Since the 2016 election, maybe before, the US has been openly and bitterly divided on a political level. The political rivalry has bled into complaints about TV shows, among other topics. In 2017, if people were unhappy with a show, there was more likely a political component to the unrest.

Other reasons for dissatisfaction in TV programming include obnoxious hosts, unsavory subject matters, and tiresome formulae. While TV viewership will always be a personal choice, our reviewers have been most actively complaining about politics and unsavory humor.

The following ten shows were the worst tv shows of 2017 according to Pissed Consumer users.

The most complained about TV shows

The Top 10 Most Controversial TV Shows of 2017

1. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Late Show has been on the air since 1993 and had been hosted by David Letterman until his 2015 retirement from the post. His successor, Stephen Colbert, is best known for his political satire, The Colbert Report.

Our users seem to be complaining about two things: either, they are Letterman devotees and find that the show is just not as good without him, or they disagree with the appointment of Colbert. According to Pissed Consumer reviews, many find Colbert to be “un-American.” His views have been called “disgraceful” or “disgusting.”

Advocates of Colbert are quick to point out that any late night TV host makes jokes about whatever administration is in power. Critics in their CBS TV reviews say that Colbert goes too far.

“...I get his ratings are high with support from various groups. But to many of us he is nothing but a bad joke, and throws a negative reflection on CBS. The concepts of respect, civility and fun humor are foreign to him, and it is upsetting that he has influence over many young people.

Comedy has always targeted politicians but in fun and spread over the current leaders, not venom spit every night at only one-Trump.”

2. The View

The view is a TV show made up of a panel of women that has been on the air for many years. The show covers topics ranging from cooking and movies to sex. Complaints about the View revolve around politics or religion, according to our users. Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg have been especially singled out by reviewers as unlikeable due to their political beliefs.

3. Big Brother

This US version of a British show has seen stronger ratings than its UK parent show in recent months. There has been racial tension, sexism, and homophobia in the 2017 season, according to The Guardian. Viewers seem to either appreciate the heightened drama or disagree with the overall stances of the show.

Either way, our reviewers seem to be engrossed and irritated with the direction of the 2017 season. Most complaints on Pissed Consumer revolve around unfair jurying and bullying on the show. Devotees are still watching, though, and, perhaps, the emotional engagement that our viewers are experiencing is one of the reasons why.

4. The Kitchen

Pissed Consumer users who watch The Kitchen seem to have a lot to say. In general, critics dislike at least one of the hosts. The reasons vary from Sunny’s loud and “obnoxious” personality, Jeff’s lack of talent to artificial and shallow Katie.

Pissed Consumer viewers have typecast the three into these pigeon holes, and complaints revolve around these ideas. Most Food Network reviewers on Pissed Consumer seem to dislike Sunny Anderson, some going to far as to call for her removal from the show! Others are quick to jump to her defense, spawning internet comment wars that cover topics from social politics to discrimination.

“...My husband constantly says this is a great show but I can’t stand her (Sunny). She has this constant need to be heard and constantly says ‘you know what I’m saying.’ Gosh it gets old. Please, before I stop watching and many others do too, please consider a different host or some kind of change here. I have heard so many people say these exact words about Sunny...”

5. Shepard Smith

The current political climate in the United States has been described by many as “anti-press.” There is a growing faction of people who believe that journalistic integrity has been compromised on the whole. It has become increasingly difficult to ascertain fact from “fake news.”

With this environment, Pissed Consumer is seeing a lot of reviews lambasting Shepard Smith for breaking from the traditional Fox talking points. On, his critics charge him with being a liberal lie machine, while proponents of his viewpoint say he brings balance to the network.

Interestingly enough, most Fox viewers are slanted to the political right, leaving their opinion of the station and of Shepard Smith unrepresentative of the whole. Most on the left would not call Shep “liberal” or a balance to the usual Fox rhetoric. In the recent political climate, many consumers have found Fox at the center of the debate about “fake” news.

The most controversial TV programs

6. Flip or Flop

HGTV is getting a lot of heat on Pissed Consumer. Reviewers are tired of the same show format and are not appreciative of the lack of useful information. HGTV was once the place to go for DIYers to learn a few household hacks. Now though, the channel seems to boast a plethora of flipper shows. 

Commenters on Pissed Consumer especially dislike the Las Vegas Flip or Flop, calling host Aubrey’s designs “tacky”,” gaudy”, and “ugly”.

As one user says in his/her HGTV complaint,

“...Watched a bit of the show with the lime green....made me ill. Time to find another channel…”

In addition to disliking the actual content and designs of the Flip or Flop suite, reviewers are also dismayed at the lack of representation on HGTV. Gay and lesbian clients have allegedly never appeared, and the racial diversity on the shows leaves some watchers wanting.

The channel seems to be responding to those ideas since they have released Flip or Flop Fort Worth and Down to the Studs, hosted by an African American couple and a gay couple respectively.

7. Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines may have been the first flipper show to enjoy much fame. HGTV reviewers love the Gaines family and find them to be relatable and intelligent. Spin-offs have gotten a lot of flack for not being as good as Chip and Joanna.

At the same time though, other viewers are glad to see some change. A few reviewers were bothered with the highly religious stance of the couple, and some even questioned whether the Gaineses are homophobic. In addition to social concerns about the program, many Pissed Consumer users feel that the show is just on too often.

In general HGTV television shows have become too formulaic for viewers.

8. Teachers

Viewers have come to love TVLand for its family friendly content and nostalgic run of classic shows. New additions to the line up have been met with mixed reception. The Pissed Consumer website has quite a few TVLand complaints.

Our reviewers do not approve of Teachers. Teachers was added to the TVLand rotation in 2014 and is based on a web series starring the improv group the Katydids. This show is a prime example of how critical acclaim and consumer views do not line up. Rottentomatoes and Metacritic both give the show high marks.

Pissed Consumer user comments state that many do not appreciate the raunchy and edgy comedy the show dishes up. Users have called the show “trashy, offensive and unfunny.”

As one user puts it in his/her TV Land review,

“...the content of the show is very disturbing. The way the teachers talk and yell and the students is outrageous let alone how they talk to each other. The show is complete trash...”

A few of our users even go so far as to say the commercials for the show distracts them from watching other content on TVLand, and that the channel has become unfriendly for people watching with kids.

9. Mom

TV Land is not off the hook with Teachers, as far as Pissed Consumer reviewers are concerned. Despite being on the air since 2013, garnering critical acclaim and multiple Emmy awards, our reviewers dislike the show. According to CBS reviews, the show has consistently had high ratings, with viewership steadily growing.

TV Land began running past episodes in 2017. TV Land consumers don’t think it fits into the line up of Matlock and M*A*S*H reruns. This edgy show is aired back to back with Teachers on TV Land, and some are upset that their evening programming has been taken over by edgy comedies aimed at millennial audiences.

10. Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds has been on the air for 13 seasons. Pissed Consumer reviews indicate that the show may be running out of ideas. Indeed, over the lifespan of the show, critics and viewers alike have given the feedback that the show has boring or confusing plotlines.

Metacritic gives the show a paltry 5.3 on its ten-point scale, based on user comments. Pissed Consumer users complain that the show is predictable, repetitive, violent and stale. Some viewers are concerned that the show is overly graphic, needlessly depicting violence and crime in extreme detail.

The Best Ways to Control the Content You View

Research Programs Before You Watch

Some consumers were upset about programming that turned out to be too violent or graphic mid-way through an episode. Be sure you understand what kind of a program you are watching before you sit down with the kids.

Try a Subscription Service

Cable TV is notorious for airing commercials. Subscription services tend to either have no ads or ads that are tailored to the viewer through use of marketing algorithms.

Limit Couch Time

If you are finding that programs during certain slots just aren’t for you, on any channel, do something else. Play a game, go for a walk, read a book. While we all love to veg out on the couch sometimes, we often needlessly limit ourselves to “what’s on.”

Make Your Opinion Known

If you don’t like a show, use your voice to express that. Use social media, consumer complaint sites, even network websites to share your thoughts. If enough complaints come in, programmers may just respond.

 most complained about TV series

Worst TV Shows of 2017 According to Critics

Consumers and professional critics have different reasons for disliking programming. Where most of the consumer reviews we see express distaste with political or ethical subject matter, critics laid into shows for bad plot lines and subpar acting. The worst shows of 2017 according to critics at IndieWire, Business Insider, and Yahoo are:

  1. Powerless. This show set in the DC universe was pulled after only nine episodes. Ratings had steadily declined since the pilot.
  2. Doubt. This show didn’t even make three episodes before it was canceled. The legal drama had abysmal ratings from the onset and didn’t last long.
  3. Marvel’s Iron Fist. Despite being critically bombed, this show is coming back for season two. Critics and user reviewers complain about forced dialogue, awkward subplots, and poor quality cinematography.
  4. Marvel’s Inhumans. Despite the box office smashing Marvel Movies, Inhumans failed to pick up any real TV interest. Ratings and viewership were never high enough for the network.
  5. I’m Dying Here. This period show about stand up comedy in the 1970’s is renewed for season two. Critics have mixed feelings about this, with one Washington Post critic calling the show “half- interesting,” and lambasting the material, wardrobe, and makeup as doomed and stale.
  6. 24: Legacy. The spin-off to Kiefer Sutherland’s popular 24 was canceled due to low ratings.
  7. Wisdom of the Crowd. This one was canceled, both for low ratings and actual sexual assault scandal surrounding Jeremy Piven, the show’s star.
  8. Valor. This military drama was canceled, despite having spent the entire first season setting up for a second. Due to low ratings and views, the CW canceled the show in May of 2018.
  9. APB. Was hated by critics and failed miserably to provide viewership. The thin premise about a wealthy tech mogul purchasing his own police precinct was simply not well liked.
  10. Training Day. This show experienced a dip in ratings, but the real end to the show was the untimely death of its star, Bill Paxton. We will certainly miss him.

Most of these shows were canceled in 2017, by and large, due to the numbers. Poor critical reviews tend to mirror actual viewership, and network programmers have one job: capture viewers. Often times shows that receive high ratings continue to air, even if viewers complain about content.

The best way to send a message that you have issues with a show is to stop watching it. The only way a tv show becomes a tv flop is by failing to retain the watching eyes of the general public.
To sum up, there are hundreds of TV channels out there.

Watching TV is a major pastime in the US, and every viewer is different. There is bound to be a show out there for you, just as there are bound to be ones you hate! If the network doesn’t do it for you, check out a streaming service or subscription. Above all, don’t forget to send the message to programmers- they tend to listen if enough voices cry in unison.

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