As with every month, Pissed Consumer handles incoming information from users to compare companies and to identify the most complained about products/services of the month. Of that list, we give you the 10 companies consumers complained about the most on Below are the ones that were mostly discussed about in November. 

1. GearBest

Overall, the company has received some great reviews in the past. Most of the consumers that shared their experience with Gearbest said that they have been particularly pleased with the prices of the products, like a consumer who reported that he/she got his/her quadcopter at 30% lower price compared to other websites.

In general, there were  also quite a few very favorable reviews about their customer service. So, it came as a surprise to realize that the company received an increasing amount of complaints regarding their customer service and quality of their products last month. You may check more Gearbest reviews on

A representative example of what most consumers were complaining about the previous month is this consumer's Gearbest review:

"they took my money send me a phone, I returned the phone since three months now no money back, no other phone, no answers to my questions no matter how many times, countless times without no help and no results. Chat doesn't work either, no phone numbers no real email addresses to remove problems quicker, no nothing..." 

You can tell the frustration they feel in their review, and rightfully so. In many other cases, the purchased product was either faulty, discontinued or was not delivered at all and consumers did not receive any refund either. Given the general positive image of the company, could these issues be due to Black Friday and Cyber Monday high volumes and understaffing conditions? 

Most Complained About Companies in November 2017

2. Wish

The overwhelming majority of Wish reviews mentioned problems with reaching the company's customer service department to either ask for a refund or to cancel an order. What is more, the customer service number seems to be of no real use. Like this Wish review from a consumer that reports:

"My fiance andI have ordered many things,however had a terrible time trying to get help with items that need returning/ refunding! … To make matters worse, you give a customer service number that you can't talk with anyone you just r referred back to the web! We have now paid for three items that do not fit and No Customer Service!..."

There were  also several Wish complaints about items that have not been delivered, as well as poor quality items, some of which were also violating trademark and copyright, orders partially cancelled by the company without giving a refund, as well as some issues with putting items on consumers' charge without permission. 

3. Tophatter

Their most complained about products/services had to do with delivery issues and products that had been misrepresented, cheaply made or with misleading pictures and descriptions. 
A consumer that signs off as Theresa Nelson mentions in her Tophatter online review:

"They put something in my cart and i told them i didnt order it, so i cancelled the order now they have barred me from using their site for a year. Its ridiculous its a rip off i ordered a bracelet and as soon as i opened it the turquoise stone fell out of it... Im sick of companies ripping us off, they take advantage of u with the low prices..." 

There were also a lot of Tophatter reviews about problems with payment/refund. See, for example, what this consumer reported about an item they bought from Tophatter (total worth of $275):

"They were supposed to refund my purchase then they changed their mind and I was told that they were mailing back my item. After a few weeks and many lies out of Amy and Pia, I found out that they destroyed my property and offered me a 25.00 credit..."

4. AOL

The company  gathered a lot of complaints last month about the bad quality of the Aol Gold Desktop Application. In detail, people talked about how slow it was on their machines, the fact that they now have to pay for it, the ineffective/rude customer service, and that it caused issues with their email list (most consumers reported that their list had been, somehow, deleted). 

Here is one of the Aol complaints where a consumer appeared dissatisfied with the AOL Gold Desktop Application for the following reason:

"The new AOL Gold we have been forced to upgrade to is really crap. I have been a paying member for 25 + years and AOL Gold has taken us back to the dark ages. Repeatedly get messages that they are having problems loading my e-mail. I delete e-mails and they keep coming back. The service is slower than molasses..."

Other consumers were  struggling to find solutions to problems that had been raised after the company forced all its members to switch over to Gold.  In the next Aol review a consumer not only lost all his/her favorites but was facing payment issues too:

"...I lost all my favorites and no way to get them back. Before I was forced to switch over to Gold... Now I have a second problem: I'm locked out of AOL altogether. They say they can't bill my credit card, but I'm paid through Aug 2018. It's Nov 2017 now and I have no AOL."

Almost all consumers that had tried the upgraded Gold software admitted that this switch was deeply disappointing as a result. Even those that did receive customer support and had their computers taken over by the tech support team, admitted that they hadn’t been  provided with a sound solution to their troubles with AOL Gold.

In fact, there were AOL complaints about the software having bugs, like in this consumer's case:

"Tech support took over my computer. Made some adjustments to AOL files. Same problem persists but now my AOL will not save my passwords on their software. The only thing the tech support suggested was to send a bug report to AOL support."


Their most complained product/service was their overall customer service, while there also were  reports about evasive billing practices and broken promises. In fact, if we compare companies that had made it to the top 10 most complained about list for November, DIRECTV had the most reports regarding their customer service department. 

Consumers appeared deeply disappointed with the company’s response to their issues, like this consumer in their review about DIRECTV customer service:

"...Tech was suppose to call 1 hr prior to coming because we had to leave work to get home. They did call but got to house prior and waited 3 to 4 minutes and left. Not once but twice. Still without tv. So not happy, had to reschedule again for a third time. They could and should have called the tech as soon as i called them..."

Billing issues seem to also be high up on the list of complaints too. DIRECTV subscribers were billed early cancellation fees after moving to a new home where they could not have a dish, when the company’s tech stuff had reassured them they would waive the early termination fee. Others said they had received calls from collection agencies for unpaid bills, for accounts that had been closed long ago, while many people also mentioned how the company had missed their install date by several weeks (in some case, months), with no communication on behalf of the customer service or tech department to either apologize or inform of the exact install date.  

Other DIRECTV complaints were related to:

  • Taking payment from consumers' account without their permission.
  • Falsely charging consumers for ordering products (i.e. NFL channel).
  • Not liking the new format and having picture problems.  

6. Walmart

It seems that what most consumers were complaining about Walmart's 2-day shipping policy, like this consumer who reported: 

"I have ordered many items from Walmart and use their "2 day shipping"… since August nothing has been delivered within two days and they began charging more for some of the items being shipped. Calling it a “pickup discount” this is very deceptive advertising ... They should not be able to lie to consumers without consequences. This is unacceptable."

Again, customer service was a pain point for this company too, as consumers complained much about unprofessional behaviors and waiting too long to have somebody from customer service to hear them out about a problem they were facing with their order.  

The number of Walmart complaints received in November concerning broken items, malfunctioning products, and order cancellations were pretty much the standard one can expect from a company like Walmart, where large volumes of goods and products are shipped daily.

Human error is always a factor that needs to be taken into account in every business. This consumer’s case highlights an issue with Walmart credit card: 

"I applied a year and a half ago at walmart for a credit card and got granted $800 credit, shortly after about 3 months, they sent me a letter increasing my credit limit to $1500... I always payed it off right after the purchase so my balance statement is almost always zero... Today right before Thanksgiving and Black Friday, they reduced the amount at $100..."

7. Megabus

Most of Megabus reviews were about drivers being late (or buses leaving too early, leaving passengers behind) and, in some cases, even drivers who were rude to customers. For instance, this consumer says about Megabus:

"Me and my injured brother were getting off at Scarborough town station at 2:40 am. The driver refused to look for our bag and talk with so rudeness because our bags were in the different section of the bus. At the same time one white guy came and asked for his bag the driver gave his bag which was also in the different section but not ours. How is this fair..."

There are also mentions by consumers who had bought a ticket of being left without a seat (some had to wait in the cold for the next bus to come), as well as of payment problems, where consumers expected a refund for cancellations only to find out that they have been charged an extra amount of money for rescheduling their trip. 

Most Reviewed Businesses in November 2017

8. Roblox

Although Roblox is a company that  received the largest amount of positive reviews (if we compare companies on this list today), they had also received a bulk of complaints about players being scammed and accounts being hacked or banned for no reason. Those who know the game, are aware that such instances are not uncommon and that you need to be very careful who you share your account details with when you trade.

However, it seems that there was an increase in complaints about issues with players’ accounts in November, and people losing money because their accounts were hacked, like this consumer, who reported about their daughter’s Roblox account:  

"My daughter's Roblox account was hacked and had money stolen. I had just purchased over 150.00 worth of robux for her. She also had a balance stolen worth 7,000 robux total that was taken... We sent a complaint form to Roblox and they never responded. This other party changed my daughter's password too. We want our money back!..."

As highlighted in the consumer's report above, users also had a hard time reaching out to the company's customer support because the only communication channel available was email. So, you just needed to send them an email with your issue and to wait for a reply. Although replies were usually quite fast, there were  times when you need to speak to a company representative urgently.


9. Lowes

Lowes complaints about customer care prevailed last month. Consumers appeared frustrated by the way their issues were handled, unprofessional (almost unethical) behaviour of the company when they send a subcontractor to finish their project, while others report about Lowes employees unwilling to help: 

"...I went to buy a washer and dryer waited half hour for someone to help me...  ask if I could pay for them and was told to take it up front because they were busy but all but One where laughing and talking with each other... she told me to go to check out line I explain that I wanted to pay for my washer and dryer and the lady said I’m busy take it to the check out line..."

There were also complaints by consumers who had purchased a product with installation from Lowes. They reported that their credit card had been charged the full amount before anybody contacted them to set up the installation and that it took them several weeks (and up to a couple of months) to have the installation scheduled. 

10. Ezbuy

Missing items from their order, delayed shipping (plus additional shipping costs not mentioned before), products that have not been delivered at all, bad customer service, hidden costs, order processing issues, and items with wrong measurements were some of the most common Ezbuy complaints received last month. 

From what it seems, many problems were detected around the company’s promo period, and this review about Ezbuy summed it up:

"Ordered 1 week before 11.11 to deliberately AVOID their promotion period. Was PROMISED it would be prioritized for order and shipment... Almost 1 month, still stuck in warehouse. Asked for a refund but was rejected. Reason: Your item is going to be shipped out, hence not able to refund you. Emailed them, called them, live chat them, online form sent, no help at all."

Important Clarification: When we compare companies on our website to come up with their rating, we always take а note of the companies' overall appearance as calculated by our elaborate mathematical algorithm, which parameters include the rating given by users, the number of resolved issues, and number of company responses, among others. However, when we compile the list with the top 10 most complained about products/services, we only consider the reports received during the corresponding month, in this case, November 2017. 

Being an informed consumer saves you a lot of frustration, time and money. Although companies are run by humans, and it is only human to make mistakes, it is better to know whether a particular company just happened to have a bad month or if they have been receiving repeated complaints over a long period of time. Our monthly updates can help you greatly towards sorting these things out. 

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