Each month, PissedConsumer updates its list of the companies consumers are leaving the most negative reviews for. Here are the ten most complained about companies for July 2018.

10. Little Caesars

Little Caesars is a pizza chain that emphasizes affordable fare, with some varieties of pizza guaranteed to be available for instant pickup at any time.

Top Complaints:

  • poor customer service;
  • sanitary concerns;
  • promised products not always available.

Much of the consumer feedback concerns inattentive employees, unclear communication, and managers who do not want or are not able to solve problems. Unclean bathrooms and dining areas are also a frequent issue, along with Hot-N-Ready pizzas not always being available on time and for the advertised price.

Most Reviewed Companies in July 2018

9. Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a popular Mexican-inspired fast food chain, serving burritos, tacos, and quesadillas on the go.

Top Complaints:

  • poor customer service;
  • wrong orders;
  • long wait times.

The highest number of dissatisfied Taco Bell customers mention poor customer service as the the most critical issue, citing rude employees or uncooperative managers. Long wait times are also a frequent complaint, as well as incorrect orders.

8. Letgo

Letgo is an online marketplace that allows users to buy and sell a wide variety of goods.

Top Complaints:

  • bugs or errors in software;
  • too many scammers;
  • difficulties with contacting support.

The most common complaint about Letgo is that their mobile app sometimes doesn’t work as intended; listings are removed or renewed without the seller’s knowledge, and the app crashes frequently.

Customers also say that the ratio of scammers and spammers to legitimate users is far too high, and that it’s very difficult to reach out to customer support when an issue arises. A Letgo reviewer wrote about the purchased phone:

“i bought an iphone from someone on letgo saturday it was delivered when i was charging i saw a message on the phone and it says reported lost iphone...”

7. Rockstar Games

Rockstar is a video game developer based in New York City. Their most recent game, Grand Theft Auto V, is also one of their most popular titles to date; most reviews from July 2018 concern this game.

Top Complaints:

  • network and connectivity problems;
  • hackers and cheaters;
  • unreceived items.

The most frequently left feedback for Grand Theft Auto V is players claiming not to have received in-game currency purchased with real money; such transactions are supposed to post instantly. Regarding network and connectivity issues, one user said in their Rockstar review about the GTA game:

“Every time I join a lobby I can play for about 5-10 minutes before it will kick me saying “unknown network error. Try again later”...”

Other common complaints include an abundance of players violating Rockstar’s Terms of Service by installing mods or cheating.

Most Complained About Companies In July 2018

6. RockAuto

RockAuto is an online automotive parts warehouse, shipping car parts and accessories to customers all over the world.

Top Complaints:

  • unsatisfactory return policy;
  • poor customer service;
  • broken or defective parts.

Consumers’ top concerns about RockAuto, by far, involve orders not being fulfilled accurately, or not fulfilled at all. Other common complaints include refunds not being issued even within the advertised return window and extreme difficulty in contacting customer service representatives.

5. SkyLink TV Antenna

SkyLinkTV Antenna is an indoor HDTV antenna retailer in the USA.

Top Complaints:

  • poor customer service;
  • lost or delayed orders;
  • return policy.

Most negative consumer reviews about Skylink are related to difficulty in contacting customer support through proper channels. Customers also complain about SkyLink TV Antenna equipment orders being lost or arriving late - which often means it’s too late to return the equipment for a refund when it finally arrives:

“...told me they woul refund my money within five business days. This was on July 22, 2018. I contacted them again on July 31, 2018 and they told me they had higher than normal ticket to handle and would get back with me...“

4. Wish

Wish is an e-commerce website that allows buyers and sellers to interact directly.

Top Complaints:

  • poor customer service;
  • issues with changing or canceling orders;
  • long shipping times and lost orders.

Many Wish customers are dissatisfied with the company’s customer service, alleging that employees in the support department often don’t respond to emails at all. Others say that the website layout is confusing and doesn’t facilitate changing or canceling orders. Shipping taking longer than advertised is also a frequent issue.

3. Doordash

Doordash is a food delivery service founded in 2013 that employs independent contractors to pick up food orders from local restaurants and deliver them to the original customer.

Top Complaints:

  • problems receiving payments (for contractors);
  • difficulties with changing orders;
  • poor customer service.

Doordash employees often say they are not paid by the company in a timely fashion. Customers cite an interface that doesn’t allow changes to orders that have already been placed and poor customer service when problems arise as their main sources of frustration.

2. Roblox

Roblox is an online multiplayer video game published by the developer of the same name, primarily built for young children and preteens, though adults also enjoy playing that game.

Top Complaints:

  • cheaters;
  • issues with reversing unauthorized purchases;
  • problems with receiving purchased in-game items.

Roblox players often claim that there are too many cheaters in the game and that support staff don’t do enough to combat the problem. Since the majority of Roblox players are minors, the fact that the game allows in-game items to be purchased with real money creates unique challenges.

Parents often complain that Roblox support is unwilling to refund charges incurred by their children without the parents’ knowledge or consent. In addition, players say that in-game items are sometimes not credited to their accounts, even when the purchase was authorized.

1. Department of Foreign Affairs Passport Appointment System (Philippines)

The Department of Foreign Affairs in the Philippines utilizes an online scheduling system for passport services; many of its users find the system unsatisfactory.

Top Complaints:

  • appointments booked online are never confirmed;
  • technical problems;
  • poor customer service.

The largest number of customer complaints involve the system not working as intended, with appointments never being confirmed by the system. This results in users not being able to proceed, as confirmation codes needed to attain services are never received by the user. One poster complained about DFA:

“...I refreshed my email and checked my spam and junk mails but I never received an email with the APPOINTMENT CODE!...”

Other issues involve excessive site downtime and difficulty reaching support.

Top Complained About Companies

How to Resolve Disputes with a Company without Getting Stressed Out

If you’ve experienced problems with any company, you will be much more likely to reach a solution acceptable to both parties by following a few simple steps.

1. Be assertive, but polite. Make it clear what you seek to gain from the transaction and stick to the facts. The employee you are dealing with is a person, just like you are; they will be more receptive and willing to help if you treat them fairly.

2. Know what you want, but be open to other solutions. If you want a full refund for an item you purchased, make that known and explain why you think you deserve a refund. However, be willing to consider other reasonable offers as well - especially if the company’s policies clearly exclude your preferred solution.

3. Use the chain of command appropriately. Don’t immediately track down and call a company’s regional vice president over a pricing error. Try to resolve your dispute with a frontline employee first, then speak with their immediate supervisor (and so on) if necessary.

4. Use social media/social pressure. If you can’t reach an agreeable solution by dealing with the company, consider complaining on the internet. Be fair and objective if you choose to use this approach; post a factual, calm review or explanation of the incident and what you would like the company to do to fix it. Rants or personal attacks are never appropriate and will get you nowhere.

5. Take your business elsewhere. If all else fails, use your wallet to let the company know you are dissatisfied. Tell them you will no longer do business with them and why. You can almost always find what you’re looking for somewhere else.

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