Reviews on indicate numerous Google Play complaints regarding payments, money transfers, login issues, and many more. As such, users would like to know the most reliable methods of contacting Google Play customer service.

This article will answer the top consumers' FAQs to Google Play customer support.

But first, here is an overview of the Google Play Store according to customer reviews on PissedConsumer.

Google Play Q&A

Number of Google Play reviews – 3.1k

Google Play rating* – 2.2⭐⭐

Google Play claimed losses – $2.9M

Successful calls – 24%/38k

Resolved issues – 18

1. What is Google Play?

Google Play is the official online store for Android. It is owned and operated by Google LLC. It receives millions of customers who download different media, including books, movies, games, magazines, and apps. Google Play Services are available in over 190 countries and partners with developers worldwide, who develop various products for distribution on the platform.

Google Play Store is accessible on all Android devices free of charge. However, some products in this Play Store are downloadable at no cost, while others are sold at different prices. It also offers a subscription product referred to as "Google Play Pass," where customers get access to hundreds of games and apps at a low monthly rate.

On, Google Play has a 2.2-star rating out of a possible 5 stars. Google Play reviews indicate customers complaints in regards to various issues, including:

  • Difficulty getting in touch with Google Play support;
  • billing issues such as unauthorized charges;
  • fraud activity.

According to their website, Google Play customer service can be accessed via phone, community support, and the help center. The following sections will provide details on how to contact Google Play via various channels.

2. How to Call Google Play Customer Service?

A Google Play customer service phone number (1-855-466-4438) is provided in the Android App Store terms of service. However, recent Google Play reviews indicate that the number does not go through.

Google Play customer service phone number

For instance, in review #2903839, the customer was frustrated that they couldn't call Google Play help because they no longer offer telephone service due to Covid. This complaint often resonates in many other similar reviews. Consumers often reported that they can't get through to a live person when dialing the Google Play phone number.

Google Play consumer review about charges

With that said, there is no other Google Play phone number provided both on the app and that customers could use as an alternative. As many consumers note, when having an issue with the store, you can try to use the Google Play Help Center instead of calling.

3. How to Contact Google Play Customer Service via Help Center?

Android App Store has a help center as their first line of support. The Google Play Help Center provides straightforward answers to the most common customer issues. Most of the issues that come up in the Google Play complaints on PissedConsumer have been addressed in the help center under the following categories:

  • Getting started on Google Play.
  • Using Google Play Services.
  • Purchasing and downloading.
  • Refunds and returns.
  • Managing devices and accounts.
  • Help with various product categories.

It then proceeds to offer instructions to help you solve various issues as well as other options to contact Google Play customer service. However, it does not provide information on how to call Google Play support. You will find only the basic guidelines on how to fix a specific issue through settings and the App Store.

4. How to Reach Out to Google Play Customer Support via Community?

To reach out to the Google Play customer service via the community, you should follow the following steps:

  • Log in to Google Play Services.
  • On the website version, scroll down to the bottom and click on the ‘About Google’ link.  If using a mobile device, tap on your profile picture icon and find 'Help & feedback' listed on the menu bar.
  • The new window will open the Google Play Help Center page.
  • Scroll down past the highlighted FAQ topics.
  • Find the ‘Need more help’ section at the bottom.
  • Go to ‘Ask the Help Community’.
  • You will be led to a new window to write your question in detail and then post it.

Ask the Google Play Community form

Community experts on the platform will attempt to answer your questions. Some of these community experts are Google Play support representatives. You could also check out responses to questions similar to yours on the community forum. 

Featured posts on Google Play Community

Note that if you choose the option ‘Contact us’ on the help center page, you won’t be provided with the Google Play phone number. Instead, you will see the form where you can submit your Google Play review and/or report your issue.

Need more help on Google Play

The Android App Store users also form informal communities on platforms such as Reddit and Quora. On these platforms, you will find Google Play complaints, reviews, questions, and answers from community members.

5. How to Complain About a Payment Issue on Google Play Customer Service?

One of the most common Google Play complaints across different platforms is about payments. Multiple reviews indicate that customers often encounter unauthorized payments or unexplainable charges on their accounts.

For example, on the Google Play review #2154915, the customer complained about several unauthorized charges on their account and reported a monetary loss of about $10,000.

Google Play is supporting fraud

As many payments since last 1 month deducted from my account linked with Google Play Store without any consents from me.

Therefore, many consumers would like to know how to complain about a Google Play payment issue and seek a refund. The most straightforward method would be to call the Google Play customer service phone number provided in the terms of service. However, you could also check the Google Play help center about returns and refunds.

The FAQs sections address various refunds and return topics, including:

  • Refund policies on various Google Play Services.
  • Steps for seeking refunds via the website, Google Assist, or a specific developer.
  • Refund timelines.
  • How to deal with problems with in-app purchases.
  • How to report charges you do not recognize and many more.

To report a charge you do not recognize, Google Play Store recommends you first ascertain that the charges are from them. Establish if the payment was an accidental purchase or a child may have played a game that resulted in a charge. Then report the charges by filling the "Report unauthorized purchases" form. Regularly check on the claim status.

There are limited options to contact Google Play customer service directly. There is no email address or online chat, and most customers do not get through to a live person when trying to call Google Play phone number provided on their terms of service. The best way to access Google Play customer service is through the help center or community.

If you have an issue with the Android App Store, tell others about it and leave a review on You may also check the Google Play Q&A to seek if someone else has found the answer to the same problem.

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