Figi’s offers customers a three-payment plan called the Deferred Credit Plan. This program is available to those who meet the Figi’s credit standards and who pay in three separate installments. Those who use the pre-approved credit plan will have a chance to make interest-free payments if your credit application is approved.

Figis deferred credit plan faq

The website notes that credit card orders will be automatically paid in full when the order ships, which does not allow for the three separate payments.

The website provides additional information about the credit offer on the Credit Details page. These details include limitations to the plan including customer location and credit score. $15 fees for late payments are also outlined in the credit details. 

Additionally, the details also give the company rights to contact you at “any number or email address you have provided to us” including through “automated dialing equipment”.

Figis credit details

While it is not clearly stated on the, it does appear that orders that fail to meet credit standards might be canceled according to the Why Was My Order Cancelled Page of Figis FAQs. Сheck what needs to be done to get Figis discounts and coupons in the section "Does Figi’s Allow Discounts or Coupons?".

Why was my figis credit order canceled

The page notes that they will not provide information about a canceled order via phone, email or through the website, but that you will receive a letter “detailing why your order was canceled.” It also encourages you to replace your order using a credit card, which may indicate your initial form of payment, perhaps credit, was not approved.

A PissedConsumer user left a Figis review about this very issue. After receiving “...a tantalizing catalog along with an ad that says you are "preapproved" for a 3 pay credit plan,” the customer discovered that “...if your credit is not approved, yor order is cancelled and you have no idea this has happened unless you call in to the company....”

In their Figis review, the customer stated that “...I strongly urge you to bring the 'preapproved" status up to them when you place the order and question them how you will know if your credit is approved or not...”

In case you need to know more about credit plans offered by the company, reach out to Figis customer support.

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