where it was purchased. Every store is “independently owned and operated” and they all have their own return and exchange policy.

Ashley Furniture refund policy

According to the Ashley Furniture FAQ page, items that are purchased online and sent through standard shipping can be returned for a refund up to thirty days. Items purchased online and delivered to your home can be replaced or exchanged if damaged for only 72 hours.

Rooms to Go VS Ashley Furniture Warranty Policy

The Rooms to Go warranty is for one year. There is no mention of a Rooms to Go extended warranty on the warranty information page on the company website. According to the terms of the Rooms to Go warranty, all qualifying items purchased will be covered for defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of delivery.

Rooms to Go warranty

The Ashley Furniture warranty is covered on the warranty page of the company website. The Ashley Furniture warranty breaks down the condition and terms of the service according to the piece of furniture. For example, springs are covered for five years while cushioning is covered for only one year. Labor on all types of furniture in the warranty are covered for only a single year.

Ashley Furniture warranty

There is no mention of an Ashley Furniture extended warranty on the warranty page.

Rooms to Go and Ashley Furniture Shipping and Delivery Policies

Rooms to Go delivery policy is clear about the locations where the company sends items. Rooms to Go delivery will bring and set up furniture in several, but not all states and in some cases only areas within states. The Rooms to Go delivery policy does offer free UPS delivery of many home accessories anywhere that UPS ships in the United States.

Rooms to Go delivery serviceRooms to Go also makes it easy to see how much it is for delivery and set up in certain areas by typing in your zip code on the delivery page.

Rooms to Go delivery charges

Ashley Furniture delivery policy distinguishes between item weight and size. Smaller and lighter items are sent via standard shipping using couriers like FedEx or UPS as well as the United States mail. Ashley Furniture shipping includes options for one- or two-day shipping in many of these cases.

Larger items will be delivered via truck from a locally owned Ashley Furniture store or from the company’s warehouses.

Ashley Furniture delivery service

The shipping of items via standard service is free. There is no mention of other shipping fees in the FAQ page on shipping.

Ashley Furniture shipping service

With so many Ashley Furniture and Rooms to Go reviews online, you can see that sometimes the difference between the two companies boils down to who you are working with and what you are buying. Some customers have great experiences with the companies and others wind up frustrated. Ultimately, you must weigh the pros and cons of each company against your own needs to see which is a good fit.


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*The company ratings on the PissedConsumer website are calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the company’s profile. The algorithm parameters are: users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company responses and more. The PissedConsumer algorithm is also subject to change in the future.

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