Every month, we compare companies - taking into account the reviews they receive from consumers - and compile a list of the top 10 most complained about companies. Below is our monthly report about the businesses with the most gripes from consumers in August 2018.

Top 10 Most Reviewed Companies on Pissed Consumer in August 2018

Last month, users complained about delayed Doordash food delivery, Rockstar Games hacked accounts, Skylink TV Antenna product quality, unauthorized charges by Zoosk app, and other pressing issues — read on to find out more.

1. DFA Passport Appointment System (902 reviews)

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Passport Appointment System is a Philippines-based scheduling platform that allows passport and visa applicants to make an online appointment to either renew their passport or track their passport card application (among other passport services). Appointments come with a fee.

Top Complaints:

  • problem with receiving the appointment code;
  • issues with getting a confirmation code.

Consumers were mostly upset about issues they faced with receiving either the appointment or confirmation code from the DFA system. These codes are required to book an appointment and verify that the appointment was successfully scheduled.

most complained about brands in august 2018

2. Doordash (420 reviews)

Doordash is a tech company that enables people to have their food delivered to their door. The company uses logistics services to offer food delivery from local restaurants on-demand. The food orders are picked up by independent contractors and then delivered to the consumer.

Top Complaints:

  • delayed food delivery;
  • wrong order;
  • unexplainably canceled food orders;
  • сustomer service;
  • drivers not being paid on time.

The biggest of all Doordash complaints was about the overly delayed food orders. Some consumers were informed that they would get their food in a matter of minutes but in fact it was delivered several hours later. Others never received their order at all – however, they were charged for it.

In some cases, consumers got the wrong order (i.e., with missing items). There were also instances when they received an email stating that their order was canceled without mentioning reasons or giving a refund.

An overwhelming number of Doordash reviews also mentioned how consumers’ credit cards were repeatedly declined although they had excellent credit score and money on them. They claim that when they tried to reach out to the customer service, it was almost impossible to get a hold of an agent via phone. Unpaid Doordash drivers and wrongly-charged bank accounts are other issues reported by Doordash reviewers:

“I have been calling Doordash at least 3 times since 8/24/18 trying to get my issue resolved. This is totally unacceptable. It is 4 days later and I still do not have 2 of the 3 charges credited to my account…”

3. Wish (276 reviews)

Wish is an online e-commerce company that allows manufacturers and small businesses to use this platform to sell goods directly to consumers. It has become popular as the company offers products between 50-90% off retail.

Top Complaints:

  • non-delivered items;
  • customer service.

Consumers appear frustrated with the company’s delivery service. According to Wish reviews left on Pissed Consumer website during August, the majority of consumers never received the ordered items. A lot of disappointment was also caused by the fact that consumers were unable to reach a company rep (or never got a reply from one) to help them deal with a situation they faced with their order.

4. Rockstar Games (257 reviews)

Rockstar Games is a New York-based video game publisher and video game development company. It allows users to download soundtracks, games demos, PC games, and mobile games directly from their platform and also has its own game engine and warehouse of collectibles, apparel, and CDs.

Top Complaints:

  • hacked accounts;
  • issues with moderators.
  • GTA-related matters.
  • trouble with the social club

Most consumers complained about their accounts getting hacked and losing access to them. However, it should be noted that most of the times this happened because users give login credentials to other users as a means to exchange items on the game. So, this probably has to do more with how users manage their online presence.

Next issue reported in August was related to users’ interactions with the site moderators, who appear to have been rude or misbehaving (i.e., de-ranking users or suspending users’ accounts).

Next come reported problems with a game called GTA, where users expressed dissatisfaction with things like money missing from their GTA accounts. Finally, the company’s social hub received quite a few complaints related to Rockstar games not launching on PCs:

“I cannot launch the game, on PC, from steam. The game is up to date, cache has been verified on steam. I am using the correct password for my account. On social club, all I get is an error saying "This Steam account is already linked to a Social Club account…”

5. Roblox (250 reviews)

Roblox is an online game creation platform that allows users to play a plethora of games created by other users and design their own game via the Roblox Studio.

Top Complaints:

  • hacked accounts;
  • unauthorized payments;
  • problem reaching customer service.

If we compare companies that appear on the top 10 most complained about companies list, Roblox shows up very frequently. However, since most complaints relate to hacked accounts, it should be noted that the company is potentially not to blame. Users admit having revealed their password and other personal details to other users to get freebies and Roblox tokens to use in the games. This is not allowed per the company’s regulations.

However, the game creation platform is also called to deal with cases of unauthorized charges from users’ credit cards, and users being unable to find a customer service rep on the phone to resolve their issues.

top 10 most complained about companies in august 2018

6. Skylink TV Antenna (203 reviews)

The Skylink Tv Antenna is a product that has been designed to help consumers gain access to 100+ channels (broadcasted over-the-air) on high definition for free.

Top Complaints:

  • product not as advertised;
  • not issuing refunds;
  • unsatisfactory customer service.

Based on consumers’ Skylink Tv Antenna reviews, the advertised antenna and amplifier did not deliver the announced results. Consumers complained about poor reception after using the antenna and amplifier and a difficulty in finding a phone number to contact customer service. People also feel disappointed with the fact that the company does not accept refunds for malfunctioning products.

7. Letgo (195 reviews)

Letgo is an online marketplace offering users a platform that allows them to purchase and sell many different types of products, from fashion and electronics to cars and movies.

Top Complaints:

  • issues with the website;
  • problem with chat function;
  • fraudulent buyers/sellers.

Most of the consumers’ concerns were related to the responsiveness of the Letgo website after the latest improvements. Users report being unable to chat with interested buyers, and also feel infuriated with the chatbots the company has integrated into their customer support services. Finally, there are several complaints about Letgo sellers and buyers that use the platform to commit fraud, while the website’s support is not taking any action upon this:

“I started with this app a few years ago when they first came around. I used them recently and whatever “improvements” they added are horrible! No way to see your products once posted, some “assistant” is supposed to help repost and it is more of a hassle than before…”

8. RockAuto (175 reviews)

Rockauto is an online auto parts store where consumers can find 1000s of mechanical and body parts from a plethora of manufacturers.

Top Complaints:

  • shipping wrong orders;
  • tricky refund process;
  • delayed orders.

The majority of Rockauto complaints have to do with consumers receiving either wrong, of lower quality (than ordered) or defective items. However, the most complained about service was refunding. The procedure is said to be confusing while consumers that want to return a faulty/incorrect product need to pay shipping costs, which appears to frustrate them.

9. Taco Bell (173 reviews)

Taco Bell is a fast food chain with restaurants all over the USA mainly serving Tex-Mex food items.

Top Complaints:

  • poor customer service;
  • stores closing doors before the posted closing time;
  • unsatisfactory food orders.

Taco Bell received many complaints about rude managers and employees (both drive-thru and in-store staff members) last August. The company has also been confronted with Taco Bell reviews associated with the bad quality of food, as well as food orders that took too long to prepare and stores closing ahead of the posted closing time.

10. Zoosk (140 reviews)

Zoosk is an online dating platform that gives users the opportunity to use its algorithmic recommendations technology to find potential partners.

Top Complaints:

  • unauthorized charges on users’ credit cards;
  • technical issues with using the platform.

Most of Zoosk reviews mentioned charges that were still made for services they no longer use after canceling their subscription. Many consumers also expressed dissatisfaction with the user experience as they talk about problems linked to viewing the website content, logging in, and accessing features like their messages.

How to Ensure a Safe Browsing Experience

Considering that a big part of August’s reviews was related to hacked accounts, a safer internet practice is vital. Here are some tips to help you stay safe while browsing the web.

  1. Never reveal personal information – Keep private data like your email and password to yourself. Sharing those details instantly gives access to your online account. Having received your login credentials, the person can literally do whatever they want with your account, from making a purchase with your credit card to using your account for some fraudulent activities.
  2. Use a different password for every website– Using a strong, unique password for every single account you have is the best way to prevent a data breach.
  3. Encrypt your data – Deploy a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when browsing the internet from home. This will hide your IP address, encrypt your data, and add an extra layer of protection to your online communications.
  4. Visit only HTTPS websites – Many HTTP websites are now considered to be insecure.
  5. Don’t click links in emails from non-trusted sources – If you receive an odd email or a message that contains a link, always be cautious. It may be a phishing attack. Clicking on phishing links will give hackers access to your credentials. Next thing you know your computer acts weird. Only click links from trusted sources. The same applies to links on Facebook and other social media websites.
  6. Clear your cache – Clear your browser history and delete browser cookies regularly. It will protect your personal information (i.e., family members’ information and home address) from getting in the wrong hands.

Secure your online presence and enjoy the experience, whether it involves purchasing items on the internet, selling stuff, playing games, trying to find your other half, or ordering food!

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