Each of us, at least once in our lifetime, had to go through an ‘imperfect’ service. This is, unfortunately, a common issue for both online and real-life consumerism. Discover what companies were on the top 10 list of most reviewed companies during April 2018, and learn how to restore justice in case you were taken advantage of, or serviced impolitely.

Companies that Couldn’t Manage their Services Ideally throughout April 2018

In order to objectively assess service quality of a certain establishment, it is important to know both positive and negative aspects of its interaction with customers. Below, are compared companies that gathered the most number of reviews during April 2018.

Most Complained About Companies in April 2018

1. Wish (456 reviews)

Wish is an Internet shop identical in nature to eBay with customers that made numerous complaints concerning order delays, incorrect work of delivery service, low quality of products, and untimely tech support response.

Here’s, for instance, a Wish review that thoroughly demonstrates the issues with this company:

“I have been hung upon every time I attempted to contact WISH !!! I will no longer consider using this app , because evidently no one works at this companyI. I suppose I can rant longer, my first order was the wrong color tennis shoes so I had to reorder them in white , since the ones that came were pink...”

2. Directv (414 reviews)

Directv – a huge American media tycoon that airs numerous TV channels live still manages to leave customers disappointed with its service quality. Most Directv reviews posted on our website are about the inaccessible interface, a low-quality service provided by Directv employees and there are even some that complain about offensive advertising.

3. Roblox (373 reviews)

Roblox is a web-service dedicated to the eponymous massive multiplayer online video game. General Roblox complaints concern the absence of tech support feedback, frequent account hacks, issues with restoring passwords, as well as Roblox issues with writing off funds for an item that hadn’t been purchased in the first place:

i spent money on robux and what i bought with the robux i cant use. i spent robux on Nike neon green shirt and i spent robux on neon green Adidas paints and now i don't have them... I am outraggged by this i spent good money on fake robux and i dont even have the gamepasses and clothing that i bought with the robux.”

4. Doordash (199 reviews)

Local food delivery service Doordash also distinguished itself in April 2018. People were dissatisfied with an inability to cancel an order, almost ‘mythical’ chance of feedback from tech support, delivery delays, etc. You can find out about many more Doordash issues on PissedConsumer.com

Top 10 Most Reviewed Businesses in April 2018

5. Tophatter (163 reviews)

The Tophatter auction offers a colossal number of items from various categories. There, you can purchase really useful and interesting things at laughable prices. Nevertheless, this is yet another Internet shop that couldn’t manage to leave all the customers satisfied. Thus, many complain about the low quality of the purchased lots, scarce feedback, as well as overlong delivery.

6. Rockauto (144 reviews)

Rockauto distributes car parts from 300 auto manufacturers all over the world and it couldn’t avoid being complained about as well. Many people faced the delivery issues (a courier might have delivered a purchase to the wrong address or the delivery itself took too much time), scarcity of details as to the store assortment, and an insufficient hotline support performance.

7. Little Caesars (139 reviews)

The Little Caesars chain of restaurants is pretty famous for its delicious pizza, yet it still manages to get negative customer reviews on a regular basis: about mediocre food, incompetent employees, delivery delays, etc.

Here’s an excerpt from one of the Little Caesars reviews where client complains about an unclean state of the establishment:

As I arrived to little Caesar's in ashtabula Ohio, I was overwhelmed by the uncleanliness of the establishment. The floors in the lobby were wet, dirty, and there was no wet floor sign out...”

8. Megabus (135 reviews)

Megabus is a traffic network that provides the transition services for the passengers in the USA, Canada, and Great Britain (also, you can reserve tickets via this service). Despite its popularity, the company has its audience of disappointed customers. Some of them had to postpone their trip because of the broken down bus; some were displeased with a vehicle interior (which had a broken TV, old seats, and didn’t have WiFi, etc.).

9. People Magazine (126 reviews)

One of the main serial publications in the USA – People Magazine, despite its level of authority, also gets reviews regularly. Many of them concern frequent mentioning of hate figures, absence of crosswords and, again, untimely customer service feedback. There are more veritable People Magazine issues, which are best described by real users on our website.

10. Zoosk (122 reviews)

Zoosk is a popular website, which is, basically, one of the largest dating social networks right now. Thousands of users find friends and loved ones there daily but not all could enjoy the web-service completely. The complaints about Zoosk revolved around account hacks, unauthorized blockage of accounts, false transactions, no timely tech support reaction to user requests, and many more:

Im pissed that I told you guys to cancel my account, but since you *** can’t seem to understand now I have been locked out of my banking account because of you!!! So for the last god damn time CANCEL MY *** ACCOUNT!!!! I mean it! Other wise I will get lawyers involved!”

Most Complained About Brands in April 2018

What to Do if You Were Treated Dishonestly?

As a matter of fact, protecting yourself from the issues related to low-quality service is pretty simple. We’ll gladly help you out and give some simple tips on how to protect oneself from the negative experience spawned by the service sector.

Make sure to have checks, screenshots, and other similar evidence. Before starting to argue with the tech support, make sure that you have the evidence to prove the fact that you were scammed or dishonestly treated.

If you received a low-quality item – demonstrate a respective check given by courier; if you were impolitely treated – try to recreate all the details of unpleasant conversation as closely as possible (surely, it is unlikely that you would record all your dialogues with staff).

Be polite. Try to stay as polite as possible while explaining your issues to the tech support – even if you are VERY upset or angry. Your reasonable behavior will increase your chances to peacefully resolve the issue.

Personify official formal titles. Instead of using generalized terms like ‘website administration’ or ‘website management’, find out the name of an employee that personally serviced you during the incident and continue mentioning their name in the conversation. This method almost always accelerates the process of resolving an issue.

Stay focused on the solution, not on the revenge. It doesn’t matter to what extent you are annoyed and how much you ‘crave vengeance’. It is no use expressing your aggression towards the company, at least until you get your refund or item replacement. Formulate your problem distinctly and objectively without offending customer service or the company as a whole.

Be prepared to repeat the issue a bunch of times if you are redirected from one service department to another because some employees might simply be unaware of your situation.

Notify company managers about the dishonest/impolite or otherwise employees. Of course, the company management cannot be aware of incompetent staff behavior at all times. You can help increase the quality of service by sending an email or online-chat message concerning that.

Get to company’s social networking profiles. Make a post describing your situation in the company’s social networking profiles in order to reach the management. This is one of the most effective methods to interact with companies – usually, seeing such public statement, tech support offers to resolve the incident in a couple of hours.

Check the reviews carefully. Last but not least, a primary thing to do to decrease the risks of being cheated or offended by an online-establishment. If you’re dealing with a company for the first time ever, make sure to inspect reviews about this particular resource, compare companies providing similar goods, and only then make an order.

Perhaps, you’ll see beforehand that it is one of the most complained about services company and it’d be better to employ another, more integral service, even despite the higher prices.

As you can see, it’s not that difficult to restore justice in the case of unsatisfying service. In any case, our website strives to make the service sector as transparent as possible and we believe that you must stay up to date as to the most complained about services.

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