Communication and trust are two main ingredients for a successful relationship, in particular a relationship between a business and its customers. It is not a secret that regular communication with customers is the key to success in any business.

Private Messenger Feature

Pissed consumers do not just appear out of nowhere. When you have to face unhappy consumers/customers, you can be almost 100% sure that some communication issue is the reason for that:

  • A misunderstanding may have occurred between your customer and your rep.
  • Someone in your company did not respond to an unhappy customer’s letter, email or phone call; or maybe the response was too late.
  • Your rep was unprofessional when communicating with a customer.
  • Your rep offered a pissed customer the wrong solution.
  • Your rep communicated to a customer but was not helpful enough.

Unfortunately, there are too many similar scenarios to mention all of them in a single article. We at Pissed Consumer do specialize in consumer reviews and complaints to protect the interests of individual consumers. But, at the same time, we are confident that communication between them and businesses/companies should be a two-way one.

Instead of businesses being worried and upset about negative feedback, we are giving them ways to respond in a constructive way. We also give businesses an opportunity to show their potential customers that they are willing and ready to address problems should they occur. We offer several types of business solutions for that.

In this article, however, we will talk in detail about one of the above-mentioned solutions. It is convenient, easy and, oh, did we mention – absolutely free? We are presenting our Free Plan  program with its recently upgraded and improved feature of a private messenger.

Private Messenger - Overview.

This private messenger connects you with your customers on yet another channel. You have a great opportunity to deepen your brand’s relationship with them. At the same time it provides an immediate way for your customers to connect with your business and get a response.

The technology works similar to messaging apps – your customers will have unrestricted communication means to talk to you. They can chat with you privately and receive timely responses from you without worrying about any additional charges.

Giving your customers an easy option to communicate with your business privately not only decreases the likelihood of them making their complaints public, but also offers a space to share their sensitive information with you; for example, delivery details or order numbers. With a more private outlet for customer interactions, your business will be able to thoroughly help customers while saving brand face at the same time.

You can publish some or all of your responses to reviews publicly on our site using comments alongside the private messenger. Such public responses will count towards your company rating. Here is an example of a company profile with rating on our site:

Pissed Consumer Private Messenger

Unlike in the case with private messenger, you do not have to be subscribed to our Free Plan to respond to reviews using commenting functionality. The trick here, however, is that if you do that your comments published on behalf of your company will be no different from comments published by any other person because your comments will not show that you are representing a particular business. Moreover, if you do that your comments will not count toward your company rating as we have just mentioned above.

Why Should You Care?

First of all, because comments from a verified company representative have a lot more credibility in your customer’s eyes. If a comment containing company response is posted by some anonymous user, your current and your potential customers are less likely to believe that it is indeed your company response and that your company really cares about what the customers have to say.

Second, you are wasting time and resources responding to reviews “unofficially”, so to speak, because regardless of how many “unofficial” responses you post, your company rating will not improve one bit.

We have several well-known companies on our site who actively support their customers responding in comments without Free Plan subscription: ADT, Rooms To Go, Vonage, etc. But if you look at their rating, you will see that it is far from perfect. Hence, company image, brand awareness or company leverage does not get better either.

Back to our improved private messenger, it is very similar to a chat you see in apps like Skype. The feature enables your business to manage workflow better and respond to customer requests without delay. A chat gets created whenever a registered user publishes a review about your business. For everyone’s convenience each published review has a separate chat associated with it.

Private Messenger – How It Works.

Below we are going to give you a quick overview of how our private messenger feature works.

  • You need to log into your Free Plan account.
  • You click on “Private Messages” tab.
  • You will access the chat history where all reviews about your company are displayed:

Private Messenger Feature

You can select a review you want to send a poster a private message about. Communication about each review is a separate new chat. You are notified via email about any activity in a chat. Besides, you can perform all operations that you need for successful communication with your customers without leaving the private messenger.

Since private messages do not count towards your company rating, you can use the same language you used in a private message to post a public comment as a verified representative without switching tabs/windows. Please see “Reply privately” and “Reply via comment” buttons on the screenshot above.

Other Free Plan Benefits.

You need to remember too that private messenger is by far not the only cool feature included in our Free Plan. Other Free Plan features include, in particular:

  • “Verified account” – a special badge that your company profile page will have to show users that you work with your customers:

Private Messaging Pissed Consumer

  • Official responses in comments that count towards your company rating and will be marked with a “Verified Representative” badge:

Pissed Consumer Direct Messaging

  • Weekly digest with all new reviews, comments and questions that you receive during a week:

Direct Messaging Feature

To activate a Free Plan subscription for your company all you need to do is to fill out this business solution application form.

Please note that when applying for Free Plan, you need to use an email on your company’s corporate domain and to attach a copy of a document that verifies your company (Internet, telephone, electricity or other utility bill; business card or business license, etc.).

If you have any questions about Free Plan or other of Pissed Consumer’s business solutions, please email us at

More than 500 companies have already chosen our Free Plan, and we hope to welcome you as our Free Plan client soon as well. Your perfect communication solution is just one step away!

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