When it comes to hearing aids, two companies pop up in the minds of those looking for reliable hearing aid manufacturing companies – Eargo and Miracle-Ear. How well do they live up to the hype? How satisfied are their customers? We put them under the microscope to explore all that and more in the Eargo vs Miracle-Ear case.



Eargo Rating* - 3.3/5⭐⭐⭐

Miracle-Ear Rating* - 1.9/5⭐⭐

Eargo Reviews -106

Miracle-Ear Reviews - 321

Eargo Resolved Issues - 3

Miracle-Ear Resolved Issues - 4

To provide the most objective and unbiased information, we compare Eargo with Miracle-Ear against essential services and policies. This includes points like a replacement, warranty, and refund policies, and many others.  We collected details from various reliable sources along with consumers’ reviews and statistics, as left on the Pissed Consumer website.

The areas covered in this comparison article:

  1. Company overviews
  2. Eargo vs Miracle-Ear price comparison
  3. Features of hearing aids
  4. Warranty policy: Eargo or Miracle-Ear
  5. Comparing pros and cons
  6. Eargo vs Miracle-Ear replacement policies
  7. Consumers’ rating

Eargo vs Miracle-Ear Company Overviews

Miracle-Ear Inc. was established in 1948 and has since been evolving, constantly improving their hearing aid products with cutting-edge technology. It is a direct-to-consumer brand whose products come with innovative features, such as Speech Isolation, GENIUS noise reduction, speech recognition, and integrated smartphone app functionality.

They also supply free hearing aids to people with no government support, insurance or financial means through the Miracle Aid Foundation. According to Miracle-Ear reviews published online, their weakest spot is the Miracle-Ear customer service. Most Miracle-Ear complaints refer to consumers dealing with a company rep, mainly for return or warranty-related issues.

Eargo Inc. is a Valley-based corporation that is made up of industry professionals, ENT surgeons, and tech geeks. They now offer three main products, the Eargo Max and Eargo Plus, along with Eargo Neo. The latest is a more advanced and sophisticated hearing aid whose settings can also be fine-tuned via the mobile or web app to match the wearer’s unique lifestyle. All Eargo.com products come with Flexi Fibers for maximum comfort and portable, rechargeable carrying cases. Based on the Eargo reviews published on Pissed Consumer, most Eargo complaints have to do with after-sales services, the Eargo ?ustomer ?are included, which comes right after product quality issues.

Eargo vs Miracle-Ear Price Comparison

Eargo.com offers a total of three products that vary by features and price. Look at the table below for more details, including the Eargo hearing aids cost per device.



Financing (monthly)

Eargo Plus


Starts at $54

Eargo Max


Starts at $70

Eargo Neo


Starts at $89

Miracle-Ear.com, on the other hand, does not list the price of their products on their site, which is why most Miracle-Ear FAQ relate to the cost of the Miracle-Ear hearing aids. However, the company does say that hearing aids usually cost between $1,000 and $4,000. For the time being, the company offers the following types of hearing aids (the price range refers to the particular type of hearing aid according to a Retirement Living article):

  • BTE (Behind-the-ear) - $1,000 - $5,600;
  • ITC (In-the-canal) - $450 - $ 5,600;
  • CIC (Completely-in-the-canal) - $150 - $5,000.

Note: Factors such as the technology included in the hearing aid, along with the type of hearing aid and the specific hearing needs, affect the cost of a hearing aid.

Eargo and Miracle-Ear’s Features of Hearing Aids

To compare Eargo with Miracle-Ear is indeed challenging given that both companies seem to be focusing on perfection.

Both Eargo and Miracle-Ear hearing aids are nearly invisible and rechargeable. Miracle-Ear.com offers features like voice recognition, speech isolation, feedback cancellation, wind noise reduction, Bluetooth connectivity, tinnitus control, and binaural direct streaming. They also offer custom-fit devices in varying skin tones and app connectivity. 

Eargo.com hearing devices are shipped in a portable, comfy, USB-powered carrying case that can recharge the hearing aids when they are not used. They are also equipped with Flexi Palms technology. It provides better sound quality as it allows natural low frequencies to pass into the eardrum. Plus, there are four different sound profiles and qualities that help amplify mid and high frequencies.

Clearly, both Eargo and Miracle-Ear hearing aids are of top quality and provide maximum comfort and convenience while ensuring a good quality of life for those with hearing loss problems.

Warranty Policy: Eargo or Miracle-Ear?

According to the official Eargo Inc. website, the company provides a 12-month warranty on its hearing systems, including:

  • USB plugs;
  • Power cords;
  • Chargers;
  • Hearing devices.

Eargo warranty policy

This warranty covers:

  • One-time loss or damage coverage per item (except for the loss or damage of one or both hearing devices due to abnormal use, even if the device is returned for a refund within the 45-day Right to Return period).
  • Unlimited repairs (except for damage caused by improper use or care or from unauthorized service centers or 3rd-parties, and for devices that have been purchased from eBay and other non-authorized distributors.


  1. Selected products are also provided with an extra warranty (optional) that extends the selected system’s warranty to two years.
  2. One of Eargo FAQ refers to the inspection and repair of the company devices. The brand will inspect and repair or exchange the in-warranty hearing device and/or charger at its sole discretion and replace USB plugs and/or power cords at no cost to the customer.

As for Miracle-Ear, they offer a 3-year warranty on nearly all of their hearing solutions, plus lifetime service, and aftercare in the original Miracle-Ear price of the device(s). Miracle-Ear Inc. also implements a yearly hearing test to determine whether the hearing device needs to be readjusted. The company also ensures its representatives see their customers around 5 times a year to offer them:

  • Hearing aid clean;
  • Hearing device checks;
  • Device adjustments;
  • Hearing device repairs (those covered by the warranty).

Miracle Ear warranty policy

Obviously, whichever company you choose to purchase your hearing aid from, either Eargo or Miracle-Ear will offer something to please you. However, it is worth mentioning that a 3-year warranty is quite unlikely for everything we are used to seeing when buying a product.

Comparing Eargo vs Miracle-Ear Pros & Cons

The following tables highlight the things consumers like the most and dislike about Miracle-Ear and Eargo, based on the consumers’ opinion.




Rank in Medical Supplies & Equipment Category



Company Responses




No batteries required, compact and non-visible hearing aid, customer service

In-store staff very kind and helpful


Warranty, return conditions, product reliability

Online customer service, refund policy

Miracle-Ear pros and cons



Customizable options


Kind staff at the store location

Sales people are sometimes too pushy

Good cleaning and adjustment services


Eargo pros and cons



No batteries required

High out-of-warranty cost

Friendly staff

Short time before recharge

Great product quality



Eargo vs Miracle-Ear Replacement Policies

According to the Eargo Terms of Service, the company offers a one-time replacement for a hearing aid that is either damaged or lost. However, this applies to devices with an active warranty (meaning, the replacement is requested during the warranty period). That being said, the replacement is NOT free of charge. Consumers are called to pay a fee based on the device warranty details. Finally, Eargo will not replace devices that have been damaged due to improper care or use. If you have any questions about replacing your device, you could seek the Eargo FAQs section or contact the company Customer Service department (call 1-855-794-8545).

Eargo replacement policy

As for Miracle-Ear, you can find a downloadable Warranty Details file on their website, where it mentions that if a hearing aid is returned to be repaired, the company may either replace or repair it, using refurbished or new components, provided that the device is covered by the limited Miracle-Ear 3-year warranty. Then, the consumer receives a new or repaired aid that meets factory specifications.

miracle ear limited warranty

Important note: Many Miracle-Ear FAQs relate to any charges that may apply in case of a return or repair. The company Warranty Book mentions that:

  • If your device can be repaired, the company will send it to the manufacturer and have it fixed, with no extra fees for you.
  • If the hearing aid cannot be repaired (or is lost), the company will replace it. For replacements that are identical to the original device, there is a replacement charge of 25% of the original purchase price. If you request a different aid, you will be charged the full cost of the difference between the new and the original model price PLUS 25% of the original aid’s retail price.

Bear in mind that the replacement or repair of the device applies only to the person that bought the hearing aid (the original purchaser) and refers to a single replacement or repair (one-time service).

miracle ear replacement policy

Eargo and Miracle Consumers’ Ratings

The following section tries to not only highlight but also give an all-around perspective of how consumers feel about their interaction with each company, always according to Pissed Consumer posters’ reviews.

Miracle-Ear Complaints

So far, Pissed Consumer has received over 300 Miracle-Ear reviews. Among them are both positive and negative opinions expressed based on consumers’ personal experiences. The most common Miracle-Ear complaints are associated with:

  • Bad/inadequate Miracle-Ear customer service
  • Unprofessional customer care support
  • Issues with replacements
  • Frequent repair needs
  • Hearing aid not delivering what was promised
  • Problems with the Miracle-Ear return policy

Note: For Miracle-Ear FAQ and/or issues with the Miracle-Ear return policy or the Miracle-Ear warranty, do not hesitate to contact their customer support. You can also leave your question on the Miracle-Ear review page.

Eargo Complaints

Posters have left more than 100 Eargo reviews on our platform. We identified some common ground with Miracle-Ear.com as most consumers complained about:

  • Eargo customer service;
  • Hearing aid malfunctions/defective;
  • Costly repairs;
  • Short life span of hearing aid;
  • Delayed refunds;
  • Charging issues.

It should be noted that Eargo FAQ provides extensive information on their product and services. Whatsoever, Eargo.com has replied to the overwhelming majority of Eargo reviews, both positive and negative, via a company rep. They asked the consumer to contact them so as to find a solution to their problem. Replying to Eargo complaints individually is definitely a good sign, showcasing a company that cares.  Finally, of the few Eargo complaints received from posters that have left their Eargo review on Pissed Consumer, many mention difficulties with cleaning and maintaining their hearing aid. As for the sophisticated Pissed Consumer algorithm, it has given Eargo.com a 3.3-star rating while the Miracle-Ear reviews show a 1.9-star rating.

The Positive Points About Eargo & Miracle-Ear

Websites such as Seniorliving.org include Eargo Inc. and Miracle-Ear Inc. in their Best Hearing Aids 2019 list. The first has acquired its place due to the design of the devices while the Miracle-Ear warranty seems to have stolen impressions as well. Retirement Living also gave Eargo.com a thumbs up for their innovative solutions and Miracle-Ear.com for their generous 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Eargo vs Miracle Ear

Consumers were asked to rate each brand’s top products and services, which comprised of the Hearing Aids, Hearing Test/Hearing Aids Free Trial, and Customer Care categories. The results are shown in the screenshot above.

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