Kincaid customers have been asking questions about the company on the Kincaid Furniture reviews and Q&A pages on PissedConsumer. The top Kincaid furniture complaints and questions are in regards to the company’s customer service, warranty, quality of products, locations and prices among others.

We looked through the Kincaid Furniture reviews and Q&A pages on PissedConsumer and identified the follow top consumer questions to Kincaid:

  1. How do I contact Kincaid Furniture customer service?
  2. Where can I buy furniture?
  3. What is Kincaid Furniture Company Inc warranty policy?
  4. Can I return my order?
  5. What wood is my furniture made of?
  6. Is Kincaid furniture any good?
  7. Where is the furniture made?
  8. What company owns
  9. What kind of cleaning products should I use?

 We then sought answers to the Kincaid Furniture FAQs on the company’s website and other reputable websites and forums.

Top 9 Kincaid Furniture FAQ

1. How do I contact Kincaid Furniture customer service?

PissedConsumer, on the Kincaid contact page, provides various contact information that you can use to get in touch with the Kincaid Furniture customer service. The contact information includes various Kincaid furniture phone numbers, a chat link, links to the various Kincaid social media networks, and the Kincaid headquarters address.

Kincaid Furniture Phone Numbers: 

  • (828) 632-9774 1320 NC-90, Taylorsville, NC 28681, USA
  • (828) 728-3261 240 Pleasant Hill Rd, Hudson, NC 28638, USA
  • (205) 733-1937 2944 John Hawkins Pkwy, Birmingham, AL 35244, USA
  • (931) 684-5662 400 Madison St, Shelbyville, TN 37160, USA
  • (518) 783-1850 801 New Loudon Rd, Latham, NY 12110, USA
  • +1 403 240 1000 5111 Northland Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2L 2J8, Canada

Kincaid Furniture Headquarters Address:

Kincaid Furniture Company, Inc.

240 Pleasant Hill Road Hudson, North Carolina 

28638 United States

Here are the links to the various Kincaid social media networks: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.  

2.  Where can I buy Kincaid furniture?

According to the Kincaid locations page, Kincaid works with three different types of dealers to distribute their products. These include free-standing Kincaid stores and authorized dealer stores which generally have the entire Kincaid furniture line and the Kincaid Shoppes which stock the core Kincaid products such as bedroom, living room, and dining room furniture.

Where can I buy Kincaid furniture

To find a Kincaid dealer near you, go to the Kincaid locations page, under “find a dealer” enter your postal or zip code and the radius range for your search. You will be presented with a list of dealers within that area.

Kincaid furniture dealers   

3. What is warranty policy?

According to the Kincaid Furniture warranty information page, the company offers a warranty on the furniture frame, upholstery, sleeper mechanism, spring construction and cushions. The Kincaid Furniture warranty policy stipulates that the company assumes liability for defective merchandise and compensation is limited to repair or replacement of the merchandise.  

“The company's liability for defective merchandise is limited to replacement or repair of that merchandise.”

 General terms for the Kincaid warranty policy

Kincaid warrants the original purchaser of first quality Kincaid upholstery bought from an authorized dealer that the furniture material and workmanship is free from defects. Customers can make warranty claims through the store where they bought the furniture. To make your claim you will be required to present the original purchase receipt that indicates the date of purchase, and the style and type of fabrics.

Kincaid furniture warranty

However, the warranty is not valid for as-is products, display samples, and distressed products. The warranty does not cover packing and shipping costs. It does not cover defects that result from negligence, misuse, accidents, abnormal use, or commercial use of the products. The company does not assume liability for incidental, consequential, special or indirect damages even if they are predictable.

Kincaid stipulates that their warranties are in lieu of other warranties whether expressed or implied. With that said, different states stipulate different rules and regulations on warranties. For instance, in some states, the law does not allow for the exclusion of implied warranties or limitation on damages. In such cases, the expressed and implied warranties apply for the stated warranty period.

Kincaid takes for liability for breakages in the spring construction and frame construction, for the entire lifetime of the product, if they result from defects in the material and workmanship. It only applies to the original purchaser and if the product covered is still on its original fabric.

Kincaid spring construction warranty

Cushions warranty covers seat cushions against loss of resiliency as a result of material and workmanship defects for the lifetime of the product. Kincaid highlights that the slight softening or flattening of cushion fabric/foam that results from normal use of the furniture should not be confused for loss of resilience or be considered as manufacturing defects.

Kincaid Furniture cushions warranty

Upholstery warranty is a limited one-year warranty against defects in fabric material or workmanship. The warranty does not cover damages such as fading, piling or shrinkage. It is also not valid for cases where there is evidence of misuse, improper cleaning, chemical damage, damage caused by pets, abuse, negligence, soiling, accidents or commercial use. Even in the case of a repair or replacement, Kincaid does not guarantee the availability of the exact match of the shade of the original fabric.

Kincaid Furniture upholstery warranty

In the Sleeper mechanism warranty, Kincaid warrants sleeper and other mechanisms against material and workmanship defects for a period of three years from the date of purchase.

4. Can I return my Kincaid Furniture Company Inc order?

Kincaid Furniture on their website does not provide a returns policy on their products. According to the Kincaid Contact us page, the company markets its furniture through a network dealer. In the event that you have an issue with your order, it is best to get in touch with the dealer from whom you bought your furniture.

On the other hand, if you are looking to make a purchase and you have some questions, find a Kincaid furniture authorized dealer nearest to you and get in touch with them. Or, get in touch with Kincaid Furniture customer care through the contact information provided above.

Kincaid furniture return policy

5. What wood is my Kincaid Furniture made of?

According to the Kincaid wood collection page, Kincaid uses different types of wood and finishing on their furniture. The range of wood collection includes Trail, Weatherford-Cornsilk, Plan Road, Stone Street, Portolone, Greyson, the Nook-Hewned Maple, the Nook – Brushed Oak, Foundry, Wildfire, Weatherford-Heather, Hadleigh, Montreat, Elise, Cherry Park, Gatherings, Vintage Pine, Traverse, Stone Ridge, Tuscano, and Modern Classics.

What is Kincaid furniture made of

6. Is any good?

Take a look at some Kincaid Furniture customer reviews #1440520 on PissedConsumer:

We bought expensive kinkaid couche and loveseat 2 years ago. Pillows look like garbage already.

Worn out and sunk in and we dont use them that often Called furniture gallery on rte 112 in medford ny where we purchased and was told nothing they can do. Normal wear and tear. Are they kidding? This is supposed to be an top notch brand.

Cheap couches last lknger then this.

Cant het in touch with kinkaid furniture. Ridiculous

7. Where is Kincaid furniture made?

There is contradicting information on where Kincaid furniture is made. According to the Kincaid Furniture review #288875 on PissedConsumer, customers have come forth to complain that they receive Kincaid products with a “made in Vietnam” label.

 “…I went with Kincaid because it was supposed to be very good quality and American made.The delivery company wouldn't stay while I opened and inspected the furniture, which, by the way, was made in Vietnam…”

 In reply to this review, two more Kincaid Furniture product reviews revealed that their products too had a “made in Vietnam” label.

I found a label on the back of the furniture that said "made in Vietnam" I bought Kincaid because it is supposed to be American made.…

 We looked at a Kincaid bedroom suite today.Right on the back of the dresser was a label which stated "made in Vietnam."I'm confounded since they (Kincaid) claim to be American made...that's why I'm searching the 'net now!

Is Kincaid Furniture any good

However, Kincaid on their “The Kincaid Difference” page indicate all the company’s products are made in western North Carolina.

Over the past 30 years, our upholstery operations in western North Carolina have built quality, bench made upholstery one piece at a time.

The Kincaid difference

8. What company owns Kincaid Furniture Сompany Inc?

According to the Kincaid History page, Kincaid furniture was bought by La-Z-Boy Incorporated in 1988.

La-Z-Boy Incorporated purchased Kincaid Furniture in 1988. They have proven to be an ideal parent company for Kincaid.

What company owns Kincaid Furniture

The Kincaid Furniture footnote also confirms that by La-Z-Boy Incorporated is Kincaid’s parent company.

According to Wikipedia, La-Z-Boy Incorporated is a furniture manufacturing company that provides a wide range of home furniture including upholstery and wood furniture both to retailers and direct consumers.

Who owns Kincaid furniture

9. What kind of cleaning products should I use on Kincaid Furniture?

For every product type, Kincaid furniture on their website provides care and cleaning instructions that stipulate what to do or use and vice versa.

Here is an example of product and cleaning instructions for an armless chair:

(1) Dust with soft cloth slightly moistened with water. Always rub in the direction of the wood grain. (2) Do not place beverages directly on furniture. (3) Furniture should not be placed in direct sunlight. (4) Remove any spills or smudges immediately.

What kind of cleaning products should I use on Kincaid furniture

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