It’s hard to relax in the tub or shower if you look around at outdated and ugly bathroom fixtures. Many people want their bathrooms to be places to relax.

Bathroom remodels are a popular way of improving your home, and when you buy new bathroom fixtures, you want to know that you’re buying something not only beautiful but something that will last.

To help our readers sort through the possibilities, we looked closely to compare eFaucets with Safe Step Tub to see which company delivers what customers want. We decided to compare eFaucets with Safe Step Tub based on the following criteria:

We continue our eFaucets vs Safe Step Tub comparisons below.

eFaucets VS  Safe Step Tub Customer Service Experience

There are significant differences when looking at eFaucets vs Safe Step Tub, but there are some product overlaps as well. One of those is with the promise of customer service. Both companies offer products to upgrade your bathroom, but they also offer customer support to help answer questions, find the right product and to differentiate their service from others.

We started examining both websites to find the eFaucets and Safe Step Tub pros and cons. We also looked at the Safe Step Tub reviews and the eFaucets reviews on the PissedConsumer website to grab a realistic portrayal of actual customer experiences. We compiled that information into the following chart.



Safe Step Tub




Total Reviews



Number of Resolved Issues



Customer Likes

Prices, great customer service, free shipping


Customer Dislikes

Customer service, return policy, no responses

“Bad really bad”

Company Responses to Reviews



Looking at eFaucets reviews on the Pissed Consumer website, the company has earned 2.1 stars out of possible 5. This rating is based on 100 total eFaucets reviews created by customers. These eFaucets reviews indicate the company has earned 2 stars out of 5 for customer service, but 3 out of 5 for affordability.

In the eFaucets complaint, one customer explained his/her frustrations with damaged items being sent from This eFaucets complaint explained,

“They shipped a Kohler bathtub 3 separate times and all were damaged and had to be returned. And with ground delivery they ask for a 4 hour delivery window so multiple deliveries is pain, they only showed up once on time!...”

The person continued this eFaucets review by stating “…The wont pick up the last tub, they said for me to "dispose" of it, what BS. All of these tubs appeared to have been previously damaged or shipped…”

The reviewer ended his eFaucets complaint with “…Avoid this company, zero customer service.”

If you have an eFaucets complaint or question, you can reach the company by calling the eFaucets phone number at 1-800-891-0896.

Safe Step Tub reviews were compiled on PissedConsumer and gave the company a rating of 1.5 stars out of a possible 5. This rating is based on 12 Safe Step Tub reviews created on PissedConsumer by consumers. According to the Safe Step Tub reviews, customers have lost an average of $8,400 in their dealings with the company. This is reflected in the 1-star rating for Safe Step Tub customer service.

In the Safe Step Walk-In Tub review, one frustrated customer shared her experience with the Safe Step Tub customer service team. In Safe Step Tub review the person states, “This company refuses to try to help to resolve any problems that arise. Twice I called them and twice I've been told that I have to resolve the problem…”

The customer continues by explaining, “…I saw water coming out of the bottom of the tub. I called Safe Step and when they called me back they told me to call Rotter Rooter…”

The person ends Safe Step Tub review with a warning to “…Stay away from the company......horrible customer service. They resolve problems by telling you to resolve it yourself.”

If you have a concern or question about the Safe Step Tub, call the Safe Step Tub customer service department at 1-800-989-5101.

eFaucets VS Safe Step Tub Products and Programs

eFaucets is an online supplier of bathroom fixtures designed to be more comprehensive than a traditional big box store. The website offers tubs, sinks, faucets, toilets and bath accessories. The website also offers eFaucets kitchen sinks and some kitchen accessories as well.

In addition to the wide range of fixtures and accessories offered through the online store, there are articles about bath and kitchen remodeling to help guide readers in their selections and planning. According to the website, these articles and resources are provided by Hausera, an affiliated website.

eFaucets has many partners listed on its home page. The home page also features shopping guides and specials by the brand for those looking for the latest in Kohler sinks or Delta shower features.

Efaucets products

 There is a special program available for contractors and professionals through the eFaucets website.  According to the Pro Program website page, contractors who are approved for the program are able to take advantage of special pricing and discounts through the website.

Efaucets programs

Safe Step Tub is a specialty company based in Tennessee. Unlike eFaucets, Safe Step Tub does not sell a wide range of bathroom fixtures and accessories. Instead, the website offers the Safe Step Walk-In Tub, Shower and Hybrid options for installation. The website offers the three core products with customization options and some accessories as well as detailed articles about the products and their benefits.

According to the page on the Safe Step Difference, the company sells “the industry’s leading low step-in, so that you can enter and exit your tub with complete ease. Each tub is also equipped with two grab bars, anti-slip flooring, a hand-held shower wand and more to keep you secure.” The website explains that they also offer “safety and luxury features that our competitors only offer through upgrades.”

Safe Step Tub products

The Safe Step Difference page also explains that when you buy one of the three products – a tub, shower or tub/shower combination – you will also receive delivery and installation of the product. The website explains that the company will “take care of everything for you, from start to finish. Our highly experienced installers will treat your home as their own, handling the total installation process quickly and efficiently.

While not offering a membership or discount program, Safe Step Tub started the Safe Step Cares ™ program in 2012. Through the program, the company will “regularly donate walk-in tubs to families and individuals who could otherwise not afford a tub on their own.

Safe Step Tub programs

The specifics of the program, as well as past recipients, are detailed on the Safe Step Cares ™ website page. There is also a section on the page where individuals can be nominated to be potential recipients of the Safe Step Tub gift in the future.

eFaucets VS Safe Step Tub Prices, Returns, and Refunds

eFaucets offers a wide range of products at hugely variable price points. You can buy a new Delta towel bar through the website for less than $20 or a new Kohler clawfoot bathtub for more than $7,000. With thousands of products from multiple brands, it makes sense to compare individual products across competitors’ websites to determine if eFaucets has the most competitive pricing.

One thing that is consistent, however, is the eFaucets free shipping policy. According to the page on shipping costs, if you spend more than $45 on the website, you will qualify for free ground shipping. Not every item on the website is small enough to be sent through ground shipping. For larger items, the website explains “While we'd love to offer free delivery on all items, sometimes we just can't. To make things simple, we've hand-picked over 10,000 items we can deliver for free and included those in our free shipping offer.

There is an eFaucets Free Shipping label next to items – big and small – that are included in either the free ground shipping or the free freight shipping offers.

eFaucets free shipping

There are not any advertised discounts or savings on the eFaucets homepage.

eFaucets coupons are mentioned, however, as one of the perks for signing up for an account with the website. According to the features of having an eFaucets account, you will receive “exclusive coupons and promotions”, presumably through email.

eFaucets benefits

Other benefits of membership include being able to check your eFaucets order status at any time, leaving reviews on the website for products and creating project lists and saved carts for future projects and planning.

According to the eFaucets return policy, the company does accept returns within a 60 day period. For most items, the company will accept a return and issue a refund less the return shipping if the item has not been assembled, used or installed. They are specific about what is or is not acceptable in order to be given a refund and refunds are only issued after the item is inspected by the company. 

eFaucets return policy

The eFaucets return policy for large items that require freight shipping is similar. Large items may be returned for a refund less a 10% restocking fee and shipping cost if they meet specific criteria. You cannot return a large item if there is writing on the original packaging if the item has been previously installed or assembled, if the item is scratched or damaged or if the item was a clearance purchase.

You can read the specifics about eFaucets returns on the Return Policy FAQ page or speak to customer service by calling the eFaucets phone number at 1-855-408-6329.

Buying a Safe Step walk in tub is a process, not just an order. The process begins with a free consultation. It is likely that through this consultation process, you will learn the specific price of the Safe Step walk in tub. You will customize your new fixture by describing your specific wants and needs for the tub or shower.

Then, according to the Safe Step Tub FAQ page on the installation process, the tub will be “designed the Safe Step Walk-In Tub to fit into your existing tub’s footprint.The Safe Step Tub FAQ page explains that “We begin the installation process by carefully removing your existing tub, which is either discarded or recycled. Then we install your new Safe Step Walk-In Tub, taking care not to damage your floors, walls, cabinets or fixtures.”

There is no advertised Safe Step walk-in price anywhere on the website. Instead, there is a space at the top of the homepage to request a free quote as well as an advertised savings of $1500 with a limited time offer.

Safe Step Tub offers

The discount offer is explained more fully on the Safe Step Tub FAQ page on discounts and prices. Through the special offer, you can save $750 per individual and $1500 per household if you meet the qualifications for the offer. You can determine qualification by calling the Safe Step Tub customer service at 1-800-346-6616.

Safe Step Tub discounts

There is also an offer for a free heated backrest advertised on the discount page as well.

There is no information about refunds or returns in the Safe Step Tub FAQ pages. There is information about what to do if the tub needs service (call the hotline) and information about the quality of the products.

Safe Step Tub refers multiple times to their comprehensive warranty with a link to learn more. However, at the time of writing, the page with specific details about the warranty was unavailable.

You want your home to feel welcoming and look beautiful. When you’re thinking about a bathroom update or remodel, you want to buy things that look terrific, work well and that will last for years. Finding the best buys often means reading reviews, digging through websites and analyzing Safe Step Tub and eFaucets pros and cons to find the right fixtures from the best possible company.

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*The company ratings on the PissedConsumer website are calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the company’s profile. The algorithm parameters are: users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company responses and more. The PissedConsumer algorithm is also subject to change in the future.

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