Jared, Jomashop, and The Bradford Exchange are all popular online retailers, especially among watch and jewelry lovers. They offer a broad range of products, services, and promos as a means to keep their customers happy. But how satisfied are consumers with these companies?

To provide an honest and transparent review of all three merchants, we gathered all Jared, Jomashop, and The Bradford Exchange reviews posted on Pissed Consumer, both the positive feedback and the Bradford Exchange, Jomashop, and Jared complaints left at our website. Based on those comments, the consumers’ experience with online retailers is summarized below.

Jared vs Jomashop vs The Bradford Exchange: Customer Experience

The table below provides a quick overview of what consumers think of each company overall, also taking into account the Jared, The Bradford Exchange, and Jomashop FAQ consumers have left on our platform and how each company has addressed rising issues.  




The Bradford Exchange





Total Reviews




Number of Resolved Issues over the Phone




Rank in Jewelry and Accessories





Customer Like

Friendly staff, friendly repair liaison


Product, ease of ordering

Customer Don’t Like

Customer service, high price and low quality, repair services quality

Customer service, customer, offered no resolution, lack of customer service culture or training

Customer service, customer service attitude, customer service follow-up

Number of Customer Service Calls

139 (77% successful connections)

23 (100% successful connections)

2612 (90% successful connections)

After carefully evaluating and categorizing all Jared, Jomashop, and The Bradford Exchange complaints and positive feedback, the things that consumers showed the most concern are: poor customer service, products of low quality, and low repair quality.

Jared vs Jomashop vs The Bradford Exchange: Types of Services and Products

Although all three companies offer jewelry, each one has a special focus on something. For instance, Jomashop puts emphasis on selling watches but also sells handbags, sunglasses, and beauty products for him and her. However, they also come forward with a unique service that allows watch owners to trade in their old watch and use the credit to buy a new watch, or just sell their watch to the company. Finally, there is a page where one can find pre-owned watches in great shape.

Jomashop products

The Bradford Exchange, on the other hand, is focused on selling collectibles and gifts. Just a glimpse at their website is enough to realize the wide array of products, from jewelry and apparel to shoes, dolls, coins, Disney-related items, and more. Plus, it gives customers the chance to create their own gift.

Bradford Exchange products

Jared too enables their customers to have personalized jewelry and they also have a special Clearance section. Nevertheless, their business is strictly jewelry-centric.  

Jared products

Jared vs Jomashop vs The Bradford Exchange: Prices

What all three online retailers have in common is the fact that they sell watches. So, if one had to compare prices among them, it would be safe to focus on a product they all sell. To compare prices, we chose the Citizen Men's Watch Promaster Diver BN0151-09L men’s watch, which both Jared and Jomashop offered at the same price of $221.25. So, at this point, the Jared vs Jomashop price comparison results in a 1-1 score.

Jared prices

At the time of this writing, though, Jomashop has a special discount which drops the price of the watch to $139.99. What is noteworthy is the fact that the retailer has offers for all of their watches, which makes their prices much more affordable compared to Jared.

Jomashop prices

As for The Bradford Exchange, they do not offer the particular men’s watch, but their prices range between $89-$249, which makes them as cost-effective as Jomashop and more competitive than Jared.

Jared vs Jomashop vs The Bradford Exchange: Refunding and Cancellation Policies

According to Jared’s Help & FAQs page, an item can be returned within 30 days from purchase, except for custom-made products, such as those engraved with personalized details and class rings, which cannot be returned. The Jared return policy also notes that if a customer has picked up a product, they had purchased online at a Jared store, they need to return it to the store rather than ship it to Jared.com.

Of course, returns will be accepted if the returned merchandise is not worn or changed in any way. It also has to be accompanied by its original packaging and all the documents it came with (i.e., warranty and instructions). Concerning exchanging an item, the retailer clarifies that exchanges can only be made at a physical Jared store. A few consumers have posted unenthusiastic Jared reviews about the merchant’ refund policy.

Jared return policy

The Jomashop Help Center mentions that their customers can return a product within 30 days from shipping or 14 days from delivery if the item is pre-owned merchandize. The Jomashop FAQ page also specifies that the company will not cover the shipping costs and that the returned item and everything related to it (i.e., packing material, serial numbered security tag, etc.) needs to be unworn, and in new condition and their original packaging.

If a product has arrived damaged or otherwise flawed, you must contact the Jomashop customer service number within 5 days of receipt. As for items that are considered a Special Order (i.e., products the company does not have stocked in their warehouse), a restocking fee of 8% applies unless otherwise agreed by the Jomashop customer service staff via email, snail mail, or fax.

Jomashop return policy

The Bradford Customer Support page separates returns of stationary and non-stationary items. For the first, they mention that an item should be returned within its warranty period. For instance, you have 30 days to return apparel and heirloom toys, 90 days for purses, totes, and wallets, 120 days for jewelry, and 365 days for defective or damaged personalized canvas prints.

The item also has to be sent back in its original package and via the U.S. Postal Service. For non-stationary orders, things are different, though, as these can only be returned in case of misprints or errors other than input mistakes within 45 days.

The Bradford Exchange return policy

To see if your case falls into these special terms and conditions, you could use The Bradford Exchange phone number to get in touch with a customer service agent.

Comparing all three merchants in regards their refund and exchange policies, the distressing Jared reviews outnumbered those of the other two retailers.

Jared vs Jomashop vs The Bradford Exchange: Reward Programs

Jared Rewards is a loyalty scheme that provides Jared customers who place orders via the physical or online Jared shop (the minimum amount was $500 in 2017, but the company does not clarify whether this is still the least order sum required).

Then, the retailer emails them their Rewards along with a Certificate Code, which they can redeem in a brick-and-mortar or online Jared store. However, some terms and conditions need to be satisfied too. For example, the order price must be, at least, 3x the sum of the Jared Rewards redeemed. There are no Jared complaints related to the retailer’s reward scheme.

Jared reward program

Jomashop does not appear to be offering any loyalty or rewards program, at least at this moment. Nevertheless, you could contact the Jomashop customer service department and request for more details. There are no negative Jomashop reviews about the company’s offerings overall. Therefore, the duel of Jared vs Jomashop leads to a 1-0 in regards the rewards the companies provide to their customers.

As for The Bradford Exchange, they also do not seem to have a specific rewards scheme, but they do have a network of affiliates that provide interesting offers, including cashbacks, such as Mr.Rebates, where consumers can receive a 10% cashback.

The Bradford Exchange reward program

Jared vs The Bradford Exchange vs Jomashop: Discounts & Other Promos

The Jared Coupons & Offers page does not make any mentions to specific coupons or discounts. What the retailer does offer is

  • Free second-day shipping without requiring a minimum purchase.
  • Free gift wrap (except for Citizen watches that are a special order).
  • A free overnight shipping promo for in-store, non-customized items.

Other than that, the retailer gives mobile customers 25% off a purchase (at least, $99) if they sign up from a portable device. And, let’s not forget that the merchant provides their customers the opportunity to trade in their watch and receive 20% more when they choose a Jared Gift Card. For that promo, the company has partnered with Crown & Caliber, a reputable name in pre-owned watches, who will inspect and authenticate a watch that is being traded in in 3-5 working days.

Then, the customer can choose the cash option and receive either a direct payment or store credit (in the form of a gift card) that includes an extra 20% valid at a Jared brick-and-mortar or online store. We have received zero Jared complaints related to the merchant’s discounts and offers.

Jared discounts

Jomashop has a comprehensive list of affiliates offering $ or % discounts (up to 90% off). However, you may also look at their website, where they also offer coupon codes that have to be entered at checkout. Plus, those who use any of the Jared coupon codes also enjoy significant discounts on their next order.

Jomashop coupons

The company offers free shipping on all orders shipped within the USA, provided you use “FASTSHIP” promo/coupon code at checkout, as well as free Next Day Air Delivery for contiguous US orders over $1,000. The promo code to enter in this case is “FREENDA”. Similar coupon codes are provided for a wide range of products that you can get with a considerable discount. 

Jomashop free shipping

The landscape is pretty similar with The Bradford Exchange, which also provides its customers with coupons and promo codes via a network of affiliates (up to 95% off). The retailer does not have any promo codes or coupons on their website, though. In this specific category, the Jared vs The Bradford Exchange vs Jomashop score favors the first retailer for their wealth of discounts and promos compared to their other two counterparts.

Jared vs The Bradford Exchange vs Jomashop: Customer Service Communication Channels

You may get in touch with the Jared customer service from Monday to Friday between 9am-10pm ET, Saturday 10am-10pm ET, and Sunday 12pm-9pm ET at 800-527-8229. The Jared phone number to call for credit questions is 866-231-0070 (Comenity Bank Cardholders) or 877-328-8334 (Genesis cardholders).

The live chat is not available for the time being, but you may also email them via their online contact form. The Jared phone number for jewelry leasing is (866) 319-0290 while there is a fifth Jared phone number (800- 527-8229) that will help you with anything not listed above.

The Bradford Exchange phone number to use for questions related to your order’s shipping status, returns/product information, technical issues, invoicing/balance queries or comments is 02 9841 3311, from Monday to Friday (8am-5pm AEDT), except major holidays. Or you may fill out the online Contact Us form and wait for a reply (may take up to 2 business days).

Besides a detailed Jomashop FAQ section, the online merchant also enables their clients to get in touch with a company rep via live chat and phone (877-834-1434) from Monday to Friday (9am-3pm). They also provide an online Contact Us form that you could fill out.

Concerning the customer communication channels offered by the online merchants, the Jared vs The Bradford Exchange vs Jomashop comparison ends with a tie.

Jared vs Jomashop vs The Bradford Exchange: Consumers’ Concerns

One of the questions that are commonly found online is related to the legitimacy of these three companies. For instance, in a Rolex Forum, several people have asked the same thing “Is Jomashop legit?” According to the replies provided, the merchant is trustworthy.

The only negative mentions were about the warranty as the company replaces the manufacturer’s warranty with their own Jomashop warranty. On the flip side, we have received a plethora of negative Jomashop reviews concerning orders of defective or damaged products, mainly Jomashop watches, as well as issues with Jomashop returns and repairs. For instance, the following consumer makes a Jomashop complaint regarding warranty repairs that were being denied:

I have purchased three watches from Jomashop over the years. Two of them needed repair - One Swatch Automatic, and One Tissot Automatic. […] I bought the Tissot from them as well. Worked well for about a year and a half, at which point the dial started spinning inside the case. […]

Called Jomashop, and was given a return number to send the watch in for warranty service. Watch came back about a week and a half later not repaired. Enclosed note claimed scratches, broken band, and dings - singn of impact - not covered under warranty. Except that my watch does not have a broken band, does not have any signs of impact, and the only scratches are superficial marks on the bottom of the band clasp, which is very normal considering the watch has been worn...”

Another thought/question that is much discussed online is “Why is Jomashop so cheap?” A Quora thread provides sufficient replies, as users explain that the seller offers inexpensive pieces because they are an unauthorized dealer of the brands they offer, without this meaning that they sell Jomashop fake watches or other types of merchandise.

Why Jomashop is so cheap

As for the Jomashop reviews we have received at Pissed Consumer, it appears that the merchant’s customer service is a serious pain point that should be addressed at some point in the near future. Many consumers mentioned how rude customer agents have been to them and how uncomfortable or even frustrating the interaction with a company agent was for them.

When it comes to Jared reviews, consumers are clearly dissatisfied with the customer service, the exchange, refund, and cancellation policy, and the quality of the item they had purchased.

Taking into consideration the Bradford Exchange reviews posted on Pissed Consumer website, the retailer’s customer service is the single most critical Bradford Exchange complaint the majority of their customers have made so far. People that have purchased merchandise from the online store feel annoyed with the company representatives’ attitude and follow up.

Jared vs Jomashop vs The Bradford Exchange: Final Overview

 All in all, here is what consumers think about product and service quality of these three companies, when we compare Jared with Jomashop and The Bradford Exchange, based on what they have posted on our platform.

Jared pros and cons:

(+) Friendly repair liaison

(+) Friendly staff

(-) High price

(-) Low quality

(-) Customer service

Jomashop pros and cons:

(+) Price

(-) Customer service

 The Bradford Exchange pros and cons:

(+) Ease of ordering

(+) Products

(-) Customer service (attitude & follow up)

When we compare Jared with Jomashop, it becomes evident that both companies frustrate their customers with their customer services, and their exchange, refund, and cancellation policies.

Jared vs Jomashop

If we add Bradford Exchange into the equation, it appears that the third merchant has managed to satisfy its customers a bit more than its other two counterparts, after having received a 2-star rating against the single-star rating both Jomashop and Jared have received.

Jared vs The Bradford Exchange

Hopefully, this comparison article of Jared, Jomashop, and The Bradford Exchange has provided you with vital details concerning what each merchant’s services and how pleasurable a buyer’s journey can be, depending on which online retailer they choose.

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