Colonial Van Lines moving company specializes in long-distance moves. According to the website copy straight from the Colonial Van Lines corporate office, it is the United States' top long-distance mover with more than fifty years of experience.  

Colonial Van Lines

Colonial Van Lines Number of Reviews - 95

Colonial Van Lines Rating* - 1.1⭐

Colonial Van Lines Claimed Losses - $140k

Colonial Van Lines Issues Resolved - 3

There are plenty of positive moving reviews for Colonial Van Lines on the company’s website, but we found many more reviews for the company, and not all of them are positive. To help customers find answers about Colonial Van Lines moving company, we looked at more than the company’s website. We looked for actual customer experiences from a variety of online review sources. We have summarized our findings below.

  1. Is it a good moving company?
  2. How to contact Colonial Van Lines customer service?
  3. How to get a quote?
  4. What is their cancellation policy?

1. Is Colonial Van Lines a Good Moving Company?

It’s only natural to wonder if a company that claims on its website to be the “top rated long-distance moving company” in the country is actually a good moving company. Moving reviews for Colonial Van Lines on the company’s website are overwhelmingly positive. Colonial Van Lines reviews left on Glassdoor by company employees are overwhelmingly positive as well.

Even Colonial Van Lines movers reviews that include criticism, such as this employee review from Glassdoor, still rate the company positively. In his Colonial Van Lines review, an employee explains that the company feels like family, but that the customer service management team leaves much to be desired. He felt that customer service does as little as possible for customers. Despite this, he still gives the company four stars in his review.

Colonial van lines reviews

Other Colonial Van Lines ratings aren’t quite as positive as the ones written by employees or found on the company’s website. Plenty of Colonial Van Lines complaints have been left on and Among the Colonial Van Line reviews left on, one recent one-star Colonial Van Lines complaint claims that the customer would not let the company move his trash to the garbage can because he would wind up with a mess and extra charges.  

Colonial van lines complaints

Despite several one-star Colonial Van Lines ratings on, the company still has an overall rating of 3.8 out of a possible 5 stars on that site.

The overall rating of 1.1 on PissedConsumer reflects the sheer volume of Colonial Van Lines complaints customers have left on the website. One customer among the many Colonial Van Lines moving reviews, explains how he found out the hard way that is it a Colonial Van Lines broker arrangement rather than a one-stop moving company.

He states in his Colonial Van Lines review (#1690323), “…I was never told they are brokers; quite the opposite, I was led to believe that everything would be loaded onto one truck; and would stay on that truck until it arrived at my new address; and all would be handled by Colonial. Not true... apparently, loaded and unloaded several times. Many items are missing, and several more are broken…

In summary, the many Colonial Van Lines moving reviews paint a mixed picture of company quality. Employees rate the company highly while customers might praise certain aspects of the company by strongly criticizing others.

2. How to Contact Colonial Van Lines Customer Service?

The Colonial Van Lines phone number is published on the top of the company’s website. According to the top of the page, you can reach the Colonial Van Lines corporate office by calling 888-207-6024.

There is also a Colonial Van Lines contact page on the website offering customers additional options for reaching customer service.

According to the Colonial Van Lines contact page, you can reach the sales department by calling the advertised number from the home page. You can also reach customer service by calling this Colonial Van Lines phone number 855-266-5176 or the claims department at 800-410-0956.

One frustrated customer explained in his PissedConsumer review (#1670146) that the claims department may not provide much satisfaction if things go poorly in a move, however. After having property broken and destroyed during his move, he claims “I have filed a claim with them and getting any kind of answer from them as to where my lost items has not been addressed yet and it’s been a month.”

He ends his thoughts stating that the company should not be in business because they are “irresponsible, neglectful and very unprofessional.”

To reach a representative, be sure to call during the Colonial Van Lines hours, of course. The website advertises weekly Colonial Van Lines hours from 9am to 9pm during the week, and Saturday from 10am to 5pm. The Colonial Van Lines corporate office is located in Florida, so hours will be EST.

3. How to Get a Colonial Van Lines Quote?

Arranging a Colonial Van Lines quote is straightforward. Colonial Van Lines moving quotes are provided via a dedicated page on the company’s website.

Colonial Van Lines quotes

Simply visit the Colonial Van Line quote page on the website, fill in the necessary information and you will receive a ballpark quote directly from the website.

Granted, in our example pulled from the Colonial Van Lines moving website, the ballpark quote is an estimate and it ranges more than $1000, which makes it a challenge to plan accordingly. To get more specific Colonial Van Lines moving quotes, you will need to call the company using the phone number on their website, (888) 207-6024, to ask for a breakdown of services within the Colonial Van Lines price.

Since Colonial Van Lines movers are brokers for long-distance moves, the cost of the move may vary tremendously based on the timing, distance and storage possibilities for your items over the course of the move.

In the Colonial Van Lines FAQs, the company explains that estimates can shift for several reasons including the amount of weight you are moving, how far movers have to carry items in your home, stairs in your home and how much packing is required.

Colonial Van lines quote prices

4. What Is Colonial Van Lines Cancellation Policy?

There is no information about a Colonial Van Lines cancellation policy on the company’s website. The Colonial Van Lines FAQ page is dedicated to preparing to move and the quote page on the website offers “Free, No-Obligation Moving Quotes” without any information about what happens if you need to change your mind later.

Colonial Van Lines cancellation policy

There is a brief mention of a possible Colonial Van Lines money-back guarantee in the FAQ. When describing why a customer should prefer a professional moving company to someone hired from Craigslist, customers are told that you will have a “guarantee” for your items when you work with a professional mover. You can be assured that your items will be covered if they wind up broken.  There is no additional information about any sort of Colonia Van Lines money-back guarantee.

Since the Colonia Van Lines FAQ page doesn’t have any information about cancellations and there is no page dedicated to a Colonial Van Lines cancellation policy, the best source of information on any sort of Colonial Van Lines warranty or money-back guarantee must come from actual customers and their experiences with the company.

One customer filed an official complaint with the Better Business Bureau about deposits. The customer complained that does not always reveal the full price for a moving deposit during the initial sales pitch. In her case, the company tried to collect a second deposit after the customer paid the first to secure the move.

The customer explained that the company offered to cancel her move, but it was too late for her to reschedule with a different company. Unfortunately for her, Colonial Van Lines Inc. decided after the review was posted to the BBB that they would not be able to help the customer move and refunded her deposit.

Colonial Van Lines review

Based on this example, it would see that the Colonial Van Lines cancellation policy is fluid, especially when it comes to customer complaints to the BBB.

For more information about Colonial Van Lines Inc:

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  • Read reviews on or other consumer review-based websites.

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