Half of the world’s population uses internet today. In order to make life easier people check all necessary information online, make complains and consider experience of others. 

Almost 90 % of customers read online reviews today. This is quite a useful habit to make safer purchases and take the right choice.

Why is it important to read reviews and complain online?

It’s well known that active internet users trust online reviews today. People usually pay attention to other users’ recommendations; take into consideration offered suggestions, alternatives or company’s competitors. Reading online reviews becomes more popular and easier. You can find without much effort a lot of good online platforms where people come to share their positive or negative experience with others. For example, our website welcomes everyone who has a word to say about any business.

This will definitely help people to take into consideration other consumers’ experience with the company and avoid various problems related to some particular business, product or service in future.

how to write online review

Turning for help to online reviews you should remember:

  • Not every review can be suitable for you. Every human is individual and your opinions can differ.
  • Read the reviews before some significant purchases. Other people’s experience can sometimes prevent you from troubles, save your money or efforts.
  • Pay attention to those reviews which are written in a good language, mentioning important issues – like the order number, sum of the purchase, location, names of staff and so on. These reviews are more likely to be written by real customers if they were involved in some kind of a problem or received poor quality product or service.
  • Consider all kinds of recommendations or advice which will help you to prevent problems or to find better solutions for your issues.
  • Do not read just old reviews. The company you are interested in can be reformed and at this moment serves in a better way.

Beware of fake reviews

We know that reviews are a powerful tool to human consciousness. That is the main purpose why a lot of fake reviews appear online. These shouldn’t be just positive reviews written by a company or business owners. It’s possible to find untrue fraudulent reviews filed by competitors trying to defame other business reputation. Unfortunately, there is no one specific algorithm how to detect fake reviews. Anyway, below listed tips can be taken into consideration in order to avoid dishonest reviews:

  • Fake reviews are usually typical – written in a similar way, with the help of repeated word combinations, punctuation and style.
  • Fake reviews are "tasteless" – without descriptions, facts, numbers… These reviews usually lack emotions and describe the company, service or product generally.
  • It’s possible to find fake reviews which seem very similar to some kind of manuals or contain too many specific details, key words and characteristics. If a complaint seems to be too complicated and people do not talk this way in their lives – this must be a red flag to you.
  • Pay special attention to frequency of the reviews. Probably a huge pile of negative or positive reviews were written at one time frame. It means that these online reviews are probably not worth a thing.
  • Check other online reviews platforms. All the websites are regulated in their own way and can contain different online feedbacks for one and the same company.
  • Check names, locations and IP addresses (if possible). It may be suspicious if the majority of the reviews (or all of them) are similar in contacts or reviewers’ names.

Social networks as a perfect opportunity to leave a feedback

As a good alternative to complaints websites it’s popular today to use social networks for your feedback. Such famous resources like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter will definitely help you to be heard.

how to complain via social media

For example you can easily leave your complain on a Facebook page of the company you are interested in. It will not be difficult for you as a great number of companies and self-entrepreneurs usually have their own social pages online and they often respond to their customers online. It’s quite an influential way to complain that can sometimes solve your problem without much effort.

Another social network Twitter also assists you to post your feedback for a company. With the help of appropriate hashtags you will be able to attract audience’s attention to your problem.
You can ask your friends to share your feedback on their personal social network pages. As a result your online review will become more popular and can be viewed by a great number of people.

How to review company yourself?

If you faced positive or negative experience with the company and have a mind to share it with others you have the opportunity to write reviews yourself. With the help of such complaint platforms like our website you are able to file online reviews.

When you are ready to share your experience with the world, our tips will help you to file complaint effectively:

  • Do not rush. You should draft some kind of a plan of your complaint. Think a bit and do not miss a thing out of your review.
  • If your goal is to warn other customers then describe your issue in details. It’s important to write down all necessary information for others to avoid your problem – location where your issue occurred, names of the staff, manager or owner, model or part number of the troubleshooting product, other important details.
  • Think a bit over a good title to attract more attention to your problem.
  • Clearly define the company name. If it’s a small business, it would be useful to notify the location of the company.
  • It also would be useful to add to the review body or its description URLs of the company or a product you are writing about.
  • Do not write too short and unclear reviews as they are more likely will be ineffective.
  • On the other hand, there’s not much sense in too long and "sophisticated" reviews. Modern readers prefer medium sized online reviews and long complaints are skipped or unread to the end.
  • Write complaint in a good language (otherwise some websites won’t be able to post your review on their page), with punctuation marks, avoid complicated terminology. Remember that your review is dedicated to represent your problem to other consumers and it must be comprehensible.
  • If you have pictures or video records, do not doubt to add them to your online review. These are good proofs to reveal that your product was damaged or you received poor service.
  • If you want to be contacted by the company you are having a problem with, leave your contacts. Sometimes company’s representatives contact their users and can help you solve the issue.

Remember that writing a review is not an art, but it is quite an important and sometimes crucial description of your issue for other consumers. We know that the best expert opinion is customer’s own experience. Do not remain indifferent and get started to write good online reviews that help!

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