Shopping online has become a way of life. But that doesn’t mean we should throw dollars at every company out there. Not all companies are created equally when it comes to meeting the needs and demands of customers.

In fact, based on the number of complaints on PissedConsumer, customers have strong opinions on the safety of some businesses. We have gathered reviews and feedback from our site and others to determine exactly that – is Fashion Nova safe? Is it a wise choice when it comes to spending your money?

Fashion Nova Q and A

Number of Fashion Nova reviews –  5k

Fashion Nova rating* – 2.2⭐⭐

Claimed losses –  $370k

Issues resolved –  22

  1. Is Fashion Nova safe?
  2. How to contact Fashion Nova customer service?
  3. How long does it take to ship?
  4. How to return an item?
  5. How to cancel an order?

1. Is Fashion Nova Safe?

Fashion Nova is an online retailer for women, men, and now children’s clothing lines. According to its own website, the company is “unapologetically sexy” and “obsessed with being the forefront of fashion.

It’s worth noting that unlike many online retailers in 2020, Fashion Nova, Inc. also has retail stores. You can find a Fashion Nova store in southern California, or you can shop online. The website offers shoppers a wide range of Fashion Nova codes for discounts as well. According to the company’s About Us page, the brand is a “pop culture phenomenon” and is extremely popular.

But popularity isn’t everything. Many customers are left wondering is Fashion Nova legit? With more than 5,000 Fashion Nova reviews on our website and many more elsewhere online, not every customer seems to be satisfied with the company.

The majority of the Fashion Nova complaints center around Fashion Nova customer service. Complaints center on missing orders, orders that never shipped or shipped late, and customers asking for refunds when their orders never arrived or when something went wrong with the order.

But not all Fashion Nova reviews are negative. At SiteJabber, 13,520 reviews left the company with four out of five stars. Interestingly, the reviews were either praising the company for its stylish clothing, or complaining about refunds, returns, and shipping.

There seem to be many other reviews online that don’t rate the company as well. On, Fashion Nova has several reported issues. In one (review #37067), a reviewer called her experience a Fashion Nova “scam unless you’re famous.” A month after her order, she was still missing items that she had paid for and could not get a response from customer service.

2. How to Contact Fashion Nova Customer Service?

Concerns about Fashion Nova customer service seem to make up a large percentage of the complaints across multiple platforms. has a single means of contacting customer service on the site’s Contact Us page – an email form.

Customers can fill out the form and concerns and questions are emailed to Fashion Nova customer service. Digging deeper into the website, however, you can find a Fashion Nova phone number for the company and the individual retail stores.

To contact Fashion Nova customer service, you can call (800) 866-0286. To reach an individual Fashion Nova store, you can find the appropriate number to reach out to the PissedConsumer customer service.

3. How Long Does Fashion Nova Take to Ship?

Many Fashion Nova complaints center around shipping times. Looking at the various reviews, Fashion Nova shipping appears to be a bit unpredictable. In her 2.5-star review (#2193114), one customer explained that she had “paid for express shipping” but that her “order wont come in now for almost another week.” She demanded a refund on the extra Fashion Nova shipping costs.

Fashion Nova customer review

According to Fashion Nova’s own shipping policy, this customer is unlikely to receive a refund on shipping costs. According to the online Fashion Nova store FAQs, the shipping policy states that transit time for a package is up to twelve business days, and shipping costs are non-refundable.

Fashion Nova shipping

Sometimes, however, even when items are shipped and delivered according to the store’s policy, they don’t arrive. In her addition to the Fashion Nova reviews, another customer explains that the company had the package delivered to the wrong address (review #2119777). Despite calling the Fashion Nova phone number for customer service help, she must “wait ten business days for them to review this issue.

4. How to Return a Fashion Nova Item?

The Fashion Nova return policy is clearly stated on its website, but it might catch some customers by surprise. Certain items are considered non-refundable, and all Fashion Nova returns that are accepted are issued a refund as store credit.

According to the Fashion Nova return policy, all Final Sale items cannot be returned.

fashion nova online returns

Likewise, all items that are worn, cosmetic, intimate, or returned after thirty days are also not eligible for a Fashion Nova return.

fashion nova return items

Even if your items fit the Fashion Nova return policy, you will still wind up dealing with customer service to process the online return. According to her online review (#2190988), one customer was able to navigate the return policy but when she tried to use her store credit, she discovered the E Credit was deleted. It’s been months since she was promised funds, and she calls the company “unethical.”

If you purchased your items online or in the store, you also have the option to return items to one of the Fashion Nova locations in California.

Fashion Nova Returns

According to the company’s return policy, you can skip the Fashion Nova shipping and refund hassles and bring the unworn items directly to the store for a store credit refund within thirty days of purchase.

5. How to Cancel Fashion Nova Order?

The Fashion Nova cancellation policy is simple. They don’t allow orders to be canceled.

Fashion Nova cancellation policy

According to the short blurb about Fashion Nova cancellation, once you have placed an order, you may not cancel. The website claims they will “fulfill order as quickly as possible” and that they cannot “cancel or change an order once it’s been placed.” The only recourse available for customers who want a Fashion Nova cancel order option is to wait for delivery and then return the unwanted items.  You can return unwanted items by paying to ship them back or returning them to a Fashion Nova store location in California.

This policy has lead to several Fashion Nova complaints about orders. In her review (#2188452) about what she felt was a Fashion Nova scam, one customer explains that she tried and failed to cancel her order after being treated poorly by the company.

Fashion Nova review about scam

The frustrated customer called the Fashion Nova phone number multiple times after her order never shipped. After multiple calls, she tried to cancel the order was told she could not, but the next day the order was cancelled by the company. Despite being promised a refund, one has not arrived. She called her experience a Fashion Nova scam and “would NOT recommend shopping with them.

Reading through the Fashion Nova reviews on PissedConsumer and other review sites, she is not alone in her frustration with how the company handles returns.  Many customers express frustration with not being able to cancel returns that never shipped or never arrived.

Fashion Nova discount codes and coupons can be enticing. It’s easy to see where promotions like Fashion Nova free shipping can make online shopping tempting. But before you order, do your own research. Read what others have said before you determine is Fashion Nova legit. Ask yourself "Is Fashion Nova safe?" It’s an online retailer with its own way of doing business. Determine your own comfort level with Fashion Nova online shopping policies for shipping and returns before ordering.

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To direct your question to a company representative or read best answers to customers' FAQs, please visit this Fashion Nova Q&A page

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