Zerorez consumers have been leaving reviews on the company’s page on The top Zerorez customer reviews are in regards to pricing, pushy upsell, being charged more than the quoted price, rude cleaners, dissatisfaction with the cleaning services, and last minute cancelation of appointments among others.

Here are the top 11 Zerorez consumer questions according to Zerorez cleaning reviews on PissedConsumer:

  1. How do I contact Zerorez customer service?
  2. How do I complain about the company?
  3. Is Zerorez any good?
  4. How long does it take carpet to dry after cleaning?
  5. Does the company treat pet stains?
  6. Are there any cancellation fees?
  7. What kind of cleaner does it use?
  8. How much does Zerorez cleaning cost?
  9. How much do employees earn?
  10. How many locations does have?
  11. Do I have to be at home when the cleaners arrive?

 We reviewed the Zerorez website and other reputable forums to find answers to your Zerorez FAQs. Below are detailed Zerorez answers to your top questions.

Top 11 Zerorez FAQs

1. How do I contact Zerorez customer service?

PissedConsumer, on the Zerorez customer service page lists Zerorez toll-free number (866) 937-6739 and other customer service phone numbers for the different franchises, an email address, Social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn and Zerorez website address that you can use to get in touch with Zerorez customer care.

2. How do I complain about

 You can present your complaints against Zerorez directly to the company by getting in touch with the Zerorez customer support via the contact information provided in Question 1 above. You may also leave a review on the PissedConsumer website under the Zerorez customer reviews page.

3. Is any good?

All Zerorez franchises have a 4.7 rating and above on Google reviews.

Here are some Zerorez customer reviews on Google reviews:

"Juan was great! My carpets and floors have never looked so good. They dried quickly, no smell, and the price was very affordable. Thank you!”

Zerorez reviews

There have also been cases of 1 star Google Zerorez reviews ratings on various Zerorez locations.

"I would not recommend this carpet still had spots all over it. Horrible job!!! Way over priced for still having spots everywhere I could have done a better job with a rent a vac"

Zerorez complaints


Zerorez has a 1.8-star rating on the PissedConsumer out of 80 reviews. While there are some 5-star ratings, the majority of the ratings are low.

On one hand, a pleased Zerorez customer gave the company a 5-star rating and left following positive remarks in review #1156243 :

Loved every thing... Joel showed up well on time, was courteous, professional and knew his job...

Zerorez carpet cleaning service reviews

Another Zerorez customer expressed dissatisfaction with Zerorez cleaning in review #1366581 and pricing and gave a 1.6-star rating:

Terrible cleaning, grout still stained, paid $150 extra for 2 person shower

Zerorez cleaning complaint

It is evident that different customers have had different experiences with Zerorez. While some were satisfied, others were not. Zerorez offers a “Gotta Love It Guarantee” whereby if within 30 days of your appointment you are unsatisfied with your experience with the company, they will come back to retreat the areas that you are unhappy with.

Zerorez guarantees

4. How long does it take for the carpet to dry after Zerorez cleaning?

Zerorez FAQs page notes that the typical time for Zerorez cleaned carpets to dry is 4-8 hours. However, they note that the carpet can take longer or less than the 4-8 hours depending on the temperature and humidity of your house.

On their carpet cleaning page, Zerorez notes that they use a high-pressure cleaning system that uses less water to clean. The cleaning system also ensures that water does not penetrate the backing of the carpet. As a result, the carpet dries hours after it has been cleaned.

How long does it take to dry after Zerorez cleaning

5. Does treat pet stains?

Zerorez offers pet odor treatment services that include removing pet odor and cleaning pet stains. The company indicates that they use a specialized method (the pad extraction procedure) to remove even difficult pet orders and stains. However, if pet stains and odor have caused severe damage on the carpet, the Zerorez technician may recommend that you replace your carpet.

 5.	Does Zerorez. treat pet stains

Zerorez, on their FAQs page also indicate that most pet treatments require an additional cost and you can discuss the costs involved with a Zerorez cleaning specialist before starting the treatment. 

While some of the top Zerorez complaints are in regards to carpet cleaning, there are no Zerorez pet treatment reviews left on PissedConsumer that can serve as a guide on what to expect when hiring Zerorez pet treatment services.

How Zerorez treats pet stains

6. Are there any cancellation fees?

Zerorez does not provide a specific cancellation policy. Here is their response to a similar question about cancellation fees on the FAQs page.

 Cancelation fees may apply. Please contact us for our cancelation policy. We understand life is busy and unexpected things can change your schedule. We will be as flexible as possible, so we appreciate you giving us as much notice as possible (preferably a few days) so that we can adjust our schedule to accommodate the change”.

7. What kind of cleaner does Zerorez use?

Zerorez, on their home page, note that they do not use harsh chemicals or soap in their cleaning. Instead, they use powered water (soft water that has been zapped with electricity) to clean without leaving behind any dirt-attracting residue. They also provide a video to show how their powered water cleaning system works.

 What kind of cleaner does Zerorez use

8. How much does cleaning cost?

Some of the top Zerorez reviews have been in regards to pricing and wrongful billing. Customers complain about having been charged more than the advertised amount, and charges remaining standard despite applying a discount or coupon code among others. Here are some of PissedConsumer’s Zerorez complaints in regards to pricing:

Was given a quote of $130 to clean carpet from Zerorez Nashville. Guy was in the house less than 5 minutes, and pushed upsell of over several hundred dollars… He said he would do the hardwood floors (which we didn't ask for) for $200.

Then, he said after he cleans the carpet, it will strip the protective coating off and we would be vulnerable to staining - unless he added more coating for $120. Then he said we had "invisible" pet stains that would ruin our carpet and stink up the house - unless he treated them for another $200…

Upon clicking on the Zerorez schedule service button on the menu bar, you will be led through various forms where you enter information such as your name, your location, and details about the cleaning services you would like to hire. Zerorez will provide an estimate quote depending on the information you have provided. Zerorez FAQs page notes that each franchise sets their pricing.

Zerorez cleaning cost

9. How much do Zerorez employees earn?

According to the Glassdoor, salaries vary depending on the position, type of contract (hourly, monthly, yearly, full-time, part-time, managerial, and technical among others), and employee performance. For example, a carpet cleaner is paid 15/hour and a sales technician is paid $2, 000 a month, a senior tech can be paid $ 53, 000- $57, 000 a year.

How much do Zerorez employees earn

10. How many locations does have?

The Zerorez locations page lists 51 franchises as at the time of writing this article. Among them are Asheville, Atlanta, Austin, Bay Area, Boise, Cache Valley, Capital District, Charleston, Charlotte, Cincinnati, and others. 

Visit the Zerorez locations page for additional information on the specific location and phone number of a particular franchise. Upon clicking on a specific location, you will be led to the location’s website.

Zerorez franchises

11. Do I have to be at home when Zerorez cleaners arrive?

This question is addressed in the Zerorez FAQs page as follows:

While we prefer that you or someone of accountable age be home during your appointment, it is not required. We do appreciate having someone there to confirm the areas that will be cleaned, discuss options and address any concerns we may encounter during the service. All of our Service Technicians are employees, not sub-contractors and we are fully insured.

Normally we collect payment when we have completed the work so if you are not going to be home, please make arrangements with our Customer Service Representative so we can gain access to the property (keys, codes and how we lock up when we are done) and make payment arrangements.

Do you have a Zerorez complaint or question that has not been addressed above?

  • Leave a review on the Zerorez reviews page on PissedConsumer.
  • Post your questions on the PissedConsumer Zerorez Q&A page
  • Get in touch with Zerorez customer help using the contact information provided above.

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