Customer support is a pain point for thousands of shoppers worldwide. ‘Is it so difficult to give the proper, high-quality type of service for which I paid?’ — You might have had such thoughts in your head many times in your life too. Unfortunately, issues with support are so commonplace they have become a routine for most people.

But what lies beyond the scope of phone customer service reps’ duties and what are the most common reasons to call customer service and complain? And how effective are these customer service calls?

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Why Phone Calls Are Effective?

The decrease in tendency to use phone calls in business communication caused by the appearance of ‘more convenient’ messaging apps shouldn’t be a reason to neglect this highly efficient way of communication. People now prefer messengers, email, and social media over phone calls. However, calling up people live is still the most convenient way to get personal response after face-to-face conversations.

Studies in the field of communication had proven that it is possible to recognize certain interlocutor’s emotions through their voice tone. Other factors, such as pauses can also be translated.
In a customer-oriented business, as well as in any other type of business, it is crucial to clearly understand people, be it customers or business partners.

Also, we’d like to highlight three important advantages of phone customer support:

  1. Interaction with a Real Person. No chatbots, no emails — you can hear a person’s voice, reaction, attitude and immediate response.
  2. Fast Problem Solving. Phone support is a silver bullet when you are in an urgent need of an answer/solution to your concerns. 
  3. Great Efficiency. The conversation with a real person makes the whole process more efficient and useful.

Pissed Consumer’s Free Customer Service Calls

Pissed Consumer — the US consumer advocacy website — offers a great convenient feature for customers who are looking for a direct way to contact a company representative.
The feature is called ‘free customer service calls’.

We have embedded a Twilio app to our website, which allows you to make a call to the company office right from your mobile device or a laptop — you only need a browser to place a call. The feature was implemented with the goal of decreasing the number of negative reviews about companies by enabling customers to communicate with them right on our website.

Free Customer Service Calls: Step-by-Step Guide

The feature is available only to registered users, so make sure to register on the website first (you will get a unique username and an automatically generated password). If you already have a Pissed Consumer account, simply log in. Once you’re all set with logging in/registration, you can start using the feature to your own benefit by following the next steps:

Step 1

There are two ways you can employ the free customer service calls feature:

1. Visit the company page (Walmart’s page, for instance) on the Pissed Consumer official website and click on the ‘Call customer care’ button below the ‘Submit review’ field:

Call Customer Care

You’ll get a list of customer service phone numbers to choose from:

Customer Care Phone Number

2. Or you can go to the ‘Contacts’ tab on the company page where the same phone numbers are displayed and click on the ‘Call customer service’ button:

Walmart Customer Service Number


No matter which way you choose, free customer service phone calls is a convenient way to contact companies — no need to look for multiple numbers until you find the right one and wait through hotlines. An opportunity to contact companies directly in a flick of the switch is available to you.

Step 2

Once you’ve selected the phone number (people usually start from the top of the list), you will be asked to specify your particular reason for contacting the company:

Purpose of the Call to Company

Enter the purpose of your call and click ‘Proceed’. The following window will pop up on the last stage of establishing direct connection with the company:

Call Walmart Customer Service

Step 3

Click on the green ‘phone’ button and viola! The connection has been established, and now you can discuss any questions and concerns via microphone connected to your computer (it can be a headset, a web camera, etc.) or a mobile device:

Calling the Company Customer Service

Free customer service calls is a completely free feature that provides customers with a very convenient way to resolve any issues with companies in a timely manner. You won’t have to waste time browsing the Internet and looking for required numbers, or waste money calling hotlines.

Additionally, you can see company statistics and most frequent reasons for complaints other customers left on our website. Try it out yourself!

Companies That Hit the Rates

Most customers worldwide have both positive and negative experience of dealing with customer support teams. PissedConsumer has analyzed phone calls results and their efficiency. Find out what were the top 3 reasons for consumer calls to each company and let’s take a look at the leaders!

1. DoorDash

This delivery company holds the top spot in our ranking. The DoorDash customer service team has received almost 20, 270 phone calls as of July, 2018. It is worth noting that 90% of them had been successful, but only 10% of Doordash complaints were resolved.

  • Payments and Charges

People call customer service when they encounter payment issues, want to cancel an order or request a refund:

"I have been dashing for 2 months and still not received my payments from the first week. Insane."

  • Shipping and Delivery

Consumers have been complaining about the deliveries – some purchasers had not received their products at all, others had limited shipping options, etc:

"Oder wasn't delivered, driver never showed up and email says I will not receive refund!!"

  • Other

When consumers do not know for sure what the actual reason for the complaint is, they choose the Other option. More than 63% of issues have been marked as Other:

"I had an issue trying to change the delivery address. For some reason, I wasn't able to on my end..."

"...You get disconnected and noone calls back and its very hard to get a human and when you do they are in another state or another country"

"Live Chat was absolutely no help today over my identity theft. They claimed they had no way of contacting corporate which is very hard to believe."

2. Megabus

Megabus provides transportation services to the citizens in the US, Europe, Africa,and Asia. Megabus customer service number has been dialed 16, 897 times as of July 2018, 77% calls have been successful. But were they effective? Well, not really. Only 8% of the issues have been resolved.

  • Refunds

Consumers have often asked for a refund or complained about not getting it:

"Refund on money ride was horrible"

  • Cancellation

Megabus passengers called to inform the company that they hadn’t received a confirmation of cancellation or to cancel the ticket:

"I canceled a reservation for Sunday and it didn’t give me confirmation of credit"

  • Other

Other reasons include troubles with delivery routes, long waiting time, and rescheduling:

"Somehow i made a mistake in making a reservation and made three reservations. I realized this once the transaction went through. I tried to call customer service to correct the problem fearing their cancellation policy would not allow me to cancel the reservations..."


The overview continues with the Wish worldwide retail platform. Their customers have called them 10,752 times in total, 92% of connections were successful, and only the tiny 2% were resolved.

  • Refund

As the Wish reviews say, the refund processes are rather time-consuming and unclear:

"I never received an item and now they say is too late to request a refund"

  • Shipping and Delivery

Just like any other eCommerce platform, Wish has to deal with different shipping issues every day:

"I had ordered a phone and it was delivered to someone in ILLINOIS with my tracking number on june 12th"

  • Other

Consumers call customer support because of various issues with order history, shipping delays, etc:

"I find this wig that I ordered a whole lot late.. every time I get ready to receive my order.. they change the arrival !!..."

Consumer makes a call to the company

4. Roblox

This online gaming company has received many complaints as well. Almost 12,050 phone calls have been placed as of July 2018, with 95% of them being successful, and 12% were marked as resolved by pissed consumers.

  • Account

Roblox players mostly wanted to report their accounts being hacked or difficulties with deleting them:

"It won’t let me in my account wolfgirlmoon11107 and I think it was hacked"

  • Payments and Charges

The company has received complaints about double charging and issues and problems with payment:

"No one replied , I am trying to get my daughter robux that she has not received for her birthday present I spent over 100$ ."
"Scammed with charge"

  • Other

Other problems include various issues online gamers face daily like items and other in-game assets disappearing from inventory due to bugs or network failures, inability to connect to servers caused by an unknown reason, etc:

"Roblux not giving me ROBUX... I had gotten a Robux gift card. I followed all the instructions that were on the back..."

5. Rockauto

Rockauto sells automotive parts online. Out of 7,796 phone calls, 93% were successful. Only 1% of the calls resulted in resolved issues.

  • Return/Replace

Customers actively ask to replace or to return their auto parts, because they don’t always get what they’ve requested:

"Purchased rebuilt carburetor and runs poorly missed return cutoff"

  • Shipping and Delivery

Rockauto shipping complaints are related both to mistakes made by consumers and issues on the company’s side:

"I tried to order parts and when I checked out it changed shipping method"
"I had paid for expedited shipping (extra 30$)."

  • Other

Here, consumers often ask about new parts or check for updates:

"88615106 is my order #, i wanted to add thermostat for the same car I purchased the Radiator cap for. Can I still add it?"

6. Zoosk

This online dating service can take you to the romantic land of love. As of July 2018, the customers have called this company more than 6,087 times, with 94% of the calls being successful. 7% of Zoosk issues were resolved. Let’s take a look at what the complaints were related to.

  • Payments and Charges

In many cases, the company charges extra fees. Additionally, the financial issues included troubles with credit cards:

"Charged extra and need to cancel"
"I called after hours. I purchased the 29.95 membership but also charged for 99.95 membership."

  • Cancellation

In many cases, customers want to cancel an account or the auto renewal of a membership:

 "Can’t cancel auto-renewal on my .zoosk membership"

  • Other

The Other section includes queries about an upgrade, describes email troubles, etc:

"I spotted a handful of women who appeared to be my type and I sent them interest (smiles or hearts). Several replied, though unless you have a paid subscription you can't view their replies."

7. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

This is a global chain of fast food restaurants. Over 83% of 4,866 calls were successful. The company resolved 5% of issues. Let’s find out why customers called.

  • Staff

A great number of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen customers called to say the company that they had been mistreated by its employees:

"DEny service due to my race"

  • Employment

People wanted to ask about job opportunities, payment, and to check the status of job application:

 “Checking on status of job application”

  • Other

Abnormal events violating human rights, conflicts with the staff, as well as many other sad inconveniences make up this section:

"The food i reiceved was cold, hard and seemed as if it was sitting for some time while…"

8. Pizza Hut

The fast food service loved by thousands of people in the US and worldwide had to deal with 4, 160 phone calls. 87% of them were successful, and 3% of the issues were resolved.

  • Staff

Customers contacted Pizza Hut to complain about rude and unprofessional staff:

“Food cold bread sticks hard as a rock manger was rude and unprofessional”

  • Payments and Charges

Pizza Hut reviews highlight overcharges or even charges for what they haven’t ordered, and useless coupons:

 “Charged me for something that I didn’t get”

  • Other

The Other section includes the complaints and questions from foreign customers, staff behavior complaints, and complaints related to the customers’ inability to communicate with Pizza Hut via phone, etc:

"Ordered online months ago. Went for pickup and store had no record of my order."

9. Thumbtack

This is a large US platform for professional connections with employers. 90% of more than 4,100 calls were successful, and 2% of them helped customers to resolve the issue.

  • Payments and Charges

The users were charged even though they did not use the service or were double charged for them:

"I don't use thumbtack and I'm getting charged"

  • Account

People claimed that their accounts were closed out of sudden or they just can’t find them:

“Why my account is close”

  • Other

The Other section tells us about account deleting issues and financial troubles:

"Stay away, they just like to make money not help earn."

10. Domino’s Pizza

Our list ends with an overview of Domino’s Pizza customer support issues. 3,061 consumers were looking for the Domino’s Pizza customer service phone number, with 90% of the calls being successful. Only 4% of the discussed issues were resolved.

  • Shipping and Delivery

Consumers highlighted the issues with Domino’s Pizza delivery that were connected with non-delivery or the delivery of cold and damaged food and drinks:

"I was delivered cold food and was told i would get credit and dident"

  • Staff

Customers didn’t like employee’s rude and unprofessional attitude:

"Rude manager that hung up on me twice today when both times order was wrong ..."

  • Other

Other reasons include the service being unavailable, troubles with online orders and difficulties with contacting the support team:

"No one ever answered ... Ideal for the situation I had"

The statistics on only proves that the phone customer support definitely plays significant role in interaction with consumers. People still prefer talking with real people to communicating with machines. And it only highlights the importance of investing in high quality phone customer service to succeed in any business regardless of the industry.

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