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When in search of shoes, among the names that usually pop up are those of Herman Survivors and Timberland. Each having their own loyal following, both companies rival for a bigger segment of the market in the USA and abroad. But, how well is each one doing in regards to customer satisfaction?

To answer this critical question, we have decided to compare Herman Survivors vs Timberland and determine how pleased their customers are (or not), always based on our posters’ Herman Survivors and Timberland reviews.

The details of the product and service variety offered by these two companies according to their websites are also put under the microscope, as a means to provide the most objective, all-around Timberland, and Herman Survivors review.

The factors that were taken into consideration to help conduct this Herman Survivors vs Timberland comparison article are as follows:

  • Types of products they offer
  • Offers/discounts/coupons/promo codes
  • Refund and cancellation policy
  • Reward/award programs
  • Warranty
  • Customer service communication channels

What Types of Products Do Herman Survivors vs Timberland Offer?

The recently Walmart-owned Herman Survivors sells work and safety boots exclusively for men while Timberland offers shoes for a wider clientele which includes men, women, and children (from infants to 13 years old) alike.

Besides Herman Survivors boots, you will also find a range of related products, such as:

  • Heavy-duty boot insoles (also extra support insoles)
  • Heavy-duty silicon waterproofers
  • Everyday work insoles
  • Boot & shoe scrubbers
  • Neatsfoot oil
  • Mink oil
  • Boot deodorizers
  • Complete boot care kits
  • Beeswax leather protectors
  • Heavy-duty foaming instant cleaners
  • Wax laces
  • Boot refreshers

As for their top-selling products, based on the Herman Survivors boots reviews posted across the Internet, these include:

  • Herman Survivors work boots
  • Herman Survivors hunting boots
  • Herman Survivors steel toe boots
  • Herman Survivors Big Timber ii
  • Herman Survivors waterproof boots
  • Herman Survivors commander boots
  • Herman Survivors hiking boots

Timberland, on the other hand, also offers clothing (jackets, coats, shirts, etc.) and accessories (from socks and hats to watches and backpacks) besides footwear. As for those that wish to wear unique footwear, Timberland has given them the chance to select a shoe type of their likes (i.e., for men they have Timberland hiking boots, varsity boots, boat shoes, and hand-sewn boat shoes) and custom-design it.

Finally, the PRO section offers a series of Timberland work boots for first responders and people working in warehousing, manufacturing, and construction with steel, composite, or alloy safety toe, among others, as well as anti-fatigue, electrical hazard protection, insulated, and waterproof features.

What Discount Offers Do Herman Survivors and Timberland Have?

At the time of this writing, we could not find any deals offered for Herman Survivor boots except for free pickup service and free shipping for selected items. Also, some products enjoy a discount too.

Herman Survivors discounts

Timberland, though, comes forward with several different promotions. For instance, they offer:

  • 30% Off (summer sale)
  • Free 3-day shipping
  • 10% off on your next buy if you sign up to their newsletter
  • 20% off if you refer friends
  • Free shipping to a store

Timberland discounts

Now, when it comes to coupons and promo codes, you may occasionally find voucher codes and coupons for Herman Survivor products offered at sites such as Groupon and EonCoupon – no plethora of options here, though, unless Walmart decides to host a special promo on their own.

It appears that Timberland coupons and Timberland promo codes are much easier to come across with sites like Retail Me Not,  Slickdeals, and Coupon Cabin offering juicy discounts and special offers. That being said, Timberland itself also hosts a Coupons and Promotions page, where they list current campaigns their customers could benefit from.

What Is the Return and Cancelation Policies of Herman Survivors & Timberland?

The return policy seems to be a pain point for Herman Survivors products, given the increasing number of Herman Survivors complaints on various review platforms. Since Walmart now owns Herman Survivors, the following apply:

  1. Shoes must be returned (and can be refunded) within 90 days of purchase.
  2. Purchases made with gift cards are nonrefundable for cash, except in US states where required by law.
  3. To receive a refund, you need to return the item to a Walmart store.
  4. Items bought from resellers or sealers are not eligible for a refund, return or exchange.
  5. You may return an item to a local Walmart store, using Mobile Express, or by mail.

Nevertheless, some of the Herman Survivors reviews left on Pissed Consumer were related to the first term listed above (the 90-day return policy). Illustrative, a consumer has posted the following Herman Survivors complaint that mentions a violation of that particular term:

“… So - boots lasted under two weeks and there are no longer any warrantee for boots. I was told it was because I had worn them. The boots look like new, the toe just pulled out of the sole. I was definitely ripped off. What a shame. I've been buying these boots for years and until the last 3-4 years never had a problem…”

For Timberland returns and refunds, some key regulations are:

  1. All Timberland products should be returned within 60 days of purchase for a full refund.
  2. Timberland PRO footwear must be returned within 30 days of purchase. Keep the receipt and dial the Timberland phone number provided in their contact details – (888) 802-9947.
  3. Purchases made from a Timberland store cannot be returned online rather than to a nearby Timberland store.
  4. Online purchased products can be returned to any factory outlet or at any Timberland specialty-store (not a dealer store though).
  5. You may return an item by visiting one of their stores or by mail unless a product has been bought at a Timberland store (no mail option here).
  6. Customized products cannot be returned unless there is a material or manufacturing defect.
  7. Direct exchanges are not allowed.
  8. For orders with shipping damage, you must use the relevant Timberland phone number and request the assistance of a customer service agent.

What Are Reward and Award Programs of Herman Survivors & Timberland?

Both Walmart and Timberland have rewards programs. The first enables customers to earn cashback Rewards on qualifying purchases with the company’s 3.2.1 Save Rewards Program. To join the program, you will need to create an account with Walmart and apply for the Walmart Credit Card.

However, it is unclear whether buying Herman Survivors products make you eligible for a cashback offer or not or whether you can use a cashback deal on Herman Survivors items. To clarify this, it is best to get in touch with a Herman Survivors customer service agent (see below for a full list of Herman Survivors phone number list).

The Timberland Rewards Plus is a program that allows you to use your debit card (Business Platinum or MyRewards Platinum card) and receive cashback and bonus rewards points with your purchases.

Timberland rewards

What Are Timberland vs Herman Survivors Warranty Policies?

Again, there is no information regarding the warranty on Herman Survivors boots. That being said, a considerable amount of Herman Survivors reviews have been left on our website for squeaky boots that are covered by no warranty.

“…I have a pair of bison boots two months old and the sole has cracked and is coming apart these use to be a great boot that last for years not anymore no warranty ???????????????”

When it comes to Timberland items, the company says they (the products) are warranted for 12 months (covers material and workmanship) from the date of purchase. Their warranty, though, does not apply to normal wear and tear or items that have been damaged by unauthorized repairs, modifications, accident, neglect or misuse (also purchases made from unauthorized sellers/dealers). However, the majority of negative Timberland reviews we have received mention shoes made with inferior materials and bad product quality, like the following Timberland review:

“…After nine months of wear the right sole of my Timberland pro ($150.00) boot separated from the boot bottom. I contacted Timberland and was told that the since the boot was over twelve months past purchase it was out of warranty and tough luck…”

How Do I Get in Touch with the Herman Survivors & Timberland Customer Support Department?

In our effort to provide consumers with as much help as possible when they are trying to get answers from companies or receive support to fix their issues, we have created dedicated Contact sections for each company we have received reviews for.

Since Herman Survivors are replica shoes owned and manufactured by Walmart, there is no Herman Survivors customer service number to call. However, you may use any of the Walmart customer service numbers on this list to get in touch with a company rep. The operating hours are:

  • Mon-Fri: 7:00-21:00 CST
  • Sat: 9:00-21:00 CST
  • Sun: 12:00-18:00

To contact a Timberland representative, you can choose any of the available Timberland phone numbers (see the full list here). Alternatively, you may use the Live Chat function or send them an email. Before you do, though, you may want to have a look at their elaborate Timberland FAQs section; chances are your question is already answered there.

Herman Survivors FAQs

Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions related to the popular footwear brand.

Where are Herman Survivors made?

They were initially made by the Herman family until the company was purchased by Stride Rite and then Walmart, which has arranged for Herman Survivors shoes to be made in China.

Are Herman Survivors boots waterproof?

Some models are, such as the Men’s AVAS Waterproof Pull-On Workboots.

How do you clean Herman Survivors boots?

First, brush off any debris and dirt. Then, apply a leather cleaner and polish the boots. Complete with saddle soap.

Timberland FAQs

Do Timberland shoes have a lifetime warranty?

All Timberland products come with a 12-month warranty for workmanship and material.

Can Timberland boots be resoled?

The company does not offer a resoling service, but you may take your Timberland boots or shoes to a professional shoe repair shop and have new soles installed, though the Timberland boots are said to last for years.

Where can I purchase Timberland gift cards?

You redeem a gift card online (Timberland.com) or at Timberland Factory Outlet locations or Timberland Specialty Retail locations.

Herman Survivors vs Timberland Pros and Cons

Not only did we compare Herman Survivors vs Timberland but have also combined both Timberland and Herman Survivors complaints, as well as positive Timberland and Herman Survivors reviews, to reach an unbiased conclusion about the strongest and weakest points of each brand. And It appears that consumers have specific concerns. Below is a condensed list of what they find appealing about each company and what is not high on their to-love-about list.

Herman Survivors pros and cons

As shown in the screenshot below, most negative Herman Survivors reviews are associated with the poor quality of the boots while there were also frequent complaints about not finding a Herman Survivors customer service number to call. However, consumers were particularly fond of the look and comfort of their footwear.

Timberland pros and cons

Timberland customers were not satisfied mainly with the customer service they have received from the company but spoke highly of the selection of work boots and their style.

If you also have the experience to share, either with the two brands compared here or another company, feel free to write a review about it or ask your question at the corresponding company’s dedicated Q&A section. Knowing is power and sharing is the lever that puts everything in motion.

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