LoveSac positions itself as one of the go-to providers for modern and alternative furniture such as sectionals and sacs. As such, if you are looking to buy new furniture, you are likely to come across them. However, before making a purchase, it is important to do your research to find out if they are a reliable company.

LoveSac Q and A

Number of LoveSac Reviews – 76

LoveSac Rating* – 2.1⭐⭐

Claimed Losses – $180k

Successful Calls – 13%/23

Resolved Issues – 3

To help you do so, we compiled the top LoveSac customer FAQs and sought their answers.

  1. How do I contact LoveSac customer service?
  2. What is
  3. What is the return policy?
  4. What is their warranty policy?
  5. Are sectionals and sacks worth the money?
  6. How long does it take to deliver?
  7. How do I wash sactional covers?

1. How Do I Contact LoveSac Customer Service?

PissedConsumer provides LoveSac contact info that you can use to get in touch with the LoveSac customer service. The contact information includes LoveSac phone number, email address, chat link, headquarters address, operating hours, and social media networks.

  • LoveSac Customer Service Phone Number: (888) 636-1223
  • LoveSac Email:
  • LoveSac Corporate Sales Email:
  • LoveSac Headquarters Address:

2 Landmark Square, Suite 300
Stamford, Connecticut 06901
United States

There are links to various LoveSac social media pages:  Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

2. What Is

According to the PissedConsumer website, is a furniture company that specializes in selling alternative furniture including sofas, pillow sacs, poufs, beanbags, and supersacs.

The word “LoveSac” is also commonly used to refer to bean-bag style coaches made and sold by the company. They also distribute various furniture accessories including body pillows, pillow covers, footsac blankets, and unpadded rocker frames among others. mainly caters to the US, Mexico, and Canada markets.

What is LoveSac? website promises its customers that they sell comfortable and durable furniture that is easy to wash and to assemble. They also offer a 60-Day home trial and warranty on their products.

We wanted to find out whether the company honored these promises, so we looked at LoveSac ratings and reviews across various platforms.

On, LoveSac has a 2.1 star rating, while on Better Business Bureau (BBB), it is rated at 2.6 stars, and on Yelp, it has a 3-star rating.

The LoveSac reviews on PissedConsumer indicate that many customers are displeased with the company’s products and services. The top LoveSac complaints on PissedConsumer include:

Unhelpful customer service

Some customers complained about being given a run around on their issue without being offered a real solution.

Poor quality of products

Several LoveSac sac reviews indicate that the sacs became flat within a year of purchase.

Difficulty returning for an exchange or refund

While most customers were able to return their products, they did not receive a refund or an exchange item.

Difficulty redeeming warranty claims

In several instances, customers complained that did not honor the terms of the warranty.

Delivery issues

Most of these concerns are characterized by delivery delays, and in some cases, the products are never delivered.

In the below LoveSac review (#1654836), the customer complained that their initial order was missing seat covers. Though they called the LoveSac customer service several times, no real solution followed.

...Our initial order was missing the seat covers and I get that may happen, especially with how many pieces are mailed.

That was 12 days ago when we initially called to have them resend our covers and still no covers and still no idea when they’re coming. Since then, I’ve been told 4 times that they’ll call me back… I haven’t received a single call back…

These complaints are further re-echoed on the business alert that BBB has put up on According to the alert, LoveSac pattern of complaints indicates customers’ dissatisfaction with poor and, in some cases, non-existent customer service. As well as the company not honoring warranties.

BBB further states that they reached out to seeking a response on how the company intends to address the complaints. On January 13th, 2020, the company responded to BBB saying that they were aware of the issues and were working towards correcting the underlying cause by employing more customer service representatives.

BBB alert to LoveSac

3. What Is the Return Policy?

According to the LoveSac return policy, customers have 60 days from the date of receiving their order to return and seek a refund or an exchange. The company stipulates clear terms and conditions for returns as follows:

  • Custom merchandise, clearance items, gift card purchases, floor models are final sales, therefore they not eligible for sale.
  • All merchandise except floor models and clearance merchandise are eligible for a one-time price adjustment within 14 days of being ordered.
  • Shipping and delivery fees are non-refundable.
  • Customers returning items to Canada will be charged a re-shipping fee.
  • When seeking a refund, price adjustment, or to return the product you should produce proof of purchase.

Lovesac return policy

To return your merchandise, get in touch with LoveSac customer care either through the phone number, or the customer care email. According to the LoveSac return policy, if your merchandise is eligible for a return, the company will send you shipping labels. You have 7 days to return your merchandise after receiving the shipping labels.

Upon confirmation that the merchandise is shipping back, they will issue a refund through your original form of payment. If you bought the merchandise in a showroom with cash, your refund will be issued through a corporate check that will be sent to your shipping address with 14 business days.

How do I return my Lovesac merchandise

However, several customers have come forth to complain about difficulty getting a refund.

In the LoveSac review (#1774010), the customer reported that the couch they bought went on sale 7 days after making their purchase. The purchase agreement indicated that the price adjustment was valid within 14 days of purchasing. However, when the customer called the LoveSac customer service to seek a refund, they were taken around with a promise that they would be refunded in a few days but the company did not issue a refund.

Notably, after writing their review on PissedConsumer, LoveSac responded and a few days later the customer updated their review indicating that the issue had been resolved – LoveSac issued the price adjustment.

4. What Is the Warranty Policy?

According to the LoveSac FAQ page, there are different warranty terms for various product categories. Below is a summary of the validity period of the LoveSac warranty:

Product Category

The Validity of the Warranty

Sacs (hard insert pieces)


Sacs (soft insert pieces)


Sacs covers

3 Years

Sactionals (hard insert pieces)


Sactionals (soft insert pieces)

3 Years

Sactionals covers

3 Years

Outdoor sactionals (hard insert pieces)


Outdoor sactionals (soft insert pieces)

3 Years

Outdoor sactional covers

3 Years

Squattomans (hard insert pieces)


Squattomans (soft insert pieces)

3 Years

Squattomans covers

3 Years

For all products, the LoveSac warranty policy states that the company only covers damages that result from manufacturer defects. The warranties do not cover damages that result from commercial or rental use of products, failure to follow the washing instructions for each product, damage caused by pets, odors, mold, water, fire, natural disaster, bodily fluids or ink stains.

LoveSac warranty policy

According to the LoveSac warranty/returns page, your warranty policy immediately becomes activated upon making a purchase.  Your order number in the case of an online purchase or your transaction number in the case of a showroom purchase becomes your warranty registration number. To make any warranty claim, you should present either the transaction number or the order number.

To submit your claim, contact the LoveSac customer care via the customer care email address. On the subject line of the email, enter your name, order number, and “Warranty”. In the body of the email, include 4 pictures of the damaged merchandise, photo of the product’s batch number, description of the item, and description of the damages. You should receive a response to your claim within 5 to 7 business days.

How can I submit a lovesac warranty claim

Despite this, LoveSac complaints reveal that many customers experience challenges in making warranty claims.

In the LoveSac lifetime warranty review (#1455042), the poster describes difficulty getting through to a customer service agent, the company not keeping sales records for orders made several years back, and the company saying that the customer is on the wrong.

LoveSac review

5. Are LoveSac Sectionals and Sacs Worth the Money?

Some customers would like to find out ‘how much does a LoveSac section cost?’ The price of LoveSac sectionals and sacs vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars. To find out the LoveSac sectional price of a specific product, visit their website and choose the product category where prices are indicated.

The company occasionally offers discounts and clearance sales for their products. LoveSac discounts available at any given point are indicated on the company’s home page and clearance page.

As summarized from the reviews on PissedConsumer, some customers found the LoveSac sectionals and sacs worth the money, others were disappointed and deeply regretted making their purchase.

6. How Long Does LoveSac Take to Deliver?

According to the LoveSac FAQs, items usually take 1-2 weeks to ship from the order date. However, the exact shipping time may vary for different items. Sacs, sectionals, quick ship covers, and accessories take 1-2 weeks to ship, while custom covers for sacs and sectionals take 4-10 weeks. If you have ordered different items, they may be shipped separately.

Lovesac delivery policy

If you have questions about shipping and delivery times for your ordered items, it is best to get in touch with the LoveSac customer help. You could also track your order through the LoveSac order status page.

LoveSac order tracking

7. How Do I Wash LoveSac Sactional Covers?

According to their FAQs, LoveSac sactional covers are machine washable in cold water. Line drying is the only recommended drying method and using dryers is strictly prohibited as it may cause the covers to shrink.

While fabrics such as Gold-Grey Damask Cut Chenille, Waled Velvets, Cross Weaves, Heathered Tweeds, and Gotham Jacquards are best dry cleaned; Standard Leathers, Faux Leathers, Top Grain Leathers, and Sunbrella Outdoor Sactionals fabrics can be spot cleaned using mild soap and water.

LoveSac Sactionals Washing

The company, on their sacs FAQs page, recommends against removing the sac insert fabrics to clean it. Instead, identify the area that is dirty and spot clean it, then leave the sac to air dry.

How do I clean a lovesac inside

Still, some customers reported having an issue with washing the sectional covers. For instance, one poster (review #1671984) indicated that a pen mark on the sectional covers couldn’t get clean while another customer (review #1649797) found out that the outdoor covers were not washable.

LoveSac has seen significant and steady growth since it was started in 1995. While some customers are happy with LoveSac products and services, others reported dissatisfaction. The top LoveSac complaints are in regard to poor customer service, challenges making warranty claims and getting refunds, poor quality of products, and delivery issues whereby the wrong items are delivered, or in some cases, items are missing from the original order.

For more information about, visit their website and check their reviews on various review platforms, or seek answers on LoveSac Q&A page here. If you have bought from LoveSac before, you are welcome write a review on

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