Both Jus by Julie and The Swiss Colony are popular online retail companies. The first specializes in manufacturing blended juices with natural ingredients while the second entices with a wide assortment of products, mainly pastries, and cakes. This is a comprehensive review of both companies.

The purpose is to provide the essential details the majority of consumers want to know. As we compare Jus by Julie with The Swiss Colony, we are guided by Jus by Julie reviews and complaints as well as The Swiss Colony reviews and complaints and give an overview of their strengths and weaknesses as their customers view them. Points discussed in Jus by Julie VS The Swiss Colony comparison:

  1. Jus by Julie VS The Swiss Colony Products Offered
  2. The Swiss Colony VS Jus by Julie Shipping Policies
  3. Jus by Julie VS The Swiss Colony Coupons and Discounts
  4. The Swiss Colony and Jus by Julie Return Policies
  5. Jus by Julie and The Swiss Colony Refunds Policies
  6. Jus by Julie VS The Swiss Colony Cancellation Policies
  7. The Swiss Colony VS Jus by Julie Customer Service Info
  8. Jus by Julie and The Swiss Colony Financing Options

Jus by Julie VS The Swiss Colony: Brief Overview

The following table highlights key information about Jus by Julie and The Swiss Colony, always according to Pissed Consumer posters’ reviews.  


Jus by Julie

The Swiss Colony




Issues resolved



Number of Reviews



Rank in Food Delivery Category



Total Customer Service Calls



Successful Customer Service Calls



What customer like

Fast shipping, website

The petite fours, products flavors

What customer don’t like

Unhealthy amount of sugar, quality of soup, got sick after one day

The way they handle payment, non-responsive customer service

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1.  Jus by Julie VS The Swiss Colony Products Offered

Jus by Julie offer Cleanses, Smoothies, Booster Shots, Meal Replacements, Snacks, Soups, Probiotics, and Probiotic Coffee while the company also offers special 1 to 5-day cleanse programs, where Jus by Julie enables its customers to refresh their body and detoxify via specially created natural smoothies (you may also build your own cleanse program).

Jus by Julie also supplies visitors of its website with plenty of educational resources about digestive health and not only.

Jus by Julie products

At The Swiss Colony, you will find Food Gifts (i.e., holiday gift baskets and bakery gifts), Cakes and Desserts, Candy & Chocolates, Meats & Cheeses, Nuts & Snacks, Sugar-Free, and Gluten-Free products. The company also has a separate Gift section that offers a wide range of products, from apparel and jewelry to home accessories and electronics.

Among their customers’ most favorites are the Gummi butterflies, Premium Mixed Nuts, and the Spring Petites Fours (four different types of moist mini-cakes).

The Swiss Colony products

2.  The Swiss Colony VS Jus by Julie Shipping Policies

According to the Jus by Julie Shipping and Delivery page, all orders leave the company’s facilities one day before the delivery date and are delivered between 9am-5pm if you have provided a commercial address until 8 pm. Note, though, that if nobody is there to accept the package, the UPS driver will most likely leave it at your door while you may also contact the Jus by Julie customer service department and request the delivery to be made with a neighbor or doorman instead.

As for cancellations, these cannot be made after 72 hours of placing an order. It should also be noted that most of their products come with free shipping.

Jus by Julie shipping and delivery

The Swiss Colony, on the other hand, charges from $4.99 for orders up to $15 and up to $33.99 for orders totaling between $225.01-$275. For orders that exceed that amount, The Swiss Colony requires 12% of the order total. The items that need special packaging are topped with an additional fee which ranges between $5-$10.

Shipments to Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, and U.S. Possessions come with another cost of $9.95 on top of all other charges. In the same The Swiss Colony FAQ page, the company also mentions that if you choose the Expedited Delivery or the Express Delivery service, you will need to add $9.95 and $24.95 per address respectively so that you can have your items delivered within 1-4 business days.

APO/FPO addressed, though, only need to pay standard shipping charges. It appears that there is no such thing as a The Swiss Colony free shipping policy.

The Swiss Colony shipping charges

Judging by The Swiss Colony reviews posted on our website, one of the issues their customers faced was with late deliveries, like this consumer, who mentions:

I ordered a tin of mixed nuts on December 21 and my notification saids it will be delivered on the 28th. Then Itrsck it today to see if delivered snd it dsifs January 2nd. It should not take two weeks to deliver a tin of mixed nuts. I guess it’s the first time I ordered and will be the LAST.”

There were no Jus by Julie complaints about their shipping services, though.

3.  Jus by Julie VS The Swiss Colony Coupons and Discounts

There are several websites offering discounts, offers and promo codes for both Jus by Julie and The Swiss Colony. Besides promotional codes that unlock discounts ranging between 30%-60% off, where you need to type in the coupon in the Discount Codes box on the shopping cart before checkout, you can also get dollar discounts (e.g., 100$ off) and cashbacks by signing up with company affiliates. See, for example, the Giving Assistant platform that offers a 15% cash back at Jus by Julie if you register with them.

Jus by Julie coupons

However, Jus by Julie provides promo code offers themselves too while The Swiss Colony has promotions on their website. Nevertheless, the latter clarifies that they do not publish promo codes for special offers, such as free gifts, sale prices, and free shipping. Their customers are sent a catalog or are mailed offers with special pricing instead as soon as they subscribe to the Swiss Colony email.

The Swiss Colony discount codes

Note: When purchasing a Jus by Julie item from a third-party promotional site, such as Groupon, you will need to contact the third party directly for any refunds you may need.

Jus by Julie promotion terms

4.   The Swiss Colony and Jus by Julie Return Policies

When we compare Jus by Julie with The Swiss Colony concerning their return policies, it becomes apparent that this is not an option with the first, given that Jus by Julie provides no such information, which makes sense since they ship frozen homemade smoothies.

On the contrary, The Swiss Colony Customer Service section (looks more like a The Swiss Colony FAQ page) mentions that they accept returns in the original packaging. In this case, you will need to fill out their return form. They also suggest you keep the receipt for an entire month and that you run a factory reset if you are returning an electronic device.

The Swiss Colony return form

5.    Jus by Julie and The Swiss Colony Refunds Policies

Jus by Julie requires that you contact the Jus by Julie customer service at in regards to an item that was delivered in either poor quality or damaged (within 7 days of receiving the package). Depending on the case, the company may either provide a full or partial refund or replace the product(s) at their expense. Things get more complicated if you are not happy with the taste of the product, though.

As for The Swiss Colony, if an item did not satisfy you, you can get in touch with The Swiss Colony customer service and you may either receive a replacement if it is available, get credit to your account, or receive a full refund.

There were no The Swiss Colony complaints (or negative Jus by Julie reviews) about their return policies.

6.    Jus by Julie VS The Swiss Colony Cancellation Policies

When it comes to the cancelation policies of each company, Jus by Julie needs to be notified of your intention to cancel your order, at least, three days before the scheduled delivery date. To do so, simply email them with the word “CANCEL” in the subject line and some order details.

Then, you will receive an email with instructions as per how to proceed. Failing to meet that 3-day requirement means that the order will not be canceled and that you will need to pay all the expenses made before the cancelation of your order.

Jus By Julie cancelation policy

The Swiss Colony does not seem to tie cancelations with specific requirements and charges. All they mention in The Swiss Colony FAQ section about how to cancel items is that you can only cancel unshipped items/orders by going to My Account, selecting Order Status, enter the required information, and look for the Cancel button. Alternatively, you can email or call The Swiss Colony customer support.

The Swiss Colony cancelation policy

7.    The Swiss Colony VS Jus by Julie Customer Service Info

Jus by Julie provides several ways to get in touch with a Jus by Julie customer service agent, including submitting a ticket if you can’t find the answer to your question in the quite detailed Jus by Julie FAQ section, emailing them at or calling them on 347-850-4587. Alternatively, you could fill out the online contact form and send that instead.

The landscape is not that different at The Swiss Colony, where you can contact The Swiss Colony customer assistance reps is via email or telephone (from 8 am to 12 am CT – Monday to Friday). Although the company only provides one telephone number, Pissed Consumer has a much longer list of all available The Swiss Colony phone numbers for your reference.

Based on Jus by Julie reviews, customers are disappointed with the company’s customer service, as it appears to be slow-responding and inefficient. One of the consumers has noted:

“…I received an email the day before my first order was to arrive, which informed me that my juices would be delivered 5 days late. I called the number on your website about 6 times and no answer. I waited the next day and called again throughout the day, no answer, I emailed, no answer.

5 days later someone emails and says sorry for the inconvenience, let us know what dates we can fix in order to meet your ship dates.

I replied to your company and it took 5 days for another reply from them.

Called customer service number, noone answers.

Then your customer service finally replied a week later to let me know your moving facilities and that the rest of my order would not be shipped until the 22nd…”

The picture is more or less the same with The Swiss Colony, given that a number of The Swiss Colony complaints posted online were related to the overly delayed services provided by the company’s customer support department. The following The Swiss Colony review is illustrative of the situation.

“…I got one person on the cell phone and I got a person who couldn't answer a question I had about an item that when the order was placed in December indicated that it was on back order and would come in the middle of January. This is now March and I haven't received it nor any explanation of why…”

8.    Jus by Julie and The Swiss Colony Financing Options

Jus by Julie does not offer any special financing plan to ease customers’ purchases. However, they do have a Rewards Program that enables consumers to collect rewards points which they can exchange for special perks. For example, you earn the Bronze Member status as soon as you join the company and receive early access to sales.

With 750 points, you reach Silver Member status, where you get free shipping on all your orders while 2000 points make you a Gold Member and eligible for free one-day cleanse. Bronze members collect 2 points for every dollar spend, and it gets better as you move up the ladder, with Silver and Gold members making 3 and 4 points per dollar they spend respectively.   

Jus by Julie rewards program

The Swiss Colony offers a Buy Now Pay Later plan with Swiss Colony Credit that enables their customers enjoy low monthly payments (ARP for purchases 5.75%-23.99%) by adding items to their shopping cart, choosing “Open & Pay with a new Swiss Colony Credit Account” at checkout, and answering a couple of questions before finalizing their order.

The Swiss Colony credit

The company will process the customer’s application and order at the same time, and if approved for the Swiss Colony Credit, the customer will receive an order confirmation email. Making timely payments via this method also helps build your credit line too. For more details, you can visit the elaborate The Swiss Colony FAQ section.

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