Insight of the summer vacations, among the most visited sites, are definitely those selling swimsuits. Conducting a simple Google search with a relevant term will probably result in Frankii Swimwear and Speedo USA occupying the first pages. The favorite brands have been in the business for quite some time now, offering their products to aspiring holidaymakers, and not only.

As a means to find out how their customers feel about their interaction with the companies (i.e., the quality of the services or purchased items), we decided to compare Frankii Swim with Speedo USA.

In doing so, we used several different factors, including users’ ratings (our posters voted for certain criteria), while also making a point-by-point Frankii Swim vs Speedo USA comparison. The areas that went under our microscope were:

  1. Types of services offered
  2. Active offers or discounts
  3. Gift card availability
  4. Coupon codes
  5. Return, refund, and exchange policy
  6. Customer support options
  7. What consumers like/dislike about each retailer

Frankii Swim vs Speedo “Crash Test”

The following table provides an overview of how each online merchant is doing across various areas of interest. The results, viewpoints, and numbers highlighted herein are based on our company’s algorithm and users’ review texts, among others (see Disclaimer below).


Frankii Swim

Speedo USA




Number of Reviews



Rank in Footwear & Clothing Category



Total Customer Service Calls



Successful Customer Service Calls



Resolved Issues



 Here is a breakdown of the areas against which we compared the two merchants.

1.   What Types of Services Frankii Swim & Speedo USA Offer?

Frankii Swimwear is solely focused on selling women’s swimsuits. This means that you can find from tops and bottoms to one-piece swimsuits, bridal bikinis, and nude-colored items. However, the little ladies are also catered for with Bebe bralettes and seamless bottoms.

As for Speedo USA, it provides a broader range of products, for women, men, and kids, as well as gear (i.e., snorkeling) and goggles. They also offer competition swimwear, bathing suits designed explicitly for lifeguards, footwear, and sun protection.

2.   Are There Frankii Swim and Speedo USA Offers or Discounts Available?

The Frankii Swim vs Speedo USA comparison has just become a tad more challenging as both merchants come forward with a discount once you sign up to their newsletter. There is a small difference between the two offers, though.

Frankii Swim gives you 10% off your order, implying that the deal applies to the very first order you place via their online platform.

Frankii Swim discounts

Speedo USA also rewards those that agree to receive the company emails with a 10% off on their next purchase promo.

Speedo USA discounts

Other than the introductory/welcome offer, both merchants have free shipping. For Frankii Swim, free shipping applies to all orders over $200. Speedo USA, on the other hand, gives free shipping & free returns on purchases over $100. However, take note that some Speedo products are excluded from promo discounts, such as all Speedo Elite Racing Suits.

Speaking of shipping, Speedo USA informs that the delivery of packages may take anywhere between one and eight business days, depending on the chosen shipping method. There was no relevant information on the Frankii Swim USA site, though.

The Customer Care page does mention that deliveries can happen within 24 hours and up to 11 business days, based on the delivery service used. However, these details are also provided at the International Frankii Swim platform, so things are a bit confusing. Perhaps, if we knew where Frankii Swim USA products are shipped from, it would be easier to figure out delivery times; such information is not shared.

3.   Are There Gift Cards on and

Speedo USA does not offer online gift certificates for the time being. However, there is an interesting promo of up to 80% sales on selected items.

Frankii Swim may not give consumers the chance to shop swimwear clearance, but they do allow them to send gift cards to friends or family via email. The recipient can redeem the gift card at checkout (no processing fees) throughout the online store. Just remember that each card is valid for 6 months from the day it was issued and that it cannot be redeemable for cash.

4. Can I Find Any Coupons or Promo Codes for Speedo USA or Frankii Swim?

This is yet another section in which both online retailers are extremely competitive. There are a plethora of affiliate platforms that offer:

  • From 10% and up to 80% off Speedo USA promo codes (i.e., see Retailmenot, Groupon, Dealcatcher, etc.). Nevertheless, you may also find Speedo USA discount codes by visiting the official website regularly.
  • From 10% and up to 70% off Frankii Swim coupon codes (see Couponokay, Hotdeals, Dealdrop, etc.).

5.   What Are Speedo USA vs Frankii Swim Return, Refund, and Exchange Policies?

The majority of Frankii Swim complaints (based on the Frankii Swim reviews our posters have left) are related to the way the company handles returns, cancellations, and refunds. The good news is that the company allows exchanges per their Exchange Policy. But that is as far as the goods news go. According to the reviews on, many consumers have left several Frankii Swim complaints, with their main issue being the company’s customer service and their inability to help customers with returns. Like this consumer that has left the following review:

“…I bought a pair of bathers which arrived to me with marks on them. The company refused to give me an exchange note, refund, or replace the item. Terrible customer service. My emails were ignored and not replied to. Eventually with lots of persistence I got a reply of which was stock standard and did not address my questions…”

That being said, the merchant states that:

  • They do NOT offer refunds.
  • Physical exchanges of goods are NOT allowed. Instead, you will receive an Electronic Credit note that you can use to re-purchase your preferred item.
  • You should submit an exchange request strictly within the grace period (21 days from the date the product was shipped).
  • You can NOT exchange a product during a discount or sale period.
  • You must acquire an approved return authorization so that the exchange process can begin. To get that, you need to email them first asking for the return authorization.
  • You have 30 days from the date you bought your swimwear to return it if it was faulty.
  • Items that have been damaged, washed, marked, soiled, or worn are NOT accepted.
  • You are called to pay the return postage costs.

Frankii Swim exchange policy

The picture is more or less the same with the second retailer, with most Speedo USA reviews mentioning frustration regarding the company’s order regulations. Take the following Speedo USA review, for example, which highlights a common issue among consumers:

We are waiting on $700 - $800 refund for 3 new, unused tech suits that we returned because they were not the right size. We were told that it takes up to 14 BUSINESS days to process a return (not for us to get our money back, just for them to find it and check it in after they have it). One of the returns is past that time now. […] we do not have a refund yet…”

According to the Speedo Return Policy, if you are not happy with your purchase, you could be entitled to a refund. You have up to 90 days from the date you made the purchase to return the item in its original box and in unused condition accompanied with all the accessories, parts, and paperwork so that credit can be ensured.

Speedo USA return policy


  • You cannot return Grab Bag or Final Sale items.
  • Products that you have bought at a retail store cannot be returned to the Speedo USA online store.
  • You may return an item via Standard Return Shipping or Pre-paid Return Shipping (faster return processing but deducts $6 from your refund). In the first case, you complete the return form found on the back of your packing slip and send the package back. In the second case, you generate a pre-addressed, pre-paid label (use the Speedo USA phone number in this list if you have any problems creating the prepaid label).
  • The company does NOT accept C.O.D (collect on delivery) deliveries.
  • For your return, it is best to use Insured Post or UPS.
  • You will be called to prepay all return shipping costs.
  • If your item was defective or damaged, you must call the Speedo USA phone number (1-888-477-3336) to speak with a company rep within 30 days of delivery.
  • Exchanges are not accepted.

6.   How Can I Get in Touch with SpeedoUSA and Frankii Swim Customer Service Agents?

Searching the Frankii Swim USA site, the only information provided to reach the Frankii Swim customer service department is a total of three email addresses; one for general inquiries, one for order inquires, and one for wholesale inquiries.

Unfortunately, there is no Frankii Swim customer service number available. According to, this has led to a number of Frankii Swim complaints from customers that spent most of their time trying to solve their problems over email. The following is a typical Frankii Swim review that highlights such an issue:

“…Never experienced something like that. I've ordered 500$ worth of swimsuits and have never received them, I ordered and paid for them 2 years ago. I am still communicating with them over email and they won't reimburse me nor ship me. They have told me twice they had shipped (over 6 months ago now) and I still haven't received a thing…”

The Speedo USA reviews regarding the merchant’s customer support staff are quite different. The overall number of distressing Speedo USA reviews we have received were mostly related to the company’s return policy and wrong sizing issues. On the retailer’s Customer Service page, customers can find a particularly comprehensive Speedo USA FAQs section that lists information about the shipping, returns, orders, account payment, and many more.

But, even if you can’t find what you are looking for in the Speedo USA FAQ page, they still provide a Speedo USA phone number you could dial (888- 477-3336). You may, however, access more ways to get in touch with a customer service representative (i.e., live chat or using the Speedo USA address for snail mail queries) by visiting our dedicated Contact page.

It appears that when we compare Frankii Swim with Speedo USA solely regarding the customer support options each one provides, the latter is doing much better.

7. What Do Consumers Like and Dislike About Frankii Swim?

Of the 23 Frankii Swim reviews has received so far, the majority of posters gave the merchant a one-star review (with one star being the lowest they could rate a company and 5 stars the best).

Below, is a list of the major Frankii Swim pros and cons, always based on the Frankii Swim reviews posted at Pissed Consumer.

+The advertised product vs the delivered one (somewhat pleased).

-Customer Support (no Frankii Swim customer service number to call).

-Price Affordability

-Delivery Service

It should be noted, though, that some negative Frankii Swim reviews associated with the company’s return policy were, in fact, a misunderstanding on behalf of the consumers. In most cases, they had not read the full terms and conditions (or the Frankii Swim Return/Refund/Exchange Policy), where it was stated that the retailer does not offer refunds.

8. What Do Consumers Like and Dislike About Speedo USA?

Nearly two dozen consumers left their opinion about their interaction with the company. Of them, none left a 5- or 4-star Speedo USA review. The rating details have shown that the brand pleases its customers with the packaging of their products while the quality of their items is somewhat controversial as we have both positive and negative voices expressed through our site.

Speedo USA pros and cons:


+Swimsuits (best-rated product – see below)

-Exchange/Refund/Cancelation Policy

-Customer Service


As you can see, your opinion matters. Actually, your voice should be heard whether you are satisfied with a product or service you have received or not. So, if you have experience with either Frankii Swim, Speedo USA or another company, feel free to share your honest review with other consumers that might face the same issue as you. And, if you have a question or concern about a product or brand, you can also check out our Q&A sections.

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*Disclaimer: Ranking and statistics are based on our users’ review texts and Pissed Consumer posters’ reviews. Also, a company’s rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the profile, including users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company’s responses, etc. The algorithm is subject to change in the future.

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