December is always a hectic month for companies that try to keep up with the increased number of orders due to the holiday season. Some businesses manage to respond to their customers’ needs and close the year with plenty of satisfied people while others fall short on fulfilling consumers’ demands.

This piece of content looks at the most complained about brands and the most talked about issues people had when doing business with each of these companies. Interestingly, December’s Top Trending Companies list is not dramatically different than November’s most reviewed businesses list, featuring only two new entries, those of Rockauto and Canvas People and a slight change in the position of the companies.

Top 10 Most Popular Companies in December 2018

10. Lazada Malaysia (149 reviews) Overall Rating: 2.1/5

Lazada Malaysia rating

Lazada Malaysia is a Singapore-based e-commerce company launched in 2012. It offers a plethora of products: from mobiles and fashion to home appliances and beauty while there is also a broad spectrum of living and home commodities too. Lazada Malaysia customer care can be contacted via email and the company’s social networks. Here you can find the full list of Lazada Malaysia contact info .

Top Complaints:

  • Late product delivery
  • Wrong shipment
  • Unprofessional customer support reps

Consumers’ comments and reviews peaked around Christmas time, probably due to the bulk of holiday shoppers that placed orders ahead of the holiday season. The majority of consumers were dissatisfied with the delivery time of their products (arrived either late or not at all), and there were several complaints about consumers being sent the wrong item and facing rude customer service agents.

9. Skylink TV Antenna (163 reviews) Overall Rating: 1.3/5

Skylink TV Antenna rating

The Skylink TV Antenna is an aerial signal amplifier with a 30-mile rated range which claims to give access to a large number of free channels. The Skylink TV Antenna Customer Service can be contacted via phone, email, the company website, and the company’s social networks. Visit Pissed consumer for the full list of contact info, including a Skylink TV Antenna customer support phone number.

Top Complaints:

  • Antenna not working
  • Wrong order
  • Unauthorized charges to consumers’ credit cards

With 17 more reviews left than in the previous month, Skylink TV Antenna appears to continue frustrating consumers, who largely discuss having received antennas that did not work (or did not produce the expected results) or being shipped the wrong order. There were also mentions about having their credit cards charged with several times the price of their ordered product.  

8. DFA Passport Appointment System (170 reviews) Overall Rating: 2.6/5

DFA Passport Appointment System rating

The DFA Passport Appointment System is a Philippines-implemented system developed by the Department of Foreign Affairs. It enables passport applicants to schedule a specific time and date so that they can have their ePassport processed and either get a new passport or renew their existing one. The DFA Passport Appointment System сustomer help can be contacted via email, website, and phone.

Top Complaints:

  • No application code received
  • Unable to reach customer service
  • Inadequate system procedures

Having dropped 4 places since last month, the DFA Passport Appointment System appears to be facing some problems with sending the appointment/application code passport applicants were supposed to receive (and never received), which serves as confirmation of their appointment. Another top trending problem had to do with reaching out to a customer service rep, with many consumers facing problems when needing some sort of help with their application. Finally, a large number of consumers expressed their disappointment for the system’s procedures (i.e., being unable to cancel their appointment).

7. McDonald’s (175 reviews) Overall Rating: 2.2/5

Mcdonald's rating

McDonald’s is a large multi-national, Illinois-headquartered fast food chain founded in 1940 in California by siblings Mac and Dick MacDonald. The company’s signature food item is the BigMac burger and has over 50,000 fast food restaurants both inside the US and all over the world. The McDonald’s consumer help department can be contacted via their Contact Us page, social networks or the phone.

Top Complaints:

  • Long waiting time
  • Unprofessional staff & store managers
  • Refund problems

McDonald’s is one of the most reviewed brands and consumers’ most talked about concern always seems to be linked with the services provided to the customers. In particular, consumers complained about having to wait too long to get their orders fulfilled while a portion of them was also frustrated with the way some staff and store managers treated them. Lastly, many people admitted facing a wall when they tried to ask for a refund for wrong orders (or overly delayed ones) and bad quality food.

6. Canvas People (188 reviews) Overall Rating: 2.3/5

Canvas People rating

Canvas People is an online company that converts pictures into canvas portraits of different sizes. Founded in 2009, they have served consumers who wish to have their personal photos turned into canvas via an easy online procedure. You may communicate with Canvas People customer care via email, social networks, website, and phone. You can find the full list of Canvas People contact info on Pissed Consumer.

Top Complaints:

  • Shipping/delivery issues
  • Wrong price charged
  • Poor customer service

Canvas People is the first of the top trending brands that appeared on December’s list of the most complained about brands, having received 128 more reviews than in the previous month. The most talked about concern among consumers that used their services was associated with delivery issues and having their canvas products arriving long after the said date. Some of the company’s customers also complained about being charged the wrong price while others commented on the bad/poor customer service that was either unreachable or unable to provide sufficient assistance.

5. RockAuto (204 reviews) Overall Rating: 2.5/5

RockAuto rating

Rockauto is a Madison-based online parts store launched in 1999 by the Taylor family. They have a long list of products from more than 200 manufacturers, ranging from auto body and mechanical parts to interior trim items. Although they do not provide mechanic support or auto repairs, they help their customers perform repairs with the assistance of service manuals. The company offers customer support via a number of ways, including a Rockauto customer care phone number, email, fax, social networks, and website.

Top Complaints:

  • Parts being shipped to the wrong location
  • Unauthorized charges
  • Return/refund issues

According to the Rockauto reviews received during December, the most talked about problem related to the brand was parts being shipped to the wrong location or never reaching the recipient. Consumers also expressed their concerns for being charged with orders they did not make while many of them faced difficulties when they tried to request a refund for faulty or wrong parts delivered to them or send the parts back for replacement.

4. Lazada Philippines (238 reviews) Overall Rating: 2.0/5

Lazada Philippines rating

Lazada Philippines is an online shop owned by Rocket Internet that offers a large array of products, ranging from books and electronics to home appliances, sports products, and accessories. Their items have no delivery charges and come with a 14-day return policy. The Lazada Philippines customer care service is available via a live chat function, snail mail, and website. Visit Pissed Consumer for the full list of the Lazada Philippines contact info for consumers.

Top Complaints:

  • Late product deliveries
  • Incomplete orders
  • Refund issues

 Lazada Philippines climbed to the 4th place from the 9th they occupied during November and received the largest bulk of reviews the week before Christmas possibly due to the hectic holiday season. Orders missing items, problems with getting a refund (hotline was unavailable), and late deliveries were among the most talked about concerns of consumers last December.

“Ordered on december 24 only to be notified today that the item had been delivered, yet no courier came by.”

However, it should also be noted that Lazada Philippines is also one of the companies with the highest number of resolved issues.

3. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (262 reviews) Overall Rating: 2.1/5

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is a fast-food chain founded in 1972 with restaurants all across the world. Their menu includes tenders, tortillas, and roasted chicken, among others. Besides a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen toll-free number, their customer care department can also be reached via phone, email, snail mail, and website.

Top Complaints:

  • Bad food quality
  • Service issues
  • Inappropriate staff behavior

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has maintained place #3 in the top 10 most reviewed companies with the most complained about products/services in both November and December. Consumers were unhappy with the quality of the food they received, the fact that they had to wait too long to be served, and the unprofessional behaviors of some Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen employees.

2. Wish (640 reviews) Overall Rating: 2.2/5

Wish rating

Wish is an online retailer founded in 2010 by ex-Google and Yahoo programmers Danny Zhang and Peter Szulczewski that provides a marketplace for sellers to offer a wide range of name-brand products at particularly low prices. The Wish Customer Assistance is available via email, website, snail mail, and social networks.

Top Complaints:

  • Not delivered products
  • No refund received
  • Bad customer service

Holding on to the second place in the previous two months, Wish received criticism for their shipping delays, refund policy, and incompetent customer support department. Consumers were distressed for not having received the ordered products on time while many of those that asked for a refund due to that reason did not have their claim satisfied. They were instead faced with unprofessional customer service reply, according to the Wish reviews received by Pissed Consumer.  

1. DoorDash (743 reviews) Overall Rating: 1.9/5

DoorDash rating

DoorDash is a California-headquartered on-demand restaurant delivery service founded in 2013. They work with restaurants such as Spicekit, California Pizz Kitchen, and more, and serve the areas of Silicon Valley, La Valley, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and SF East Bay. The DoorDash customer service is provided by email, traditional mail, social networks, and website. Visit Pissed Consumer for the full list of contact details, including a DoorDash toll-free number.

Top Complaints:

  • Not delivered orders
  • Refunds not provided
  • Unauthorized credit card charges

Dashers that never arrived or were unexplainably late in the order delivery was the primary concern of the over 700 consumers that left a DoorDash review last month.

“Recently we have had multiple issues with DD and the Dashers. Started with an order placed with a 40 minute delivery time (which was fine). However, at 39 minutes a Dasher finally accepted the order which of course pushed the delivery time another 25 minutes. Watched the Dasher arrive at the store, and the UNASSIGNED himself from the order. By this time, we’ve waited well over an hour, and then another Dasher took the order. 20 minutes later it arrived…”

Most Reviewed Companies in December 2018

The company also was on top of the list of companies with the most trending issues in the USA last month, as it was the previous month, with more or less the same problems. Consumers expressed their dissatisfaction for not having received their order or for being sent the wrong food items. The food quality was also heavily discussed in December, as was the company’s lateness to refund unhappy consumers.

For any concerns or questions related to any of the companies featured on this list, you are mostly welcome to check out our Most Frequently Asked Questions section or share your own experience with one of these brands by posting a review.

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