Besides a chance for a fresh start for the new year, January was also a month that found many consumers pissed about services they had received from various companies across the US. This review highlights top ten US locations with the largest volume of consumer complaints. Let's see what companies people living in the following places had trouble with last month:

1. California

Roblox seems to be dealing with the same types of issues for quite some time now from all over America, including California. According to Roblox online reviews, users from the Golden State are furious about having their accounts hacked, being locked out of their accounts for no obvious reason, losing Robux (tokens of the game that allow users to get freebies and game extras), and poor customer care.

Tophatter reviews on Pissed Consumer website have also shown that many Californians are not happy with having their accounts deactivated overnight. There are also a lot of complaints about not receiving the product they had bid on, like this Tophatter consumer who shares their experience:

"I won the bid on an emerald and diamond ring on or about Jan. 15th... I see that you've charged my credit card fast enough , now send the ring ! If this is winning a bid it certainly feels as if I've been robbed . If I don't get it in the next few days , I'm calling my credit card company and tell them that never received what I'm being charged for..."

There were also complaints about the quality of the received items, as well as about receiving items that were not what consumers had bid on.

The third most complained about company by people living in California is Living Spaces, who, based on Living Spaces reviews, feel that the company's customer service is unprofessional and insufficient. The same seems to apply to their delivery services whereas there were complaints about not having their purchased item replaced, despite the fact that it had been covered by insurance.

most complained about brands in january 2018

2. Florida

People from the Sunshine State expressed their concerns regarding Stake N Shake restaurant, which kept them waiting for quite some time before a waiter could take their order, and even more time to get the orders to the table. Their drive-through service appears to be lacking too. Other Stake N Shake reviews mention unprofessional behaviors on behalf of the employees.

Panera Bread was the company that had received the second largest bulk of consumer complaints, mainly about the poor management and staff that has demonstrated a disrespectful attitude towards customers. Other Panera Bread reviews mention that the amount of food they received compared to the money they had paid for it was insufficient.

Finally, consumers from Florida found the quality of the products purchased from Wish to be particularly poor, considering the sums they had paid to purchase these items. Also, Wish online reviews pinpoint many cases of buyers that received the wrong item, like this consumer, who left the following Wish review:

"Not the handbag I ordered. The one I ordered is a different color, larger in size and made different... I received nothing to tell me any details about the one I received or who I can call if I have a problem. I see it was sent from Shanghai and it looks like they just grabbed one that looks like it but they are different..."

3. Texas

Pronto Insurance, Jack in The Box, and Heb were three most complained about companies from people that live in Texas. The majority of Pronto Insurance complains were from consumers that had their claims unreasonably denied, waited for several hours to get road assistance after an accident, and experienced bad customer service.

It is the same picture for Jack in The Box restaurant. Judging by the number of Jack in the Box reviews we were receiving during January, we noticed that consumers expressed concerns about messed up orders and poor quality food.

As for Heb grocery store, Heb complaints reveal that consumers of Texas were not happy with the service they had received from the pharmacy, and having to deal with rude employees and bad store facility.

4. New York

Slomins online reviews last January were all about the company's lacking maintenance and oil delivery services. This pissed consumer's experience with Slomins is illustrative of this problem:

"...we just had the coldest day in a long time on Long Island. However, now waiting for their service... now for 30 hours… yesterday they told me it would be 24 hours, and they said although I’m scheduled I don’t have a driver assigned to me yet, yet this morning when I called they told me they’ll have a driver here by noon and it’s already after 2 PM..."

It is the same story with Meenan that appears to have frustrated consumers with oil supply. According to Meenan reviews, New Yorkers were left freezing during some of the coldest days so far. As for Mavis Discount Tire, the third company that left New Yorkers with a bad experience, they failed to please consumers of The Big Apple due to poor service, bad employee attitude, and timeliness on scheduled appointments.

top 10 locations with highest number of comsumer complaints

5. Ohio

An increasing number of Bob Evans Restaurants complaints demonstrate the company's disappointing quality of food, customer service, and unacceptable food delivery times.

Next come Thrifty Propane reviews, which showed that January was not a good month for the people in Ohio, many of whom had pre-bought propane and could not get a hold of the company employees to get their tank refilled, like this Thrifty Propane consumer who says:

"Last year I pre bought 2000 gallons. Had the first delivery of 500 gallons and now on Jan 5th I ordered the second one. The told me it would take 15 business days… Today 19 business days latter o still don’t have a refil. I’m on 10% now. I’ve being calling since last week leaving voice messages writing email and no answer..."

Finally, Cleveland Clinic seems to have faced some serious issues with patients that had side effects from medication prescribed by the clinic's physician and poor medical service . Like, for example, this woman that took her daughter to the clinic after having anxiety attacks There she was prescribed medicine that made her feel suicidal.

6. Illinois

Art Van Furniture was complained about poor customer relations, bad quality mattresses (which, in some cases, even caused health/back problems), and unsatisfactory furniture warranty.

People of Illinois were also angry at Metra Train Service. In particular, the majority of Metra reviews on Pissed Consumer site during January 2018 revealed that fare increases were inadequate. Citizens of Illinois admit being jammed into a space that was meant to carry a much smaller number of them, and having to endure delays.

Most of consumers that left a Bideford Blankets online review last month complained about malfunctioning products – it appears that the main problem was with controller and thermostat of electric blankets.

7. Georgia

Lack or insufficient after-sale service and company reps that either had limited knowledge of the products or were intentionally telling lies about their quality (according to consumer reviews) were some of the issues Georgia consumers had with Camping World.

Rooms to Go follows, with consumers leaving concerning reviews about dirty dealings, bad delivery service, and bad quality products, some of which were reported to have been used, instead of being brand new.

Last, but not least, Pizza Hut reviews showed that the company's standards in Georgia had somehow fallen in January 2018. People complained about receiving less food than what they had ordered (both in terms of total items and amount of food per serving), being delivered food that was dropped prior the delivery, and orders that were never delivered.

top 10 most complained about companies in january 2018

8. Pennsylvania

GWC Warranty has numerous pissed consumers of Pennsylvania mainly due to the hardships they had to go through last January, when they needed to repair their cars which were covered by the company warranty. Also, most GWC reviews speak of repairs where the auto parts that had to be replaced were indeed replaced by used parts.

Poor management, rude employees, and bad customer services were the main problems consumers in the State of Independence complained about Sheetz restaurant last month, whereas Panera Bread also dominated Pennsylvania consumers' concerns, with the quality of their foods and customer management.

9. New Jersey

Faulty products and reviews about deceptive return policy were some of the things Carid had to confront last month while there have also been complaints about lost orders, like in this review about Carid:

"I ordered two foglights, a front bumper, and 2 foglight bezels... I call to ask why the bumper and the bezels have not arrived and I am told that they will be shipping via FedEx as of today... After further investigation, they find that the bezels got lost and they can't find it and they tell me that I need to wait 8 business days for them to find it."

Planet Fitness reviews from consumers demonstrate their frustration about the gym's policy to tan first in order to borrow a towel, as well as poor customer service attitude, especially to customers in need.

Another company New Jersey consumers were mostly dissatisfied with last month was Doordash, which received complaints about overcharged food items. However, their customer service department quickly stepped in to resolve these issues.

10. North Carolina

Waste Pro USA online reviews speak of North Carolina consumers’ frustration to deal with the fact that the company does not pick up the garbage from some areas, along with their unresponsive customer service. Again, the company has shown immediate interest in the cases and willingness to resolve the issues.

Long delays and poor managements were the things mostly discussed by frustrated consumers that visited McDonald’s in North Carolina last month. And, once again, Planet Fitness gyms were the recipient of complaints from people living in The Old North State.

Consumers now expect more. They want an excellent customer care and services that provide them with what they have signed up for. Companies that fail to meet their rising demands or refuse to give them the experience they deserve will continue to receive complaints.

The good news is that some of these organizations seem to be focusing more on customer-centric approaches and the employment of competed customer service reps that do their best to increase brand awareness and to treat consumers with due respect.

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