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With supply chain issues, worker shortages, and the press of seasonal shopping, delivery companies have been working hard to get packages where they need to go in a timely manner. 

Unfortunately, packages aren’t always arriving when they should, and customers are nervous about what this means. There are a number of UPS, FedEx, and DHL reviews online, which can be helpful for those looking to find the best option for delivery service. 


Number of FedEx reviews — 6.6K

Number of DHL reviews — 949

Number of UPS reviews — 6.3K

FedEx rating* — 1.4⭐

DHL rating* — 1.3⭐

UPS rating* — 1.5⭐⭐

Claimed losses — 3.2M

Claimed losses — 800K

Claimed losses — 2.3M

Resolved issues — 53

Resolved issues — 7

Resolved issues — 35

Successful calls — 5%/1.1K

Successful calls — 14%/1K

Successful calls — 6%/2.6K

UPS, DHL, and FedEx reviews tell us what’s really going on with delivery companies and potential delays. After all, real customers are typically the best guide when it comes to company interaction.

DHL Delivery

Outside of the post office, there are three primary shipping companies for household deliveries in the United States: DHL, FedEx, and UPS. Of the three, DHL is perhaps the smallest but is still well represented with online reviews and complaints.

Customers routinely write about their experiences with this delivery service. You can find complaints about DHL customer service across multiple platforms. On, there have been 949 DHL reviews published since 2007. The overall rating of the company on the platform is 1.3 stars out of a possible five. Typically, DHL complaints are reporting issues with shipping and delivery delays or charges to their accounts. 

It’s worth noting that with 14% of customer calls marked as resolved on the website, DHL customer service has a far better track record of success than FedEx or UPS when it comes to answering customer questions.

However, a 14% resolution rate still leaves many other questions and concerns unresolved. Among these, customers are concerned about things like, “My package never came” or “Package was delivered to the wrong address.” 

One DHL customer explained (review #3067189) that he “...ordered something on October 13th, apparently they suddenly started using DHL. It's been over a month, most recent update is my package dispatched from a sorting center in Melrose Park, IL.... TEN DAYS AGO.” 

DHL delivery review

FedEx Delivery

FedEx delivery delays and issues with FedEx customer service feature heavily in online reviews. FedEx has more than 6,400. This is not surprising considering the size of the respective companies.

However, customers did not have many nice things to say about FedEx delivery. Common FedEx complaints left by consumers are about lost and empty packages. FedEx review (#3132726) explained “During each holiday season, I have at least 2 packages go missing. This year it's 2 worth $1200 total…

FedEx delivery review

Customers have made 1.1K phone calls via Pissed Consumer platform to the FedEx customer service phone number, but only 6 percent of issues were resolved. Most of the calls to FedEx customer service were about shipping and delivery. Overall, FedEx reviews on Pissed Consumer have left the company with 1.4 stars out of a possible five.

UPS Delivery

Rivaling FedEx’s number, more than 6324 online UPS reviews complain about “missing packages” and “delayed” or “late delivery” on The collective rating from these UPS complaints is 1.5 out of a possible five stars. Most reviewers say they have difficulties resolving issues because the UPS customer service won’t respond.

For example, in this UPS review (#3113471) a customer found her “package has been delayed for over a week. Cannot get anyone to help. Continue getting the runaround. Opened an investigation and promised a callback…

UPS delivery reviews

Only 6 percent of the 2,600 calls made to UPS customer service through Pissed Consumer were reported as resolved.


Delivery businesses know that they can’t please everyone. And unfortunately, some things are simply out of their control. Even the best shipping company can’t resolve bottlenecks in global shipping harbors, for example.

But customers looking for confidence with their deliveries may need to plan ahead and ship early, knowing that there is a high risk for delay. With low ratings across all the major delivery companies, there is not a clear solution to shipping concerns other than shipping early, tracking your package, and being diligent about following up when packages are delayed, or there are issues.

*Disclaimer: Ranking and statistics are based on our users’ review texts and Pissed Consumer posters’ reviews. Also, a company’s rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the profile, including users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company’s responses, etc. The algorithm is subject to change in the future.

Rebecca Garland
Business and Education Expert

Rebecca Garland, M.S. is a business and education writer. She holds secondary teaching certifications in six areas, has a degree in Business, and earned a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science. As an expert, Rebecca has been working with international clients since 2005.

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