With the summer holiday season fast approaching, more and more people are beginning to search for the dream holiday destination to spend moments of relaxation and pleasure with their loved ones. Three companies that can put them on the front seat of a memorable vacay are Great Value Vacations, Vacations To Go, and VRBO.

Whether they hit the mark or not is quite a difficult question, though. To answer it, we assessed the Great Value Vacation, Vacations To Go and VRBO reviews that have been provided by consumers while also taking into consideration our users’ overall rating and what they have said they loved and disliked about their interaction with each company.

Areas Assessed:

  1. Types of services
  2. Pricing details/competitiveness
  3. Quality of services
  4. Great Value Vacation vs Vacations To Go vs VRBO return policies
  5. Customer services channels
  6. Travel protection plans
  7. Customer satisfaction details

Great Value Vacations VS Vacations To Go VS VRBO Overview

The following table summarizes how consumers feel about each travel agency and how each travel agency ranks in several different areas. Going through this table will also help identify the Great Value Vacations, Vacations To Go, and VRBO pros and cons.


Great Value Vacations

Vacations To Go






Total Reviews




Number of Resolved Issues over the Phone




Rank in Travel Agencies Category




Customer Like

Promised vacation, cheap vacation

Service, price

Location, honest company

Customer Don’t Like

Offers are fake, transportation to city is difficult

Unprofessional, unhelpful, website does not tell the checkout price

Disrespectful, company customer service, company policies

Number of Customer Service Calls

4 (100% successful connections)

8 (88% successful connections)

287 (86% successful connections)

1. Vacations To Go VS Great Value Vacation VS VRBO Types of Services

Although all three companies provide services related to the travel industry, each has its unique character and focus. For example, Great Value Vacations offers different vacation packages to various destinations, along with travel guides and other informative pieces.

Great Value Vacations services

Vacations To Go, on the other hand, is solely focused on cruise vacations, giving cruise lovers many opportunities to visit both remote and cosmopolitan ports.

Vacations To Go services 

As for VRBO, they are more famed for their large selection of vacation rentals while also enabling property owners to list their property.

VRBO services

2. VRBO VS Great Value Vacation VS Vacations To Go Pricing Details

Since each site offers a different service, it is difficult to compare prices. To be able to demonstrate an example, we had to register with Great Value Vacations and Vacations To Go, so that we could pick a destination and receive an offer. After searching several hours to find destinations that all three websites included, we decided to go with South Africa, Cape Town, in particular. For a stay of 7 days (or a cruise of 7 days) during November 2019 (round trip), an American would need to pay for an African Safari experience:

  • $1,999/person with Great Value Vacations (flying from JFK airport to South Africa). The price includes airport taxes and transfers, air, hotels, daily breakfast, tours, and more.

Great Value Vacations prices

  • Anywhere between $2,349 and $15,075 (luxury vacations) with Vacations To Go, not including airplane tickets and airport taxes.

Vacations To Go prices

  • Anywhere from $21 to $5,500 per night with VRBO. The price, though, only includes your stay, leaving out the cost of your airplane ticket, airport taxes, safari adventures, and more.

VRBO prices

Obviously, if we set all three companies side by side to determine which one is the most cost-effective, Great Value Vacations is probably a winner. Compared to the other two, the Great Value Vacations pros and cons list is in better condition, price-wise (more pros fewer cons).

At this point, it should be noted that although we have received plenty of positive Great Value Vacations reviews speaking of how pleasing the trips have been, there were also several Great Value Vacations complaints about not well organized and misrepresented journeys.

If we, however, put them on the test in regards to the quality of their services, the Vacations To Go vs Great Value Vacations vs VRBO duel will end with 2-2-1.

Here is why…

3. Vacations To Go VS Great Value Vacation VS VRBO Quality of Services

If we compare Great Value Vacations with VRBO reviews as posted on our website, based on the service quality each company provides to their customers, it appears that the positive Great Value Vacations reviews outnumber those of VRBO. The same applies to the number of favorable Vacations To Go reviews left by satisfied customers on our platform.

The following Pissed Consumer screenshots give a first idea of how consumers feel about each company overall. As you can see, they provide a 2-star rating to both Great Value Vacations and Vacations To Go for Service Quality.

Great Value Vacations reviews

The landscape is exactly the same when we request summarizing results of the Vacations To Go reviews & complaints.

Vacations To Go reviews

Nevertheless, there is a change of scenery in the VRBO reviews results, with more VRBO complaints being posted than its other counterparts, concerning the quality of the provided service.

VRBO reviews

Below is a video interview about HomeAway/VRBO cancelation policy and poor customer service to illustrate one of the VRBO complaints.

4. Great Value Vacation VS Vacations To Go VS VRBO Return Policies

According to the Great Value Vacations Important Travel Information sheet, the company will NOT refund for:

  • Unused services.
  • Any additional charges that may occur due to lack of proper documentation on your end.
  • If you miss your outbound flight, as the airline holds the right to cancel all subsequent flights.
  • Transfers from and to the airport and/or hotel if you decide to deviate from the trip departure/arrival dates.
  • Arriving late for your flight which results in being denied boarding.
  • Missed days unless your Travel Protection plan makes you eligible for a refund.
  • Late returns or not used car rentals and all supplemental fees (i.e., gas, insurance coverage, etc.).

Great Value Vacations return policy

Some Pissed Consumer users have left distressing Great Value Vacations reviews concerning the company’s Trip Protection plan and refund policy.

The cancellation and refund policies at Vacations To Go vary by cruise line, and penalties become heftier the more you approach the sailing date. If you want to cancel your cruise, you may receive a refund if you do so within the cruise line’s designated time period, as the Vacations To Go Payments & Refunds page notes.

Great Value Vacations refund policy

For example, if you wish to cancel your reservation with American Cruise Lines, you may be penalized with up to 100% of the sum you have paid while losing your deposit too. The cruise line suggests that you purchase insurance so that you are covered in such instance. If you have any questions concerning a refund or cancelation request, you may use the Great Value Vacations phone number and get help (more contact details in the section below).

Great Value Vacations refunds and payments

Vacations To Go is also firm about not making exceptions related to cancellation charges and advises its customers to contact a Vacations To Go customer service agent or cruise counselor for the terms that apply to their specific type of booking (i.e., terms are different for group bookings).

The company will also consider any change to departure dates or names as cancellations; hence, cancellation penalties may incur. To find out whether you are eligible for a refund, you could also visit the Vacations To Go FAQ page that lists a wealth of information, from booking a cruise to preparing for one.  

The VRBO Help Page clearly mentions that you may (1) request to cancel or (2) cancel a confirmed reservation directly from your account. Both refunds and cancellations are issued based on the property’s cancellation policy terms and conditions. For example, if a cancellation policy enables a full refund, you can cancel your reservation and receive the entire rental sum back.

For policies that allow partial refunds, you must request a cancellation from the property owner or manager. When he/she cancels the reservation, you will be refunded a partial rental sum of what you have paid to them. Note that in the first case, the HomeAway service fees are also fully refunded while in the second instance they are not.

VRBO refunds

If you don’t receive your refund within 14 business days, you will have to contact the VRBO customer service department for assistance. The company also suggests you purchase a Cancellation Protection plan to boost your chances for 100% reimbursement of your non-refundable, prepaid trip costs should you, for any reason, become unable to take the trip.

At this point, let’s just mention that the company’s refund policy has also led to some negative VRBO reviews too.

5. Vacations To Go VS Great Value Vacation VS VRBO Customer Service Channels

There are two ways to ask for the help of the Great Value Vacations customer service staff:

You will find more ways to get through to them by visiting our dedicated Contact Information page, which highlights communication alternatives, besides the Great Value Vacations phone number provided at their website. As for their helpline, it is open from 9am-9pm ET during the weekdays and from 10am-6pm ET on Saturdays and Sundays.

Vacation To Go offers three different ways to place inquiries:

  • Email (contact@VacationsToGo.com)
  • Vacation To Go customer service line (713) 974-2121
  • Snail mail

Note that for all matters related to the purchase of a cruise, you should fill out the Contact Request Form.

However, before you reach out to a Vacations To Go customer service agent, do check out the comprehensive Vacations To Go FAQ page. Chances are your question is answered there.

Finally, VRBO gives you the chance to contact the VRBO customer service subsection by selecting the group you fall into (1) traveler, (2) manager, or (3) property owner. Whichever option you choose, you will be prompt to pick a category that best describes your situation. For example, travelers may ask for help with an issue associated with reservation management, finding a vacation rental, and more, as shown in the screenshot below.

There does not seem to be a VRBO customer service number to call, though, on their website. However, we have managed to find a sales department and a customer service number for you, along with an email and snail mail address you could also use to get your issues or concerns resolved and eased.

6. VRBO VS Great Value Vacation VS Vacations To Go Travel Protection Plans

Great Value Vacations comes forward with two travel protection plans:

  • Plan 1 – It allows you to cancel your trip and receive a credit for future travel that equals the sum you have paid, minus the fees related to the Travel Protection Plan that are not refundable at any time, provided that you cancel the trip up to 72 hours before departure. The plan does not apply to Escorted, Cruise, Golf, Rail and/or Group Vacations. These types of vacations are covered by Travel Protection Plan 2.
  • Plan 2 – Travelers that have chosen any of the holiday types mentioned above can have a full cash refund in case of sickness, injury, death or a set of other specific reasons.

Gate1Travel travel protection plan

Vacations To Go helps their customer get a Travel Insurance (mandatory) if they wish to participate in the organized tours of the travel agency. The insurance policy should cover reasonable medical expenses that occur due to accident or illness. Among others, it must also provide adequate cover for any loss of vacation money via cancellation of the holiday for insurable reasons.

Vacations To Go Travel Insurance

VRBO offers a total of three travel protection packages to choose from, with the Elite Plan offering the most benefits. Among others, VRBO Elite Plan customers can get a full refund in case they cannot take the arranged trip or if their trip gets interrupted due to a covered incident. Plus, medical and dental coverage on top of their standard coverage, and baggage coverage for damage, theft, and loss. They are also eligible for emergency transportation and assistance.

VRBO protection plan

The company even offers (optional) Damage Protection that covers their customers in case of accidental damage to the rental property (up to $1,500 coverage), which can come handy, especially if you have kids.

7. Great Value Vacation VS Vacations To Go VS VRBO Customer Satisfaction

To determine how satisfied the customers are after dealing with these companies, we decided to compare Great Value Vacations with VRBO reviews, then Vacations To Go with VRBO, and finally Vacations To Go with Great Value Vacations. The results are shown right below.

Great Value Vacations vs VRBO

After putting all data from consumers’ reviews and ratings into our algorithm, Great Value Vacations has a slightly better overall score than VRBO (1.9/5 vs 1.6/5) and is ranked higher in the Travel Agencies category (place #67 out of 649 vs #91). As for the rating details, Great Value Vacations seems to be doing better when it comes to keeping their customers happy and providing quality service, with a two-star rating (out of five stars) for both categories as opposed to the single-star rating of VRBO.

But, taking into account the Great Value Vacations reviews and VRBO complaints and positive feedback consumers left on our platform, it appears that both travel agencies provide the same value for money, as they have been given a 2-star rating each.

Great Value Vacations vs VRBO

It should be borne in mind, though, that our platform has received several VRBO complaints about the (false) availability of properties and for overcharging property owners.

Vacations To Go vs VRBO

Our advanced comparison tool shows that Vacations To Go reviews are a bit more favorable towards the company than those of VRBO. Whether it is because they have put a lot of effort in their customer support (the Vacations To Go FAQ section is massive indeed) or another reason, they have managed to get rated with two stars out of five for their customer service, leaving VRBO with a single-star rating for the same category.

VRBO vs Vacationss To Go

Other than that, the overall rating of Vacations To Go is higher than all other two travel agencies, reaching 2.9/5 stars, and climbing to number 23 in the Travel Agencies category. Plus, they are the only ones with verified representatives that reply to consumers’ questions and try to fix any problems that may occur, as indicated by the number of Vacations To Go reviews that have received a reply from a company rep on the Pissed Consumer platform. This can be easily confirmed by simply having a look at the posted reviews.

Great Value Vacations vs Vacations To Go

This is quite an interesting comparison, as both companies are rated the same in customer service and service quality. Where Vacations To Go is perceived to be of more value to customers, always based on consumers’ own opinion as voiced through the Vacations To Go and Great Value Vacations reviews, is in price affordability. People that have used both companies’ service believe that the Vacations To Go offers are more easily reached from a financial standpoint than those of Great Value Vacations.

Great Value Vacations vs Vacations To Go

What is also impressive is the % of issues resolved from the travel agencies (50% Vacations To Go vs 0% Great Value Vacations) and the average call duration (more than 9 minutes for Vacations To Go vs 42 seconds for Great Value Vacations) that shows a distinct focus on customer satisfaction. These refer to customer service calls made via Pissed Consumer. All that combined pinpoint that Great Value Vacations complaints and customer problems or questions are not resolved as efficiently as those of Vacations To Go.  

Hopefully, the above overview has provided a clear idea of how each travel agency pleases their customers, and which pain points need to be addressed so that consumers are guaranteed a better buyers’ journey.

By Litsa
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Litsa is a freelance writer focused on Travel, Cryptocurrency, and Business. Also, she is a Health and Hospitality expert. She has been writing in these fields for more than a decade while her work has appeared on numerous media outlets, including USA Money, Today, and well-respected blogs.

*Disclaimer: Ranking and statistics are based on our users’ review texts and Pissed Consumer posters’ reviews. Also, a company’s rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the profile, including users’ rating, number of resolved issues, the number of company’s responses, etc. The algorithm is subject to change in the future.

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