Everyone likes to have new things in their wardrobe, and everyone likes to feel like they got a good deal. Ordering from new companies can have a bit of mystery, especially if the company is not a brick and mortar shop you’ve been dealing with for years.

In order to help you with that research, we compare Rotita with Rosewe in a full breakdown below. To do this we looked through the Rotita and Rosewe reviews on our site as well as the fashion webpages. Our overview of Rosewe vs Rotita is based on several factors including:







Total Reviews



Number of Resolved Issues



Customer Likes

Prices, what the dress looked like

Style, the way the clothing looked online in photos

Customer Dislikes

Poor customer service, cannot return, very poor service

Inability to reach company to make a return, sizing not true to USA size, poor quality merchandise and customer service

Company Responses to Reviews



Rosewe VS Rotita Customer Service Experience

Our collection of Rosewe reviews and Rotita reviews revealed true customer experience with Rotita and Rosewe customer service as well as details you can’t find on the brand’s own website.

Our analysis of Rotita reviews and Rosewe reviews allowed us to compare Rotita with Rosewe based on several factors.

The Rosewe reviews on Pissed Consumer show that the company has earned 1.5 stars out of a possible 5. This rating is based on more than 1500 customer reviews about the company. The Rosewe customer service has only one star out of a possible five and customers have indicated that customer service is one of the significant dislikes about the company.

In her Rosewe review, one customer explained her frustration trying to find the Rosewe customer service number. Her Rosewe complaint stated “Ordered 2 bathing suits-one fits other was damaged upon arrival and cannot be worn. Refund on site and live chat is not live but only prewritten questions…”

She continued her Rosewe complaint by asking, “…Need to return damaged bathing suit. What is the next step?”

Her final thought was a happy resolution to her Rosewe complaint. She explained, “Good news—once this review was published I recd an email from company. They were sorry about the suit that was damaged and refunded promptly. Thank you!”

If you have a Rosewe question or concern, you cannot reach the company by phone as there is not a Rosewe customer service number, but you can attempt the reach the company by email at service@rosewe.com.

Rotita reviews left on PissedConsumer.com gave the company 1.7 stars out of a possible 5. The 361 Rotita reviews left on the site indicated that customer service, delivery service and the exchange and refund policy were at the lowest among the Rotita pros and cons.

In her Rotita review, one customer explained her frustration trying to find the Rotita phone number after receiving a disappointing order. She stated “I ordered several swim suits and one dress from Rotita February 2018. The items arrived 15 days later…”

She continued her review by saying, “…Once the package arrived I was in shock at the quality of the products, didn’t look anything like the pictures, and needless to say they didn’t fit. I had no idea I was getting the products from Shanghai China. Now $265.00 later, no address to ship them back, if I could ship them back it would cost $200.00. No customer service, not a single way to contact them…”

She ends her review, “…Today I called my credit card company explaining what happened. They have refunded my money while they investigate the situation.”

If you have a concern or question about Rotita, you cannot reach the company by phone as there is no Rotita phone number. Instead, you can attempt the reach the company by email at service@rotita.com

Rosewe VS Rotita Products and Delivery Policies

According to the company’s About Us page, Rosewe is an online fashion company that has been selling fashions online since 2009. Rosewe dresses and fashions are designed to be fashionable and affordable.

The website features Rosewe clothing across many lines including swimwear, dresses, tops, and bottoms across multiple size ranges including plus size. Rosewe also offers jewelry and outerwear through the website as well.

At the time of writing, Rosewe swimwear is the most prominently displayed merchandise on the website, as the company is marketing its summer fashions. Many Rosewe clothing reviews mention customers purchasing the swimwear as well.

To help customers order, Rosewe also provides a size chart so that customers can order the correctly sized items. Some Rosewe clothing reviews indicated that sizing can be an issue for some customers when they try on their new Rosewe clothing after delivery.

The Rosewe homepage displays a banner that states “Free shipping over $15 and easy returns.”

Rosewe free shipping

There are additional details explained in the Rosewe FAQ pages. The company uses flat rate shipping as a default but does offer express shipping if indicated by the customer. The flat rate of shipping time is 9-12 days.

Rosewe shipping policy

There is a disclaimer further down the page about increased shipping times that might occur as the customs clearance process is becoming “progressively longer.”

Rosewe shipping info

There is an additional disclosure on the page that some customers may be forced to pay a customs tax or duty. Rosewe suggests keeping the payment receive and contacting customer service if additional custom fees were charged. Remember that you will not be able to use a Rosewe phone number, but you must use the chat or email options available to contact Rosewe https://www.rosewe.com/contact-us-a7.html .

Rosewe delivery policy

 The company website for Rotita clothing offers Rotita swimwear, dresses, tops and bottoms as well as jewelry and outerwear for women. Rotita clothing is offered in a range of clothing sizes from traditional women’s sizes to plus sizes along with a measurement chart to be sure that customers are able to order the correct size.

According to the website’s About Us page, Rotita is a global shop offering “today’s most exciting and edgy fashion apparel.” The About Us mentions free shipping is possible on all items and that they sell at “wholesale prices.”

Much like the Rosewe homepage, the Rotita homepage mentions free shipping on purchases over $20.

Rotita free shipping

Rotita, again like Rosewe, has a chart to breakdown the shipping costs and timeframe required. According to the Rotita FAQ page about shipping, the company can take up to 9 business days to process an order before it ships.

Free shipping is available for orders over $20 and those items are shipping as a flat rate shipping that takes up to 12 business days to arrive. There is Standard and Expedited shipping available at an increased cost. The fastest delivery time is indicated to be 3-5 business days.

Rotita shipping policy

The Rotita FAQ page also mentions the possibility of delays and additional costs due to customs.

If you are charged additional fees for a tariff, keep the receipt of payment and contact Rotita customer service. Remember that there is not a Rotita phone number, so you will need to contact the company through its Contact Us page https://www.rotita.com/contact-rotita-com-a86.html which includes chat and email.

Rosewe VS Rotita Rewards and Discounts

Rosewe offers discounts and promotions through a membership program. At the time of writing, the website homepage offers a Rosewe beach vacation coupon code that can be used at checkout.

There is also a page dedicated completely to Rosewe coupon codes and promo codes. The same discounts page explains how to use a Rosewe promo code, you enter the code and then you can select the available discounts from the checkout page.

In addition to the sales page on the Rosewe website, Rosewe also offers a membership program as well for “R points.” To earn R points, you can shop on the website, write a Rosewe clothes review, upload images, share posts about Rosewe on social media platforms or subscribe to the company’s email newsletter.  

Rosewe R points

Points are redeemed at checkout when you shop on Rosewe. The points are tracked through your account on the website and as they accumulate every 100 R points is worth $1USD. You can use as many points in a sitting as you’d like but the point savings cannot save you more than 5% of the total order price.

How to use Rosewe r points

In addition to the Rotita coupon codes displayed on the homepage, the company also has a page dedicated to all the Rotita coupon codes available. This page allows customers to select the applicable Rotita promo code to use at checkout.

To use the code, you enter the Rotita coupon at checkout and then it will be available from a drop-down menu to be used if it fits your order.  

Rotita also offers discounts through its own collection of sales pages as well as through a VIP membership program. In the VIP membership program, you achieve different tiers of membership that offer larger Rotita coupon codes. Moving up the levels of membership is determined by the number of goods you purchase over time from Rotita.

Rotita vip membership

Rosewe VS Rotita Returns and Refunds

Rosewe returns come up frequently in the Rosewe reviews on PissedConsumer. The Rosewe Return and Refund policy is published on the website. According to the policy, you have thirty days after the receipt of your items to ship them back if you’d like a return.

Rosewe refund policy

 Some items are not covered under the return policy including flash sale items and jewelry. To start a return, you will use your account on the Rosewe website to create a ticket. Once the ticket is set up, you will get the return address and RMA number.

The company emphasizes that it is important to also include the return tracking number and shipping company by ticket or no refund can be issued. Returns and refunds can take up to 20 days to be complete.

Rosewe return policy

The Rotita return policy is identical to the Rosewe return policy. In fact, excluding the color, all of the information on the Rotita Return and Refund page is identical to the Rosewe page of the same name. According to the Rotita return policy, you have thirty days from the time of receipt to return items.

Rotita return policy

Some items like flash sale items and jewelry are excluded from the sale and the return procedure follows the same format at Rosewe. You will initiate a ticket in the Rotita account page. Then you will receive an address and code from Rotita customer service. You send the items back at your own expense and the return will be processed if you include the return tracking number and shipping company as a ticket.

Rotita refund policy

Your money is valuable and when you choose to spend it, you should do so with confidence. By understanding the Rotita and Rosewe pros and cons, you should be able to make a clear choice about the best ways to order and work with the two fashion companies.

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