As with every month for the past few years, we remain loyal to our rendezvous for the most complained about companies. Another exciting year has begun only a few days ago, and here are those that have been naughty just before 2017 sighed its last breath!

Top Most Complained About Companies in December 2017

1. Gearbest

Although Gearbest received quite an impressive amount of positive reviews for their operations during the rush of Christmas holidays and throughout December, they were also among the top 10 most complained about companies, based on Gearbest reviews posted on Pissed Consumer website.

What seems to have frustrated consumers is their customer service and delivery/shipping services. Products were either delayed far beyond expected or never arrived, which is the case with the following consumer. Their report is a representative example of what many consumers have written in their complaints about Gearbest:

"Placed an order via DHL for quicker shipping. Was informed several days later that shipping was not possible due to quantity of batteries in package. Asked to change shipping to express line… shipping was not possible. Asked to cancel order no reply... over a month ago and here we are back at square one today..."

Many consumers also reported they had received faulty or wrong items from Gearbest; items that they got no full refund for according to the paid warranty for delivery insurance, which is what happened to the following Gearbest customer:

"Received wrong item, they talk in circles and flat out lie. Told me they couldn't send the product i ordered because it is no longer made. However many other companies still carry it and have delivered it to my Drone Group Members... I don't need the money but this company needs to be put out of business. No support or customer support..."

2. Wish

Wish has received quite a few serious complaints about missed shipping deadlines, false advertising, and, most importantly, not refunding customers after cancelling their orders. Below is an example of such a complaint about Wish

"I attempted to purchase 2 hoverboards and my credit card was charged $1302, my order was cancelled and I was informed that the charges would drop off. The charges posted, I attempted to contact Wish over, and over, and over to no avail... I just want my $1302. I am not even complaining about the missed shipping deadlines or the false advertising..."

Finally, there appears to be a lot of frustration around the company's customer service and the fact that consumers cannot reach a human rep to help solve their problems. The bot the company probably uses seems to be inefficient to resolve their issues. Below is an illustrative example of complaint about Wish customer service:

"...wish took my money and reaching the customer service is impossible. Their Email customer support is useless with machine repeating the lines from a pre coded email. Their phone lines repeat the same lines in both English and Spanish. This is the last time i will be using Wish and for that i am pissed off..."

top 10 most complained about companies in december 2017

3. Tophatter

The auction site has received a great level of dissatisfaction last month from consumers that did not receive the item(s) they bid on. Instead, they were sent a lower-quality piece that was nothing like the one they had placed their money on. The following  review about Tophatter characterizes this problem:

"Did not get the watch I bid on with sensors for BP. It is a cheap piece of junk... a 27-dollar piece of trash. Want to ship back and USPS wants $30.00 to ship to Shenzen. You think you are bidding on one thing and they ship something completely different. I think we call that bait and switch..."

Some consumers were not happy with the company’s guarantee. There were complaints about people purchasing an X amount of items from the site for Christmas or during the holiday season and received fewer items than they ordered.

Some of these items from Tophatter were also defective and of a bad quality. In most cases, Tophatter refused to cover shipping costs and rendered consumers non-eligible to get their shipping paid for various reasons.

There were also Tophatter complaints in regards to their marketing practices that were considered to be misleading. The following review is a representative example of these complaints:

"...They shoot a high price tag, and the products are so cheap. I mean everything is made i CHINA...So watch out and read the small prints. Coins that are replica when you think your bidding on something to invest..."

4. Dresslily

Dresslily made consumers angry last December at the delivery of their items. Many shoppers ordered pieces in November and had still not received their items (until the end of December). What made Dresslily customers even angrier was the company’s email response that was described as condescending – considering that their orders had been placed more than one month ago:

"...even Santa will be delivering some gifts late this year as it is peak shipping season..."

Another common complaint was about Dresslily’s poor customer care. In some instances, shoppers even said the company was deliberately lying to them about shipping details, so that they (the company) could make consumers accept a much smaller refund.

Other consumers reported the items they received were of very low quality and arrived in a very bad shape. There were also complaints about the Dresslily sizing guide that was inaccurate, leading customers to order products that actually didn’t fit.

When consumers tried to contact the company numbers provided to them on the Dresslily website, they could not find anybody available to take their call or call them back, while other phone numbers on the site were not a working number. Below is such an illustrative complaint about Dresslily:

"I ordered a few things on December.6, 2017. The money was taken from my account the same day. Paid extra for a 3-7 day delivery day. As of now no package and no tracking number...All I get on one number is no one is available to take the call to call back later...I want my merchandise before Christmas..."

5. MyPillow

The company received some worrying complaints about the quality of their products, particularly about their hypoallergenic qualities. The following Mypillow customer got an allergic reaction to Mypillow pillows  and ended up in the Emergency Room to get an IV and shot of epinephrine:

"I woke up after using my pillow with hives all over my body. And I mean everywhere!!! This has not been fun and I had to go to the Er and get an iv and a shot of epinephrine... I came home and went to bed and woke up in the middle of the night with hives all over my head again, my hands very itching and burning, and my lips were swollen..."

Sadly, consumers continiuously complain about MyPillow causing hives. In addition, shoppers have also felt disappointed by their purchase because the pillows they had bought were uncomfortable and there were also cases when consumers had to pay for deep tissue massage sessions to relieve themselves of shoulder spasms and severe headaches from MyPillow pillows:

"...I have cervical fusion and had been using a latex contour pillow. After seeing all the commercials, I ordered a set of two from QVC when they it on sale... After trying the medium for 2 nights, I had severe headaches, which I never had before... I now have to spend at least $60 to go for a deep tissue massage..."


Most Complained About Businesses of December 2017

6. Roblox

Roblox continues to have account hacking issues and users still complain about losing access to their accounts – most of whom also had bought robux to play the game.

Interestingly, though, some users already know who locked them out of their accounts, which raises some concerns about what measures they take to keep their own accounts secure (i.e. potentially disclosing personal information to strangers).

Robolox slow customer service team is also much complained about, especially by parents that try to help their children get their accounts back. Below is another common complaint about Roblox from a user whose son’s account was hacked:

"My son's account was hacked by Bossman I can't remember his number there's four digits Beyond his name boss man it was in one of the previous messages that we sent through to and we have not heard back from you guys..."

7. Walmart

Most of Walmart complaints during December 2017 were about items that were never shipped, as well as lack of effective (or any) customer service, like one pissed consumer’s case, who ordered a fan from them. The company said it was delivered, but to a different address.

The consumer was asked to contact Walmart customer support, but there was no number to call. Then, they were suggested to see the details of the order page to find contact details in the "See Details" section. However, there was no such section.

Some consumers even felt they had been deceived by the company, when they made online purchases of items from 3rd party merchants that sold their products through Walmart. The following report by a consumer clearly depicts the issue with Walmart:

"...I ordered and item almost 10 days ago..spent extra on "EXPRESS" delivery to guarantee a delivery date..The item never showed up, only to find out it was delivered, at my cost, to an entirely different state , across the country! I blame WALMART for deceiving their customers, that they are first involved with with their third party retailers, and NOT their own stores..."

Other Walmart reviews concern warranty issues, savings catcher problems, and the company’s pick up service.

8. Lazada Philippines

The company was mostly complained about its inability to help the customers cancel their orders, like in this consumer's review about Lazada Philippines order:

"Just a few hours mom placed an order, but when I looked into it I saw that we have the same items so I decided to cancel it, but unfortunately I just can't, I don't know why... Also when I checked the size indicated in the product it doesn't match the sizes in the chart..."

There were also several Lazada Philippines reviews about lost items, as well as products that were not the same as the ones shoppers had ordered. For example, a consumer ordered a laptop keyboard replacement for an Acer unit three months before but received a different model. They immediately initiated the return process, received a confirmation by the company, but refund yet:

"...It was supposed to be a laptop keyboard replacement for an Acer Unit. All the descriptions on the site were correct but what i received was not the same model...Immediately i initiated the return process. Received a confirmation by September 11th through email. And no more response to date as to whether I still can get refund..."

Nevertheless, it should be noted that the company seems willing to resolve any issues, given that they have kindly responded to almost all Lazada Philippines complaints posted on Pissed Consumer site while also providing contact details, including their social media accounts, for consumers to get in touch with them.

9. Best Choice Products

There was a large number of complaints related to the Best Choice Products customer service and failure to deliver orders on time. Take this Best Choice Products consumer, who ordered an electronic keyboard for their son’s Christmas gift, on December 9th. He received a Fed Ex tracking number and the item was expected on December 20th. No news until well after Christmas (December 28th) and is still waiting for refund.

Best Choice Products reviews, like the following one, about consumers’ inability to contact the company’s customer service rep for whatever reason, have been common throughout December 2017 :

"...Horrible customer service. Can NOT get anyone on the phone, do not get return e-mails... it seems I can NOT get any assistance in returning a defective purchase. Not happy about the whole situation..."

In addition, complaints from consumers about being shipped defective products and items or about items that never made it to their recipients (although they had been paid for straight away) were also more than frequent last month.

10. DirecTV

Many people come forward particularly frustrated after watching their Directv bills increase for no good reason. The following Directv review is illustrative of such billing issues:

"I upgraded my equipment and was told that i would have to sign a two year contract at $84.57 per month, no changes. I get my current bill for December 2017 and it is now $128.00 per month. Trying to get someone here to speak with in the U. S. Is impossible and i cannot understand some of these customer service people overseas..."

Directv consumers also said they were frustrated by the way the company handled their service issues. Many mentioned having an appointment with a company technician to fix a problem with their service. But, the technician never showed up, despite the fact that the company assured that the technician was on their way. As a result, people missed a day of work and were told they had to be without service for a long time.

Finally, Directv received quite a lot of complaints about their customer support reps, who appeared to be impolite and unprofessional. According to the following Directv complaint, the company’s employees could use some better customer relationship management skills:

"When I called to discontinue Direct, a foreign lady who was suppose to help me kept saying that she was going to sign me up for Direct Streaming etc. I kept refusing until she finally hung up on me. Also she sounded like she was drunk always referring to her boyfriend who cheated on her. Absolutely disgraceful..."

December 2017 was filled with some pretty amazing shopping experiences, as well as some anger and annoyance on behalf of consumers that tried to do their holiday shopping ahead of time and were either faced with faulty items or products that they never received, among other issues.

However, a new year has come and considering how important it is for brand loyalty to provide an excellent customer journey, we hope companies will take all proper measures to ensure the excellence and quality their customers deserve in 2018 and moving onwards!

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