Those looking for no-show insoles to insert into their loafers, flats, heels, sneakers, wedges, slip-ons, or lace-ups turn to brands like Gekks. The point is to eliminate foot odor and get a refreshing, dry-foot sensation when going sockless while wearing a product that remains firmly in place until it is time to be moved to another pair of shoes or, well, get washed.


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Gekks rating* - 1.5⭐⭐

Claimed losses - $1.2K

Successful calls - 19%

Gekks no-show socks indeed come with features like Odor-Eliminating Yarn and Silver Coated Fibers. They are also registered as antimicrobial products with the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and, according to the official site, they are used by NASA and the US Marines.

But how good they really are? How well does the Gekks Customer Service department work? What about their shipping times and return policy? All that will be under the microscope as a means to provide you with an all-around, unbiased overview of Gekks products and the company overall.

  1. Are Gekks good?
  2. How to contact them?
  3. What is the shipping time?
  4. What is Gekks return policy?
  5. Where can I buy them?

1. Are Gekks Good?

To answer this question, we decided to go through a plethora of Gekks reviews posted on different reliable platforms. Starting with site itself, they have over 4,900 5-star Gekks reviews from satisfied customers. Posters on our website, though, have given the company an average of 1.5/5 rating. The Better Business Bureau (, on the other hand, gives the company a 2-star rating based on customer reviews of Gekks, and a B+ BBB rating.

While researching online for more Gekks reviews, it became apparent that it all depends on which product you are referring to. So, concerns like “Do Gekks work?” and “Are Gekks worth it?” can be answered if you narrow down your question to a specific product. Of course, your personal preferences and needs play a crucial role in determining whether Gekks will work for you. For instance, in a Reddit thread, most users that made a Gekks socks review noted how satisfied they were with the ballet flat inserts while disappointment was expressed for other types of Gekks insoles. At the same time, another Gekks review published on concluded that the insoles designed for flats would better be avoided.

Are Gekks good

So, do Gekks work? Most posters would not give Gekks Inc. a second chance. Like the Gekks socks review left by a concerned consumer, who mentioned how they bunched up around their toes, giving them an uncomfortable sensation (Review # 1563017).

These are the most uncomfortable things. They bunch up around my toes and I feel like I need to take my shoes off to adjust, but nothing helps…

2. How to Contact Gekks?

The only way to get in touch with the Gekks Customer Service department, based on the contact details published on, is to email them on If you don’t want to use your email provider, you may opt for the company’s online form, where you simply type in your details and message (be it to leave a Gekks review or another reason) and hit “Send Email”. 

However, our team has managed to track a Gekks contact number that you may also use. So, you may as well communicate with a Gekks customer service agent by calling (312) 646-3946 (Monday-Friday from 9 am to 5 pm).

Note that you can make use of the Gekks customer service number through the Pissed Consumer platform. Here is how:

  • Go to the Gekks Contacts & Company Info page,
  • Scroll just a little bit, and you will see the available Gekks contact numbers,
  • Press the “Call Customer Service” tab right below.

If calling a Gekks phone number is not your preferred method, you may:

  • Address their social media networks;
  • Leave a Gekks review on Pissed Consumer, and a company rep may get back to you;
  • Send a snail mail (see the list of contacts on the right of the Gekks phone number column).

Nevertheless, for instant replies and fast responses, we firmly suggest using the listed Gekks customer service phone number.

3. What Is Gekks Shipping Time?

Visiting the Gekks FAQs page provides some details about this matter. Gekks shipping takes anywhere between 48 hours and five working days. At this point, let us note that we have received several Gekks complaints about delayed orders, as well as products never delivered to their intended receiver. See, for example, review # 1720633 of a consumer whose order was delayed more than two weeks.

Two weeks later I still have nothing resolved and my card has been charged. I now have to call my credit card company to try and get money back…

It should also be noted that the Gekks shipping time frame mentioned above refers to orders made within the contiguous USA.

Among the Gekks FAQs section is information about how to check your order’s status. The Gekks order tracking process is as follows:

  • When you place an order with Gekks, the company sends you an email with a confirmation link;
  • Use that link for real-time updates on the Gekks order status;
  • Alternatively, you can create Gekks account and go to your dashboard for information about the status of your order (i.e., Gekks shipping time) at any given time.

There is no reference to services such as Gekks free shipping. However, we have tracked several platforms (i.e., that offer discount codes that unlock promos, including no-charge Gekks shipping deals.

Gekks shipping policy

Unsuccessful on-time delivery of the ordered products is one of the main concerns of consumers who shared their Gekks complaints through the

4. What Is Gekks Return Policy?

Whether the company accepts returns is one of Gekks FAQs that concern consumers the most. According to the Gekks return policy as found on their official website, you may only return or exchange your product if it is:

  • unworn,
  • unused,
  • purchased from the Gekks site.

In this case, you can expect a full refund within 30 days of delivery. It is also paramount that you forward a Gekks return claim only if your unworn insole has its packaging and labels intact.

Gekks return policy


  • The company mentions that they will NOT be held responsible if an item is lost during the return shipping.
  • The consumer is expected to pay shipping charges to return or exchange a product.

How to return Gekks insoles? There are a few conditions that need to be met.

For your Gekks return to be considered valid (hence, be processed by a team member), it is essential to include a short explanation of the reason you are returning the product (or want to exchange it). The Gekks return policy also mentions that your note to the company should be accompanied by your full name, the order number, and the email you used to place the order.

Email them your message and send the package to the specified address WITH a separate note that includes your full name and your order number. Fulfill both conditions, and you know how to return Gekks goods the right way.

Among the most commonly asked Gekks FAQs about the return of a product is how long it will take a company rep to process the return request. The site mentions it may take up to three business days of receipt of the product(s).

Researching the Net, we found several instances and Gekks reviews of consumers who were complaining about not being able to have their product returned successfully even though the company’s return guidelines were met (like in below thread). You can find similar Gekks reviews on our site as well, so this is probably a recurring issue for the brand that should be addressed appropriately.

Gekks reviews

5. Where Can I Buy Gekks?

If you are wondering where is Gekks located, the company site says Chicago, IL. You can find the full Gekks address on our Gekks Inc, Contacts page.

Now, there is absolutely no relation between the questions “Where is Gekks located?” and if you can purchase their products in a Chicago store (or any store, actually). The truth is that you may find Gekks in stores, but chances are they will be a bit outdated. This is because the company has made an announcement mentioning that they do not take in any new wholesale customers for the time being. That aside, we have not managed to locate any Gekks addresses of the stores that sell these products.

So, although you might be able to buy Gekks in store locations across the county, you will probably find not much of a great plethora to choose from. If the current regime changes and the brand reaccepts wholesale customers, which means that you find and buy Gekks in stores near where you live, you will know. The wholesale retailer is required to email the company stating their intent to sell company’s insoles. When the time comes, a representative will get in touch with them.

Do revisit our platform for the updated Gekks address list. The only question remaining is “OK. You want Gekks. Where to buy them?”. The answer is “From their online store”. There is literally no other alternative to find Gekks or where to buy the preferred insole from.

If you also feel that sharing your experiences with other consumers can make a big difference in the way a company treats its customers and delivers its services, feel free to leave a review at  about the brand or product that either made your day or added stress to your life. The chances are, a company rep may as well see into your problem or issue or concern and take matters to their own hands, offering a solution that best suits your case!

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