Every day, Pissed Consumer users report complaints about poor customer service, failed order fulfillments, and general displeasure with the companies they do business with. Additionally, PissedConsumer.com is a place where pleased consumers can share their positive experiences and compare companies. Each month, Pissed Consumer tallies up the companies that have the largest influx of consumer reviews on our site.

For the past few months, Pissed Consumer user reviews have put a lot of the same players on the list. Companies may not be getting the message from consumers since month after month the same companies receive the largest number of comments. Find out who made the list of the most complained about companies in June 2018.

Most Complained About Companies in June 2018

Top Ten Most Complained About Companies in June 2018

1. Roblox (475 reviews)

According to the Roblox website, “Roblox is the largest entertainment platform for play.” The platform is home to millions of user-created virtual worlds. Users build worlds using Roblox Studio, which are then playable by the user and the online community. The platform allows people of all experience levels to create and play anything from simple sandbox worlds to complex MMO games and offers educational opportunities.

Roblox has moved up this list steadily since November 2017. In June, it was the most commented about company for June 2018. Most Roblox comments in June were negative and revolve around hacked accounts and stolen funds. One Pissed Consumer user reported in a review about Roblox:

“...someone managed to get in my account and pass the two step verification without even getting into my email. My 1000 robux is gone and Roblox won't do a thing...”

Roblox says that security is a major concern of theirs. According to their customer service page, accounts are eligible for a one time restoration of item or currency loss, as long as the breech is reported within two weeks of the hack. Unfortunately, if many transactions have been done on a hacked account, the customer service desk seems to offer limited help.

The best thing to do if you are in a hacked situation is to get in touch with customer service and calmly explain the full extent of the hack. Let them know what was in your account the last time you were logged in before the hack. You can contact customer service here.

2. Wish (320 reviews)

Wish is an online e-commerce company. The customer facing website is a direct supplier retail app. Users can purchase nearly anything on the platform. The warehouse model is decentralized, allowing anyone to easily sell product on the website. The site is a bit like Ebay, without the bidding feature.

According to pissedconsumer.com reviews, customers are happy about the low price of items and the large variety of available products, but many complain that when the item arrives it is the wrong color or wrong model. One of the things people complain about on PissedConsumer.com is the Shipping Service at Wish. As one user put it in their review about Wish:

“...I am fed up with the constant back and forth from you guys this is the THIRD time that the date was changed for my items to arrive…my order was placed on the 5 of May 2018 its almost 2 months later...”

Other Wish reviews mention high shipping charges, slow shipping, orders that never show up at all, and charges that were not authorized.

Wish has had mainly negative reviews since November 2017, and has been one of the most complained about companies on the Pissed Consumer website. The business model relies on many different sellers managing their own claims through an automated customer service page. The company offers an 800 number to contact customer support, but they are only able to manage claims directly related to the website.

Consumers can also use the “Call Customer Service” feature on our website to get in touch with the company. In order to help customers choose reputable vendors, Wish does offer a seller rating system and feedback mechanism for customer information, and also offers a “Verified” status for certain sellers.

3. RockAuto (204 reviews)

RockAuto is an auto parts retailer that claims to have two main goals:

  • Liberate information hidden behind the auto parts store counter.
  • Make auto parts affordable.

RockAuto is an exclusively online store, with item fulfillment coming from many sellers. They operate more as a middle man than as an actual retailer, allowing customers to purchase parts from more than one retailer on one ticket. The most complained about issues are poor quality parts, poor customer service, poor return policy, and slow turnaround time.

Customers have said that part availability and price are the best parts about RockAuto. RockAuto started getting major reviews on PissedConsumer in March of 2018, where it made the list at the seventh most complained about company. It seems not much has changed since then, despite complaints.

4. Doordash (204 reviews)

Doordash is a third party food delivery service. The company employs its own drivers and allows merchants without a dedicated delivery team to offer door to door food service. Customers pay a delivery fee of $5-$8 for the service, and restaurants are able to expand their customer base. Restaurants can sign up for free and become partner contributors for a percentage cost.

Another long time member of the most complained about companies list, Doordash is most commonly noted to have offered poor customer service. Restaurants have reported “...trouble with DoorDash orders not being received...”. Dashers have stated that they have not been promptly paid for their work, “...I have not yet been paid for deliveries made between May 1 and June 15!...”.

Customers have said that they have not received orders correctly and not been properly refunded. As one customer puts it in their complaint about Doordash:

“I have had consistent issues with DoorDash canceling my orders last minute, simply never delivering my orders, or delivering them hours late. When I contact Customer Service they are extremely unhelpful and rude...”

Every part of the Doordash chain of service seems to have an issue. While Pissed Consumer users complain about these things, others note that the Doordash app is easy to use, the restaurant offering is broad, and the dashers themselves are friendly.

Top 10 Complained About Companies June 2018

5. Letgo (196 reviews)

Letgo is a new comer to the Most Complained list. In June, the most complained about services related to fraudulent posts that have gone unresolved, stolen money and merchandise, email spam, and issues with the in-app messaging system. People are drawn to the ease of selling items on this app, but many quickly find that the platform is buggy. 

Quite a few users are saying that a supposed Administrator for Letgo, “Allison” is spamming their accounts and relisting items as their own. Here's a quote from one of the reviews about Letgo:

“I keep blocking her and she keeps coming with new account msaying she works for letgo. It is everyday 3 or 4 times askin g me if I mstill want to sell my item listed cause she can delete and repost it...”

6. Little Caesars (189 reviews)

LIttle Caesars is a global pizza chain that was started in 1954 by a married couple. The pizza store is well known for its “hot and ready” marketing campaign. The company offers franchise opportunities across the globe.

Little Caesars first made this list in April of this year. It started at number 7 and moved up to number 5 in May. There were fewer Little Caesars comments in June than in May. Most customers are upset about the customer service experience, while others are pleased with the affordable food prices.

Since Little Caesars is a franchise business, complaints likely never make it to company headquarters. Regional franchise owners and store managers probably field most of the complaints. As one Little Caesars reviewer wrote on pissedconsumer.com:

“They messed up our order and when I called they refused to fix it with a credit order they pretty much said I'm lying that only way they was fixing it was if I brought it back to them...”

7. Megabus (187 reviews)

Megabus is a discount bus line that services cities all over the United States. The company claims to offer bus tickets from $1.00 and a convenient booking system that is accessible online. Megabus has been one of the most complained about companies since November 2017. The most complained about issues are poor customer service, poor purchase handling and refund policy, broken bus A/C and WiFi units, late busses, and issues with connections.

One Megabus reviewer experienced it all in one trip:

“The driver from Chicago to Louisville treated the passengers like we were prison inmates! He was screaming at passengers and being rude for no reason at all...I had mistakenly purchased two tickets for the same day... I was trying to understand what I could do to fix the mistake and instead of helping me the driver accused me of doctoring my ticket… the bus an hour late and completely packed and freezing cold…”

8. Taco Bell (168 reviews)

Taco Bell is a popular fast food chain that sells Mexican inspired food. The company offers drive through locations, franchise opportunities, and inexpensive meals. Since January of 2018, the company has been on the Most Complained About list, starting at number 10.
Taco Bell complaints on our site are mostly about the treatment customers receive from employees, while others praise the food quality and cost. Here is what one user had to say about Taco Bell customer service:

“...after waiting 5-10 min to have order taken because lobby is full i arrive at a trainee doing her best and asking for help on ringing wich took approximately 10 min to place i asked to speak to manager. While i am asking manager a question about why drive thru was closed a rude drive thru employee interrupted... she threw her hand up and said I'm done with this *** and walked off...”

Restaurant Complaints

9. Rockstar Games (163 reviews)

Rockstar Games is a video game publisher with a customer facing online store. Customers can order digital and physical copies of games for various platforms. The company also offers Social Clubs to connect players with one another, as well as video information about its games.

June is the first month that Rockstar Games has been on the Most Commented About list with users generally talking about the positive aspects of gameplay and graphics quality. The most common Rockstar Games complaints revolve around account hacking and customer service issues. One user complained about Rockstar that their account was suspended due to the actions of a hacker with no resolution from the company:

“...i believe my account has been hacked. i was also unable to log into my account after receiving this email been suspended. note that for the past 2 years i have had no reason mode/*** on this account.everything i did was legit. i am also not happy that now RockStar want/will erase my processes...”

10. Directv (162 reviews)

DirecTV is a major telecommunications company that offers cable, internet and phone connection services. The company is notorious for unresolved customer complaints, and has been on the Most Complained About list since November of 2017. Telecommunications companies tend to have low competition levels, locking customers into only one or two choices.

Most DirecTV complaints on Pissed Consumer revolve around spotty connection, unresolved complaints with customer service, and billing disputes. Positive DirecTV comments note that when the service is working, the picture quality and speed are good. Some customers have issues from the earliest interactions, like reported in this DirecTV review:

“I’m writing to express my concern about the service I have experienced in an effort to get Direct TV service installed in my home...I called DirectTV again... I borrowed my neighbor’s phone to call, and guess what, a live person answered the phone after the third ring. I am convinced that DirectTV has blocked my calls...have proceded to cancel my sic-phone account that I’ve had for over 10 years... “

What Consumers Can Do to Send the Message

Reputation is important. User reviews on sites like pissedconsumer.com allow consumers to responsibly compare companies. We are seeing a lot of the same companies make this list month after month. Either companies aren’t listening or changing at an acceptable rate for reviewers, or the message is not strong enough. These are some techniques for getting what you are owed from a company that is notorious for bad Customer Service.

1. Be Kind and Calm.

When you speak to a customer service representative, try to remember that they are just an employee of a company. The policy or problem is not necessarily their fault. If you keep your cool, treat the employee with respect, and stay focused on the issue you are looking to resolve, you are more likely to get help.

2. Build Rapport and Invoke Empathy.

Again, remember the human element. Make friends with the customer service rep, ask them directly what they would want done if the roles were reversed. Many times, a representative will go the extra mile to help you if they see that your problem is one that would bother them as well. Also, be sure to clearly ask them if they can help you. It may seem like asking for help in implied in the act of calling customer service, but until you verbalize that you are looking for help from a person, the conversation can feel combative.

3. Go in With a Specific Goal, and Repeat that Goal Clearly.

Before you pick up the phone, figure out how you would like the issue to be resolved. If you are looking for a full refund, go in with that mission. Don’t be swayed by something else. Explain how you would like the situation handled, and then calmly and clearly repeat that solution throughout the conversation until an agreement is reached.

4. When and Employee Mistreats You, Report Them.

Sometimes customer service representatives simply treat customers rudely or are intentionally unhelpful. If you have had a conversation with a representative that didn’t do their job or was unwilling to help you despite company policy, report them to their boss. Companies generally want employees that are looking to help customers. If you have been treated inappropriately by a representative, email the head of the customer service department, the president of the company, or another executive or management level person.

5. Use Social Media.

Often pressure from social media outlets will work better than calling the help line. Take photos, clearly and succinctly explain the issue, and post away. You may be pleasantly surprised with the reception you get from the company.

6. Choose Another Company, and Let Them Know You Are Doing It.

The last thing to do, and the loudest message to send, is to work with another company. If you decide to take your dollars elsewhere, let the company know! Email the customer service, marketing and sales departments to let them know you will not be doing business with them and why.

Monitoring the Monthly Reports

It is important to note that doing adequate research on a company before working with them is a good idea. Consumers may avoid some hassle by choosing to work with a more reputable company in the first place. Businesses respond best when they see a hit to their bottom line. The boldest message a consumer can send is to spend money with a competitor.

In some cases, competition may be slim, but research will allow consumers to form the right frame of mind for navigating the customer service experience. At Pissed Consumer, we put together a list like this every month to help you in this way.

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