Bassett Furniture customers have been asking different questions about the company. Majority of the Bassett Furniture reviews and questions are in regards to customer service, delivery, shipping, returns, warranty, and Bassett Furniture contact info among others.

We looked through Bassett Furniture reviews and Q&A page and identified the following Bassett Furniture FAQ.

  1. How do I contact Bassett Furniture customer service?
  2. When does it have sales?
  3. What is shipping policy?
  4. How can I return the products?
  5. What is the Bassett Furniture Industries warranty policy?
  6. How many competitors does have?
  7. Where is the furniture made?
  8. Is Bassett Furniture any good?

Below are the answers to the top Bassett Furniture FAQ from the company’s website and other reputable websites.

Top 8 Bassett Furniture FAQ

1. How do I contact Bassett Furniture customer service?

You can reach Bassett Furniture customer service through various communication channels including via the phone, email, chat link and social media channels. PissedConsumer, provides various Bassett Furniture phone numbers for different product categories including a toll-free number, baby furniture number, Bassett brand mattress number, and Furniture home Décor phone number. PissedConsumer also provides a chat link, Basset Furniture customer support email address, social media links, and Bassett Furniture headquarters address.

Bassett Furniture Toll-Free Numbers:

(877) 525-7070

Bassett Furniture Baby Furniture Number:

(800) 308-7485

Bassett Brand Mattresses Phone Number:

(800) 697-3259

Furniture and Home Décor Phone Number:

(276) 629-6000

Bassett Furniture Email:

Bassett Furniture Headquarters Address:

Bassett Furniture

PO Box 626 3525 Fairystone Park Hwy.

Bassett, Virginia 24055

United States

You can reach out to Bassett Furniture customer service via social media networks: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn

2.  When does Bassett Furniture Industries have sales?

There are different Bassett Furniture sales and promotions at different times of the year. Promotions and sales are communicated through on the “SALE” tab on the menu bar.  The “SALE” tab features product categories on sale as well as an indication of the percentage of the discount for the various products.

Bassett Furniture sales

For instance, you can click on the “living” product category to see the specific products on sale, the clearance discount and the amount the product is selling for.

3.  What is shipping policy?

According to the shipping and delivery page, Bassett Furniture provides various shipping options including the “In-Home Glove delivery”,  “In-store pick-ups”,  and UPS/FedEx.  The In-Home Glove delivery service promises that your furniture will be handled and delivered by professionals who place it in the appropriate room, remove all product packaging and assemble the furniture.

On the other hand, with the In-store pickups, you can have a store hold your products for a short time for you to pick up. With this option, you need to put into consideration the safety of your products as their store staff will not help with loading, offloading and assembling the products.

Usually, products that are eligible for in-store pick up are indicated as so on the cart during ordering.  The availability of this service will depend on the size of your products, and pick up times are determined by the store. The last shipping option is through UPS or FedEx and is ideal for accessories.

Bassett Furniture delivery policy

Shipping times and costs vary depending on the delivery option you choose, the size of the products and your location. Bassett Furniture on the shipping and delivery page provides a calculator to estimate your In-Home White Glove delivery fees. You will be required to enter your zip code and then you will be provided with shipping fees estimate. For accessories, UPS shipping prices are shown in the cart.

Bassett Furniture delivery prices

Bassett Furniture delivery times range between 30-45 days while accessories are delivered between 5 and 14 business days. Bassett notes that deliveries may take longer because it may take longer than expected to ship the products from Virginia to the West Coast. Once the products have been shipped you will be issued with a tracking number. In case there are expected delivery or shipping delays or you have a Basset Furniture complaint, you can always get in touch with the Bassett Furniture customer service.

Bassett Furniture shipping policy

4. How can I return products?

The most common Bassett Furniture customer reviews are in regards to how to return Bassett furniture products. According to Bassett Furniture return and cancellation policy,  the company accepts the return of non-furniture items and non-custom furniture and rugs within 30 days of delivery.

Basset offers a full refund on cancellation of non-custom items that are not shipped from the main distribution center. Otherwise, you will be charged a 15% restocking fee of the total sale price of the products excluding the taxes.

Delivery fees are non-refundable. According to Bassett Furniture FAQ, the company does not accept return or cancellation of custom ordered furniture, clearance sale or flash sale items. If buying at a store near you, it is best to discuss the store’s return policy as some state laws on returns differ from the Bassett return policy.

Bassett Furniture cancelation policy

To return accessory orders, fill in the online accessory returns form provided on the Bassett Furniture returns and cancellation page within 30 days of making your order. To return furniture and other non-custom items get in touch with the Bassett Furniture customer support.

5. What is the warranty policy?

Based on Basset Furniture FAQ, the company offers Upholstery Warranty and  Wood warranty on their products. The validity of the warranty varies for different product categories ranging from 1 year to 7 years from the date of purchase. Below is a table summarizing the duration of warranty for Bassett Furniture.

Upholstery Warranty

Product category

Validity of warranty

Warranty Exclusions

Domestic Frames

7 years

Decorative wood trim

Import Frames

5 years

Decorative wood trim


5 years

If springs are detached from the original frame


1 year

Shrinking, pilling, soiling and consumer applied stain protection

Domestic seat cushion cores

7 years

Cushion pillow topper

Import seat cushion cores

3 years


Blended down /spring down/feather/foam/gel infused memory foam seat cushion cores

3 years on foam only


Compression of blended down material and loss of feathers

Sleeper mattresses

5 years


Air dream mattresses

3 years on prorated mattress, bladder and valve


Gel foam mattresses

3 years


Sleeper mechanisms

3 years on mechanical parts


Motion mechanisms

5 years

Leggett and Platt "power series" mechanisms and motors


Power  motors and motion components

I year on motors, power components, hinges, cup holders, handles, and switches



I year

Variations in color, grain, texture, healed scars, and brands


Wood Warranty

Wood products

1 year

Variations in raw materials, grain, color, texture, markings, and distressing


Electrical and mechanical components

1 year


Metal/Mable/Glass components

1 year

Variations in raw materials, color, texture, veins and voids


Both warranties cover products for residential use only and do not cover damages that results from the normal wear and tear of products, surface scratches, improper use of product, negligence, or sun exposure. To make a warranty claim, you will be required to present proof of purchase.

In the first year of the warranty, Bassett Furniture incurs repair, installation, and shipping costs for replacements. After the first year, the customer bears these costs. The warranties do not cover clearance sales, liquidation sales and “going out of business “sales.  Bassett Furniture warranties limit implied warranty on incidental and consequential damages except in the states where the laws stipulate otherwise.

Bassett Furniture warranty

6.  How many competitors does Bassett Furniture have?

There are numerous Bassett Furniture competitors ranging from local Furniture stores to international furniture manufacturers and suppliers. lists Ashley Furniture, Pottery Barn, and Ethan Allen as the top Bassett Furniture competitors.

Bassett Furniture competitors

7. Where is Bassett Furniture made?

According to the Bassett Furniture quality page, majority of the company’s furniture is American-made. Most of the upholstery is hand assembled and sewn in North Carolina and Texas. The BenchMade product line is handcrafted in the USA using trees harvested in the Appalachians in Bassett, Virginia.

Where is Bassett Furniture made

Bassett notes that while they globally source their raw materials for some of the products, they inspect, assemble and finish the products to ensure they are of high quality. Some of the fabric and leather is sourced in the US while the rest comes from Europe, South America, or Asia.

8. Is Bassett Furniture any good?

Bassett Furniture has an overall 1.8-star rating on PissedConsumer as at the date of writing this article. Majority of the Bassett Furniture reviews on PissedConsumer are complaints with a few positive reviews. Common Bassett Furniture complaints include poor customer service, failure to honor their return policy and warranties, long delivery time, poor after sale service, and low-quality products that sold expensively among others.

Below is a sample negative Bassett Furniture customer review.

The reviewer had a number of complaints against Bassett Furniture including receiving damaged goods, difficulty getting through to customer service, and poor customer service.

 “Ordered $12000.00 worth of furniture expecting long lasting great furniture with great customer service. Well I received all my furniture with one item cracked at the top.

I have emailed them 3 times with picture and never received a phone call back...”

With that said, there are a few customers who stand by Bassett Furniture and are satisfied with the company’s products and services. Here is a positive Bassett Furniture review:

 “I have always enjoyed Bassett furniture. I have an idea that will revolutionize the combination of furniture, space conservation, as well as technology.

Bassett Furniture reviews

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