Vehicles need maintenance. Fortunately, there are several shops that specialize in basic items and parts for cars and trucks as well as some light maintenance. Of course, when you’re working on an expensive car you want to trust the company you’re working with. We dug through hundreds of Rockauto reviews and AutoZone reviews to evaluate several factors about the two companies including:

  • Customer service experience
  • Product and service offering
  • Discounts and savings

Read on to compare AutoZone with Rockauto.

AutoZone vs Rockauto Customer Service Experience

When you compare AutoZone with Rockauto, you will find several overlapping similarities, especially with services and parts offered. But you’ll also find differences in how the companies handle customer service and repair needs.

To best understand how AutoZone and Rockauto customer service work with actual customers, we looked at the Rockauto reviews and AutoZone reviews left on PissedConsumer by actual customers. These reviews paint a very clear picture of what to expect when dealing with the two automotive companies, especially Rockauto or AutoZone discounts and specials.

The Rockauto and AutoZone reviews left on PissedConsumer demonstrated the similarities and differences of AutoZone vs Rockauto. We gathered, sorted and compiled the information from the hundreds of AutoZone reviews and Rockauto reviews in the table below.







Total Reviews



Number of Resolved Issues




Clean store, location, prices



Customer service, service, the whole process

Customer service, refund policy for defective items, no customer service

Company Responses to Reviews



AutoZone reviews left on PissedConsumer gave the company a total rating of 2.2 stars out of a possible 5. This rating is based on 840 total reviews on the website. While product and service quality earned only 2 stars, price and affordability earned 3 stars, which may be due to the availability of various AutoZone discounts.  

Among the AutoZone customer complaints, one reviewer explained his frustration with an advertised AutoZone rebate. He explains “I am pissed. I got an email on my rebate submission that asked about my address. You had it all wrong... Your email response was a joke…”

He continues, …Like so may retail outlets, you have made it impossible to place a call to get a simple problem resolved. In the past I have stopped buying products from companies that make it difficult to get customer service…”

If you have a question about an advertised AutoZone rebate or discount, you can contact the company via the AutoZone phone number at (800) 288-6966.

Rockauto reviews created a rating of 2.6 stars out of a possible 5. More than 3500 reviews were used to create the overall ranking. Customers ranked price and affordability as well as the value of the products and services more highly than other areas. This may be tied to the availability of many Rockauto specials and coupons.

In his Rockauto review, one customer explains the frustration that can come when trying to understand the Rockauto rebate program. He explains that he felt the Rockauto rebate program is a “TOTAL Switch and Bait Tactics. After you receive their "mail in rebate" you discover you can only use it at 15 Garbage China Corporate BS locations...”

He continues, “They don't advertise this at all, it's in fine print and only discoverable once you receive the "rebate card" in the mail.

 Now I'm stuck with a "Credit Card" that I can only use at the mall, I don't want to Build a *** Bear or use the gift card towards a $200 T-shirt, I need to pay gas and rent…”

His final thought about the Rockauto reward program is This is not a "family business" that is a good-hearted American company, it's a predatory manipulating business that just isn't there to help you once your credit card goes through...”

 If you have questions about products, services or the Rockauto reward program, you can reach Rockauto customer service at (608) 661-1376.

Rockauto vs AutoZone Products and Services

The AutoZone website offers an AutoZone membership almost immediately with a pop-up advertisement for additional savings. When you dismiss the advertisement, the website is organized according to products and storefront locations.

The AutoZone website offers a wide range of automotive and truck items online as well as a guide to finding a storefront location. The products offered range from accessories for interior, exterior and towing as well as various tools, equipment, and parts required for repairs.

The website also offers customers a chance to find the nearest AutoZone location as well as store their personal vehicle information in the website so that they can get customized part assistance as they are ordering.

Among the various AutoZone discounts, there is discounted shipping available through the website when customers choose to order their new parts online. There is also an option to choose an item to purchase online and then to pick that item up in your closest storefront location. The website provides in-stock information about the items you’re looking at as well.

Much like AutoZone, the Rockauto website offers a wide range of automotive and truck parts and accessories.

The Rockauto website is set up much like an online catalog. The homepage is the beginning of a parts catalog that is arranged by the vehicle manufacturer. There is also a page dedicated to universal and Rockauto discount parts and tools as well as a page where you can search for specific items by the part number.

Using the parts catalog, you can drill down to find the specific items that you need based on your car. The catalog is arranged by manufacturer, model, model year and then system components to let you find the specific version of an item for a brand and model year.

Rockauto prices are displayed with the items in every category and there are Rockauto discounts and specials on some items as well.

Where AutoZone had a great deal of information about storefront locations and the ability to buy online and pick up in a nearby store location, Rockauto parts and tools are available only through the company’s website.

Many of the Rock auto parts reviews mention how the lack of storefront locations can lead to additional frustrations with the Rockauto returns policy. To complete a Rock auto return, you will visit the page dedicated to Rockauto order status and returns.

From there you can enter your information to pull up your order and report a problem with your order or get the Rockauto return address if you have a concern about an item that you ordered.

Rockauto advertises itself as a …family business founded in 1999 by automotive engineers…” with goals to make information and low prices available to customers.

The website addresses the lack of storefront locations as a means to keep prices low and to pass the savings on to customers. Rockauto also offers customers an online newsletter that features articles and advice pieces about automotive topics including trivia and “mistakes and blunders.”

AutoZone vs Rockauto Reward Programs and Discounts

There is an AutoZone coupon that pops up on the screen the moment you visit the Autozone website. The email is available with an offer to join the Autozone reward program via its email subscription.

autozone coupon

This is the first of many AutoZone discounts and offers available on the site. There is also an AutoZone promo code advertised at the top of the homepage as well as a page of AutoZone hot deals that provide additional special offers and savings.

autozone deals

The page of “Hot Deals” features various sales and specials through the AutoZone website. All of the sale items are collected in the sales pages where customers can scan the sales, click on the items for more information and then add them to their cart to be purchased either online or through the storefront locations.

The AutoZone discount page includes specials available online as well as a collection of instore AutoZone rebates.

autozone rebates

These rebates are linked to additional details about the item and the method to redeem the rebate. The deals and specials page also has links to the circular ads and promotions that are available in a specific store. You can pull up the advertisements for the store closest to your own location to see what discounts you can find online and in the store so that you can arrange your shopping plans accordingly.

The sales circular also features additional AutoZone promo codes and discounts that can be arranged via text or as a coupon in the store or possible online as well.

autozone specials

The AutoZone reward program also features prominently on the website homepage where a link can take you to the AutoZone reward program page which has been combined with the personalized service called MyZone.

According to the AutoZone rewards page, customers can set up an AutoZone rewards account which will then let them track their purchases for future rewards. According to the website, after you join the AutoZone rewards program, you will “earn a $20 reward when you make 5 purchases of $20 or more.”

autozone rewards

Your AutoZone rewards account is linked to an AutoZone rewards card. If you discover your AutoZone rewards card lost or stolen, the company is not responsible for redeemed rewards. According to the AutoZone FAQ page, you are encouraged to call the AutoZone phone number for customer service as soon as possible to report an AutoZone rewards lost card. 

The AutoZone phone number advertised on the website is 1-800-741-9179.

There is also a website page dedicated to finding and redeeming an AutoZone rebate code. If you have an AutoZone rebate promo code or offer number, you can redeem the code or AutoZone rebate online through the promotions page of the company website.

autozone rebate form

Like the AutoZone website, there is a page on the company’s website dedicated to Rockauto discounts. The Rockauto rebate page is dedicated to Rockauto specials and also has information about the Rockauto rewards program.

While not as structured as the AutoZone rewards program, the Rockauto reward program is based on an email subscription.

Sign up for the newsletter through the Rockauto discounts page and you will be signed up for various “promotional messages” that will presumably offer discounts and savings. The page of current Rockauto promo codes and savings along with the newsletter subscription seem to be the full range of the Rockauto reward program.

There are several rebates on the Rockauto coupon page that offer savings by Rockauto rather than by any other manufacturer.

rockauto rebates

The promotions are available much like other sales or discounts. In the case of a Power Stop Brake Kit, the rebate is advertised more like a Rockauto coupon. When you add the item to your online shopping cart, a “10% instant rebate” is applied to the item.

rockauto reward program

There do not appear to be any additional Rockauto promo codes or discounts for shipping or additional savings, at least at the time of writing.

Your vehicle is a critical part of your life – it gets you where you need to be in a dependable way. That’s why it’s important to work with a company you can trust to take care of your transportation. When you compare AutoZone vs Rockauto, you can see that customers have tremendous feedback about the Rockauto rebate system and the AutoZone reward program as well as other product and customer service issues. Knowing what to expect from a company can make the buying of parts and servicing of your vehicle much less stressful.

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*The company ratings on the PissedConsumer website are calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the company’s profile. The algorithm parameters are: users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company responses and more. The PissedConsumer algorithm is also subject to change in the future.

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