The refund and return policies of companies are usually a pain point for consumers, who often find themselves struggling to have an item returned or refunded. In this review, we objectively and honestly describe the details of the Rosewe, Blair, BerryLook, and CathyBuy refund and return policies. We highlight the similarities and differences between them while also using customers’ reviews to provide the most unbiased company overviews.











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Below are some of the most commonly asked questions:
  1. What Return Policy Do Companies Apply?
  2. What Are Rosewe, Blair, BerryLook, and CathyBuy Cancellation Policies?
  3. Customer Support Services
  4. Do They Provide Refunds?
  5. Pros and Cons

What Return Policy Do Companies Apply?

What Is Rosewe Return Policy?

The Rosewe return policy mentions that they do accept returns and exchanges for most items, provided the returned merchant is in new condition. returns can be made within 30 days of receipt for the majority of products. The Rosewe return policy excludes jewelry and flash sale products, as well as items with stains from deodorant, makeup, perfume, and similar products. Also, items received not in new condition or received washed, worn, or used.

Rosewe return and refund policies

What Is Blair Return Policy?

Blair refunds or returns can also be made for items in their original condition.  Blair returns can be made within 180 days after receiving them. Depending on how soon you return an item, though, different refund methods apply. For instance, an item that is sent back within 60 days of when you have received it, enables you to get a merchandise credit certificate of the same price as your original purchase.

The same applies to the products shipped back after 60 days with the only exception that the value corresponds to the price of your original purchase minus shipping and handling discounts.

The following items can NOT be returned or exchanged: swimwear whose sanitary liner is not attached and items marked with an NR on the site and in the catalog (unless damaged in shipment or defective), such as health and personal care products and intimate apparel cannot be sent back per the Blair return policy. Also, customized, perishable or monogrammed items are non-refundable and non-returnable unless damaged in shipment or defective.

blair return and exchange policy

What Is BerryLook Return Policy?

The BerryLook return policy is more or less the same. They mention that products are eligible for return/refund are those not damaged or used and in their original packaging. BerryLook returns can be made within 30 days, starting from the day you received it. Once your claim is approved, you will receive a refund to your original payment method or credit card within 7-15 business days.

They do not accept return or exchange requests for final sale items and clearance merchandise. Swimwear is also not eligible for a BerryLook return unless it is damaged, defective or the wrong product.

Berrylook return and exchange policy

What Is CathyBuy Return Policy?

As for CathyBuy returns, exchanges or refunds, the returned item should be in the same condition that you received it, unused, not damaged, and in its original packaging. You will also be required to include a receipt or proof of purchase too.

The CathyBuy return policy is slightly confusing. You can exchange a product for another or return an item for a refund within 30 days after you have received it. You have the right to return a product within 14 days after receiving it, without clarifying any special conditions that may apply to each case which could determine the return window you have to send an item back.

The company does not make note of any particular cases when an item cannot be returned except for instances where the “specials” are sold.

Cathybuy return and exchange policy

What Are Rosewe, Blair, BerryLook, and CathyBuy Cancellation Policies?

Of the four companies, the only ones that allow you to cancel your order offering clear cancellation instructions/details are BerryLook and CathyBuy. CathyBuy accepts order cancellations before the product is produced or shipped. In this case, you will get a full refund.

The BerryLook return policy is a bit more elaborate regarding order cancellations, providing two options:

  • For orders cancelled within 24 hours of purchase, you get full refund, but you must submit an order cancellation request first.
  • If you cancel your order after 24 hours of purchase, you won’t be able to get a refund unless the product has not been shipped yet. However, you will be charged a 15% cancellation fee and receive a partial refund.

Although no cancellation specifics are provided in the other three companies’ websites, you may be able to get your claim across and potentially have it sorted out if you contact the merchants’ customer support department.

Customer Support Services

How Do I Contact Rosewe Customer Service?

Although there is no telephone number to use, you can get in touch with a company rep via the live chat function or email – information provided on the Rosewe customer service page.

How Do I Contact Blair Customer Support?

You may call them on (800) 821-5744 or use any of the other available options to reach out to Blair customer service.

How Do I Contact BerryLook Customer Assistance?

Pissed Consumer provides the Berrylook customer service number and contact details number and contact details. You can also use the “Call customer service” feature to call directly from the website.

How Do I Contact Cathybuy Customer Care?

You can check out all CathyBuy customer service information we have on our website.

Do They Provide Refunds?

What Is Rosewe Refund Policy?

Rosewe issues a refund within 7 working days after their warehouse has received the receipt and verified that the item is returned in good condition. The company mentions that the refund will be sent to your Rosewe wallet. Then, you can either withdraw to your bank or PayPal account or use for future purchases. Note that only accepts PayPal for your orders.

rosewe refunds

What Is Blair Refund Policy?

Blair does not provide specific details about the required time to process a refund claim and send the money back to your account or credit card. The Blair refund policy only mentions calling the Blair Customer Service Department for completed details.   

What Is BerryLook Refund Policy?

Berrylook will notify you of whether your refund is accepted or rejected after they inspect the returned item. If your refund is approved, you will have your money back within 7-15 working days. The credit will be applied either to the original payment method or your credit card. In case you have not received a refund after that time frame, you are urged to contact your bank or credit card provider before you use any of the available Berrylook Customer Support options.

berrylook refund policy

What Is CathyBuy Refund Policy?

CathyBuy processes returns within 5 business days after receiving the returned item. A few days later, they issue the refund while also sending you a confirmation email. The exact number of days this is expected is not mentioned, though. For any problems or concerns related to your refund claim, you can email the CathyBuy customer care department (

Cathybuy refund policy

Rosewe vs Blair vs BerryLook vs CathyBuy: Pros and Cons

Rosewe Pros & Cons

A large number of Rosewe complaints about the company’s refund process indicates that something is just not right. According to the reviews, refunds take quite a long time to be processed and credited to consumers’ accounts. The following poster, for example, notes that they are waiting for their refund for nearly a month. It should be noted that this Rosewe complaint #1567626 was posted on the 24th of June:

I returned my 2 products of clothes on Jun 2, 2019 and have done all I have to do do to receive my refund of $64.21. Please check into my account and let me know when am going to receive my refund

That is probably the reason why consumers gave a one-star rating for their refund policy, as shown in the screenshot below. Consumers also seemed to dislike the offered Rosewe customer service as well.

On the other hand, the company appears to please its customers with its prices and the way their apparel fits and looks, enjoying several positive Rosewe reviews.

Blair Pros & Cons

Many Blair customers feel quite distressed about the quality of the provided customer service. We have received several Blair complaints regarding unprofessional or inadequate customer support. Below, is an illustrative example of a consumer’s experience with the company that involves both the customer support department and the Blair return policy. Their Blair review #1505590 reads:

…I tried to cancel an order I placed yesterday morning and was told by the CSR that they could not cancel it because it had shipped. I was looking on line and it only been 3 hours since I ordered it, and it had not shipped; yet was still told they could not cancel it. Then while putting me on hold, she disconnected the call.

When I called another time about an order I returned, I spoke to Alex and he was over the top rude, arrogant and of no help at all…

Nevertheless, compared to, Blair got a better, 2-star, rating for their customer support, service/product quality, and refund/exchange/cancellation policy.

On the bright side, the most positive Blair reviews had to do with the merchant’s inexpensive prices.

BerryLook Pros & Cons

Difficulty in returning products is also shown via the BerryLook reviews posters have left. Most BerryLook complaints speak of issues with getting an exchange or refund while also mentioning problems with their communication with the company. This BerryLook review  #1598325 is indicative of consumers’ feelings:

Ordered 5 pieces of clothing. Took a month to receive them. 1 item out of stock so asked for a refund. Received 4 pieces of clothing-All sized Way TOO Small (not US sizing). Now am asking for an address for returns. Am being told it will cost me $20… Sent my 5th or 6th e-mail for a refund. Will see what answer I receive. The "feedback" button on their webpage doesn't work. The only address given is in China impresses consumers with the nice variety of the offered products, as well as the price affordability, though.

CathyBuy Pros & Cons

The majority of CathyBuy reviews referred to the size and quality of the received items, the cancellation policy, and the CathyBuy customer care personnel. This consumer shares a related experience (review #1587755):

In June 2019 I ordered 7 blouses. The night after I ordered the items I read the complaints on this site and several others and decided that I did not want to deal with this company.

I went to their website and attempted to cancel the order per their instructions. I never received a confirmation letter for the order nor did I receive I confirmation letter for the cancellation. On July 3rd I receive three items in which only one of the items fit. On July 8th I received 4 blouses (all to small) and a duplicate of one that I had received earlier also too small. For the past three days I have been unable to contact their website…

Cathybuy complaints about not receiving the ordered item have been in the majority of CathyBuy reviews we have received.

Unfortunately, posters have not left enough positive reviews to draw a sound conclusion regarding the services the company is doing a better job satisfying their customers with.

Knowledge is power and also serves as valuable feedback for companies that wish to grow, succeed, and offer the most exceptional customer experiences and buying journeys. You can contribute to all this by leaving your review and sharing your personal story. Also, feel free to check out what other consumers are saying about a brand before interacting with them.

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