When you buy a new mattress, you should be sleeping better, waking up refreshed and confident that you bought the best mattress for your unique needs. A new mattress can be very expensive, so it’s worth it to do some serious research to find the best deal, the best mattress, and the best overall customer experience.

To help customers find the deals and to help them answer the questions that pop up during the shopping process, we did some digging into two popular mattress companies. We looked at Serta and Kingsdown Mattress reviews in order to compare the companies on several different aspects including:

  • Customer service experience
  • Product offering and partners
  • Prices and discounts
  • Refunds and cancellation

Read below to see how Kingsdown Mattress vs Serta breaks down.

Kingsdown Mattress vs Serta Customer Service Experience

When you compare Kingsdown Mattress vs Serta, you will find obvious similarities between the two companies as well as some notable differences. Both companies sell mattresses, and both companies have customer service departments that guarantee your satisfaction.

When you want to see how these elements really pan out, you may check Serta and Kingsdown mattress complaints. You will easily see the differences with Kingsdown Mattress vs Serta.

On the company tabs on PissedConsumer, you may find the Serta and Kingsdown Mattress pros and cons to compare as well as  Kingsdown Mattress reviews and Serta reviews. We used this feedback to compile the following table.


Kingsdown Mattress





Total Reviews



Number of Resolved Issues




Previous mattress

How the bed felt originally, what was described, the speech of the salesman


Customer service, warranty response, rudeness of staff

Bad customer service, very bad, sagging mattress

Company Responses to Reviews



When reading through the Kingsdown Mattress reviews on PissedConsumer.com, the company shows a rating of 1.4 stars out of a possible 5. This rating is tied to the feedback provided through 24 different Kingsdown Mattress reviews left on the site. According to PissedConsumer.com, Kingsdown Mattress customer service was listed at the top of the negative feedback about the company as well.

In the Kingsdown Mattress complaint, one customer explained their interaction with the Kingsdown Mattress customer service department. Kingsdown Mattress review states “Purchased “Duet Channing” king size mattress & base with ultra heavy duty frame, mattress protector and advantage mattress protection plan, paid over $3000.00 for all of this from Vernon BC Sleep Country…”

The person continues their Kingsdown Mattress complaint by saying “…when mattress started to sag after 2 yrs we contacted warranty dept. sent numerous picture of measurements on 3 different occasions, to show how much it is sagging, then was told to rip the dust cover off both bases to see if it was a problem with the springs, Only to be told it wasn’t a warranty issue!...”

The final thoughts left in the Kingsdown Mattress review were, “…What the %&$# paid way to much money for a *** mattress, from a company that won’t stand behind their product! Will never recommend this product to anyone!”

If you have a Kingsdown Mattress complaint or question, you can reach the company by calling the Kingsdown Mattress customer service number at (800) 800-1353.

Serta customers have given that mattress company a rating of 1.6 out of a possible 5 stars. This rating is compiled based on the 285 total Serta reviews left on our site. According to the Serta reviews, customer service is at the top of the list of issues among the Serta pros and cons, and the company’s customer service is ranked at 2 stars out of 5 as well.

In her Serta review, one customer explained her concerns about the Serta warranty on her new mattress. She states, “We bought Serta Icomfort King Mattress in Oct.2013 it came with 25 year warranty but warranty would be voided if you didn't purchase a $90 mattress pad cover. We bought this!

had the cover on all the time over a 6 month period the mattress starting sinking and sunk more than 1 1/4 inches. I had inspector from store we bought it at come out he noticed a small stain on mattress said warranty for mattress is voided now because of this!...”

She ends her Serta review by concluding with, “…My problem is what the *** does small stain not anywhere near the sinking of mattress have to do with the quality of the mattress..We are now out $2500 for mattress because no one is covering warranty…”

If you have questions or concerns about Serta mattress models, you can reach customer service by calling the Serta phone number at (888) 557-3782.

Kingsdown Mattress vs Serta Product Offering and Partners

Kingsdown Mattress specializes in just mattresses using various versions of sleep technology to find the right fit for different customer needs. The website offers access to Kingsdown Mattress dealers as well as information about the different types of mattresses offered by the company.

One of the more prominent offerings is the bedMATCH profile creator which helps you target the type of mattress you are looking for. According to the bedMATCH page, once you have created a profile, the site will tell you where to buy Kingsdown Mattress products that fit your specific needs.

Kingsdown Mattress bedMatch program

The company’s bedMATCH will link your profile with one of the bed products they offer. You can learn more about these products on the website. There are four different types of innerspring mattresses discussed on the Kingsdown Mattress product page when you begin to research this type of mattress.

There are also two different mattresses that Kingsdown Mattress calls “Intelligent mattresses.”

According to the page for intelligent mattresses, these products use “air, active air or pro-active air technology to deliver support”.

These six mattresses – four versions of innerspring mattresses and two intelligent mattresses -are the only products on the Kingsdown Mattress website.

There are many Serta mattress models on the Serta website as well as many other types of products. There are five featured Serta mattress models on the website as well as complimentary Serta mattress products like sheets, mattress protectors, pillows and bed frames.

Serta mattress collections

You can purchase the Serta mattresses directly through the company’s website or through stores where other Serta mattresses are sold.

The Serta website offers tools to help you research the different types of mattresses as well as articles and tips about different mattress characteristics. When you start looking more closely at the mattress products, you can use different selections to find the right firmness and style of mattress you are looking at and then find the Serta products that produce the best fit.

Kingsdown Mattress vs Serta Prices and Discounts

You cannot find Kingsdown Mattress prices online because the Kingsdown Mattresses are only sold at independent Kingsdown Mattress retailers. This means that the Kingsdown Mattress websites also don’t have any discounts or sale prices available. All Kingsdown Mattress sale prices are going to be available through your local retailer for the mattresses.

In fact, the topic of Kingsdown Mattress prices is covered in the company’s FAQ page. According to the company, “Approved Kingsdown dealers set their own retail pricing…”

Kingsdown Mattress discounts

You can easily find Serta mattress prices online. Prices for the Serta mattresses range from the Serta PerfectSleeper mattress that starts at $439 to the Serta iComfort mattress with prices closer to $3,000.

The prices for some of the more popular Serta accessories are available online as well. These prices include iComfort Mattress protector for $159.9 and the iComfort Everfeel Serta pillows at $139 as well as bed frames for $139.

There is a page on the Serta website dedicated to special promotions and discounts. This page features nation-wide promotions as well as promotions through Serta.com.

Serta discounts

Currently, the website is advertising a promotion for 0% APR for up to 60 months with a qualifying purchase using your Serta iComfort credit card. There is also a promotion for a free plush toy of the Serta sheep when you by a Serta PerfectSleeper or Serta iComfort mattress. There is also a chance to win a new mattress set by entering an online drawing.

When you buy your new mattress through the Serta website, the company offers free shipping, free in-home setup and free mattress removal as well as the new mattress itself.

Other discounts may be provided by the various storefront retailers who sell Serta mattresses. There is not currently a nationwide Serta mattress sale, but information for future sales would be available through the Serta promotions page.

Kingsdown Mattress vs Serta Refunds and Cancellations

All refunds and order cancellations for Kingsdown Mattresses would have to be done through the Kingsdown Mattress retailers who sell the mattress. However, questions about the Kingsdown Mattress warranty can be handled by calling the Kingsdown Mattress phone number at (800) 800-1353.

In order to keep the Kingsdown Mattress warranty in effect, which would be tied to any refunds and cancellations, you must “protect your mattress and foundation against accidents and/or

damage.” You must also properly support your mattress with “the use of a frame or platform which includes appropriate center support with a center leg resting firmly on the floor. An acceptable alternative would be five rigid cross support slats with a center leg, centered left and right and head to foot, resting firmly on the floor; OR a solid platform surface with a rigid center.”

Kingsdown Mattress warranty

Any questions you have about your mattress and its warranty, you can contact customer service with the Kingsdown Mattress phone number at (800) 800-1353. 

Serta has a feature on its Serta FAQ page where customers can type into a type of discussion board to discuss issues directly with a Serta representative. Additionally, this Serta FAQ section is categorized so that others can benefit from the questions left by others.

There is a section dedicated to customer service and Serta warranty questions. The response for most of these questions from customers is to call the Serta phone number. The Serta phone number left by the customer representative is 1-888-557-3782.

The answers from the Serta FAQ section that deal specifically with refunds also relate back to the individual retailer. When asked about returning the mattress for a refund, Serta states, “Return and exchange policies vary by retailer, so please check with your store of purchase on their refund policy. As the manufacturer, we offer our limited warranty which protects against manufacturing defects so you can get a replacement in the event your mattress is found to be defective.

The full details of the Serta warranty can be found on the Serta warranty PDF page. This page includes details about the limited warranty that Serta offers against manufacturing defects. The defects covered by the warranty include issues like loose or protruding wires, sagging of various depths if the mattress has been properly supported according to the terms of the warranty and mattress handles.

Serta FAQ

The Serta warranty gives instructions on how to contact the company about the defect in order to have it repaired or replaced. In order to be within the scope of the warranty, you must “…provide the original law tags, proof of purchase (including date of purchase) and be the original purchasing consumer…”

You can easily spend thousands of dollars on a new mattress. When you spend that much on a purchase that should last a decade, you want to know that you’re spending your money wisely and getting the deal that you want. When you compare Kingsdown Mattress vs. Serta you will realize there is a lot to consider. Read Kingsdown and Serta mattress reviews and you can learn even more about the companies that are trying to earn your business now and in the future.

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*The company ratings on the PissedConsumer website are calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the company’s profile. The algorithm parameters are: users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company responses and more. The PissedConsumer algorithm is also subject to change in the future.

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