Wayfair is a popular e-commerce platform that sells home goods, specializing in home furnishings and décor items. Previously named as CSN Stores, it now boasts over 10,000 suppliers and more than 10 million products.

Considering that more than often, people meet obstacles when interacting with a company or making a purchase, we have carefully gone through all Wayfair reviews and complaints left on Pissed Consumer and grouped consumers’ questions. Then, through detail and in-depth research, we made sure all concerns were given a proper response. Below is a list of the top 9 Wayfair FAQs consumers have addressed to Wayfair.

9 Top Wayfair FAQs

Buyers mainly worried about not being able to find a Wayfair customer service number to contact a company agent, in the absence of a fast and efficient Wayfair helpline that could provide them with proper assistance. Other Wayfair consumer questions that are being addressed in this piece are:

  1. How do I contact Wayfair?
  2. How do I return my order and get a refund?
  3. Do items come assembled?
  4. Does Wayfair.com sell used furniture?
  5. Does the company offer credit program?
  6. Does it have brick-and-mortar stores?
  7. How does Wayfair’s business model work?
  8. Does Wayfair LLC have any coupons?
  9. How long does it take to deliver furniture?

1. How do I contact Wayfair?

This is a common Wayfair complaint coming from consumers struggling to get a hold of a Wayfair customer care rep, as this individual:

"Got cut off twice! I received this Santa rug today […] The left side of the rug is just fine the right side is very curled in 2 places, not sure that it will straighten out. I do t know why Wayfair can’t take a phone call so you can speak to someone..."

According to the Wayfair customer service page, contacting a company agent is a multi-step process, where you need to communicate with the Wayfair customer care department, and then follow a series of steps to finally talk to a customer assistant

Wayfair customer help

So, if you have a question related to:

  • Shopping or purchasing a product - Call them on (844) 216-0165, between 8 am and midnight (Monday to Friday), 8am-8pm (Saturday), or 9am-6pm (Sunday).
  • An order placed - Create an account with them (if you don’t have one already) and then choose the order with the problem (or call them on the previous phone number).
  • The settings of your account – Select the option that best suits your needs. Alternatively, you may call or email Wayfair (you must complete their online form).

To speed things up, you could visit our dedicated page that lists all available Wayfair customer service details, including a Wayfair customer service number not listed on the www.wayfair.com, and reach out to a company rep directly.

2. How do I return my order to Wayfair.com and get a refund?

The Wayfair Return Policy clearly mentions that returns can be made within 30 days of delivery, and returned items must be in the original condition and packaging. Some items, though, are not eligible for a return, such as those with a “Non-Returnable” mark (it shows on the sale page), as well as:  

  • Items already assembled
  • Gift cards
  • Non-defective/damaged clearance items
  • Personalized items
  • Items sold as part of a bundle available at a lower price (does not apply if you wish to return the entire bundle).

Wayfair return policy

For purchases of specific products or for specific occasions, different return policies are applied:

  • Mattress Return Policy – You have 100 days to return (or exchange) the product for free.
  • Large Appliance Return Policy – Provided that you have not installed the appliance, you can return it (always in its original packaging) within 30 days of delivery without paying the manufacturer’s restocking charge (except for rare cases).
  • Wedding Registry Return Policy – Any purchase made (does NOT include the registrants’ purchases) can be returned within 90 days for free.

The return of an item that is indeed returnable is made either in the form of Store Credit or to your original payment method while you may also ask for pickup services (for extra cost).

Wayfair returns

The steps to follow to return an item are:

  • Log in to your account and view your recent orders.
  • Choose the item you need to return.
  • If it is a bulky or fragile item delivered by a specialized carrier, Wayfair will have the carrier pick up the item for you.
  • If your item was delivered via FedEx or UPS, you will be provided with a printable return shipping label to attach on the returning package, with details to help you find the nearest drop-off location/shipping center. Or, you may have Wayfair arrange the pick-up for you (comes with an extra cost).

 Important Note: Wayfair.com does not accept returns from orders placed via any of their retail partners, Walmart Marketplace included, according to information retrieved from credible sources, such as the Wayfair Store Return Policies and First Quarter Finance website.

3. Do Wayfair LLC items come assembled?

Wayfair does not ship fully-assembled products. However, they do provide assembly services (for extra cost) that include the delivery, assembly, and removal of packages from your premises. The assembly services are delivered via Handy, a platform that connects people to Wayfair furniture assembly professionals, among others

Wayfair assembly services

You can opt for this service by clicking the corresponding box at checkout, right above the “Add to Cart” button (like in the example illustrated below).

Do Wayfair items come assembled

4. Does www.wayfair.com sell used furniture?

There is no explicit information about whether the company sells second-hand furniture.

Also, any search using the terms “second-hand furniture” or “used furniture” did not produce any results on Wayfair

Wayfair second hand furniture

5. Does Wayfair offer credit program?

The www.wayfair.com introduces the Wayfair Credit Card that can be used across all brands managed by Wayfair, including Perigold, Birch Lane, AllModern, and Joss & Main. It comes with zero annual fees and enables its holders to either opt for 3% back in rewards or a special financing option for up to 36 months. Those that decide to go with the first option are also provided with a 40% discount on their first order, provided they have spent, at least, $250

Wayfair credit card

6. Does Wayfair.com have brick-and-mortar stores?

Wayfair does not have a physical outlet at the moment, but they have announced the opening of their first store early this year in Florence, KY. It is expected to be a 20,000sq.ft. property and will give customers the chance to buy returned items and closeouts in decent shape.

7. How does Wayfair’s business model work?

According to a detailed article posted on Future Work Technologies, a marketing agency (among others), Wayfair’s main source of income is their online marketplace, which comprises of websites that work for the five brands Wayfair works with. Right now, the stock of these 5 brands comes from about 7,000 providers, most of whom are small, family-run businesses, that get the opportunity to show their products in front of the eyes of more than 3 million dynamic customers. To cut costs and maintain competitive, Wayfair ships items directly from providers to customers while it also uses automated solutions where possible. 

8. Does Wayfair LLC have any coupons?

The Wayfair Coupons & Coupon Codes page takes a note of personalized Wayfair coupon codes being shared with Wayfair customers that can be used to receive daily deals. Simply using the Wayfair coupon code (aka Wayfair promo code) is enough to “unlock” the offer the code corresponds to. Those that sign up with the company’s business program also enjoy exclusive deals on all products (commercial items only), plus discounts ranging from $25 off to $100 off (first purchase only).  

Wayfair coupons

9. How long does Wayfair take to deliver furniture?

Per the company’s Shipping Information page, small parcels are delivered within one or two business days by FedEx or UPS while the deliveries are usually made on a weekday. Then, there are four more shipping options to choose from:

  • Economy Shipping – The item arrives between 3-8 business days from order.
  • Ground Shipping – An order is processed, shipped, and delivered in 1-7 business days.
  • Expedited Shipping – It takes 2 more days (than the standard shipping time frame) to process and finally deliver an order.
  • Express Shipping – It refers to the processing time necessary to ship the product(s) from the supplier’s warehouse, plus one business day in transit for the order to be delivered.

Wayfair shipping services

For large parcels, the website does not provide a specific time frame for order delivery. Nevertheless, Pissed Consumer has received a lot of Wayfair complaints related to late delivery issues, like the following Wayfair bedroom set and Wayfair TV stand order that went sideways:

“...Wayfair promised a delivery date on or before 12/3/2018. Then on 12/1/2018 changed the date to 12/18/2018. […] on the delivery date (I had set aside the entire middle of the day for a delivery from 10-2) I called for an estimated delivery time. […] Sadly, the TV console was damaged. I had to start all over to have a new one delivered...”

 Have any questions that have not been answered already in the above Wayfair FAQs piece? Feel free to:

  • Leave a Review – More than often, a company agent replies to Wayfair complaints/reviews/questions/problems as posted on our website. Other consumers with the same problem that got it fixed may also come forward, offering you insight from their experience.
  • Read Wayfair Reviews – You will find a wide array of reviews on Wayfair, from furniture to Wayfair shipping reviews. Chances are your question has already been answered there.
  • Go through the Wayfair FAQs section – Here, you will be able to access a long list of the most frequently asked Wayfair questions.
  • Contact Wayfair customer help – We provide you with all possible Wayfair customer service details, including a Wayfair phone number to communicate with a company rep asap.

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