Top 10 Most Complained About Services in 2017

The year has passed. The companies grew up and services evolved. Most of them, we believe, implemented only successful techniques, which now serve the customers well. But there are also many failures that are worth mentioning.

Today, we want to describe top 10 most complained services for analysis and rethinking. Let the companies know what makes their customers mad and pleased about their services and take actions to eliminate negative factors after reading this post.

The Most Complained About Services of 2017 

delivery service complaint

Delivery Service


It’s sad to announce, but this company was the leader in the delivery service complaints in 2017. Users in their reviews found it to be the slowest shipping company.

Also, they hate frequent non-deliveries, which they claim were common practice for the firm, refusals to deliver to UPS mail stops, damaging packages, etc. In fairness, it must be said that people appreciate an ability to track the deliveries in real time.


This company also was complained about late deliveries, lost packages. Other UPS delivery service issues include high brokerage fees, especially giving what a level of service they provide for the money. There were also complaints about wrong deliveries, for example, one of the customers complained that his gift card was signed for by the other person.

As our users say, often the delivery people were delaying the process blaming incorrect addresses, which were apparently true, or the users themselves saying they weren’t at home. However, the company’s social media complaint response works very well, and it was noticed even by a UPS customer:

“Two packages were delivered to us, one of which wasn't ours... My ultimate satisfaction - I went their FB page where you can message UPS directly and tell them what you are trying to do. Got a reply in less than 15 min., and a call before 5 p.m. today. Package will be picked up by UPS.” 

Avas Flowers

Avas Flowers is rather a popular service among those needing bouquets fast. However, the company upsets customers with hidden additional fees, late deliveries, non-deliveries, wrong product deliveries and horrible customer service. Most often, they were pissed when the flowers were delivered not the day they placed an order, so the event was ruined.

TV and Streaming Service

tv service reviews


The leading reason for the complaints about DIRECTV was constant price increase and billing for channels customers do not use. In addition, many customers dislike switching the TV format. Despite numerous fraudulent billing practices reported, people line getting more channels on TV and relocation service.


Hulu streaming service reviews had satisfactory rankings concerning price affordability, which is an apparent plus. However, users report they have frequent problems with constant buffering and freezing after commercials. Other people weren’t satisfied with the old shows. 

Dish Network

For a long time there were no significant problems with Dish Network and it got numerous customers. However, switching prices, bad coverage, canceling local channels - these were the complaints pissed consumers posted in 2017 about Dish Network.

Users also alert about cancellation fees, billing troubles and technical incompetence. Like this Dish Network subscriber:

“BEWARE!!!We have been customers for 9 1/2 years.our tv service kept getting interrupted for 5-20 minutes at a time. We repeatedly called Dish and did everything they asked to no avail. They sent us a new receiver and later a new Joey (we paid shipping) and that did not help. So for 2 1/2 months we frequently were unable to watch a full tv program .” 

Customer Care

customer care reviews


Sadly, but such a popular company in the US has one more nomination for the in a row. DIRECTV customer care issues deserved separate mention.

“Was fed a pretty lie to establish service through direct... When they say you can have as many TVs as you want it’s a LIE. We paid for 5 and learned on the first night we were only allowed to watch 4 at a time and were not able to record any shows either...”

Frontier Communications

The Frontier Communications Customer Care reviews scream with howling negligence. People hate waiting on “hold” on a call, inability to solve their issues, scams with plans, incompetence and lack of responsibility.

Even fast Frontier Communications connection speed, which was mentioned in several posts, doesn’t compensate for other problems of the service. Nevertheless, company works with users to resolve their issues and replies to the complaints.


For such a huge trading network, customer care issues were common in 2017. Still, there was no excuse for rude customer treatment and shoplifting accusations. Nor there was any excuse to account scams causing monetary losses. Unfortunately, these were the points Walmart customers were dissatisfied with in 2017.

Car Rental

Enterprise Rent A Car

The most frequent complaints about Enterprise Rent A Car Vehicle Rental issues include unethical treatment, inability to get a refund, broken rental cars, overcharging, and so on. What is remarkable, the company representatives tracked the complaints and commented on the situations described. Which, of course, is a great plus to them.


Wrong overcharge, refund policy, false insurance claims and bad customer service determined awful Hertz rankings in 2017. Users were pissed off by the cars, which didn’t match the class they ordered. Hertz Car Rental issues warn consumers about low quality service if they need to get to the airport or catch a train because of the staff incompetency.

Like the example of this displeased Hertz customer:

“Hertz had no record of it so now I have hundreds of dollars worth of merchant holds on my credit card for a car I turned in FIVE DAYS BEFORE! Today, we are at Day 7 and they are STILL putting merchant holds on my credit card.”

Nevertheless, there are several resolved issues, which means the company tries to become better.

Green Motion

One of the most complained about car rental was the Green Motion company. Despite it has a diversity of products and services which is good for customers, there are some problems. While other companies were complained about poor customer service or rudeness, Green Motion astounds us with numerous issues.

Customers report many cases where the company charged them on credit cards for unordered services, nonexisting damages, etc. Some users even try to get in touch with each other to fight the company and get their money back.

Internet Service


The most complained about Internet service was CenturyLink. Like many other companies having a monopoly, in some areas they get numerous dissatisfied reviews. Still, there is no excuse for a bad service.

Add overbilling problems, bad customer service, deception and other inconveniences, like an inability to get an account closed, and you’ll get the full picture of the problems people complained about in 2017.


Regular complaints about poor customer care and high prices were accompanied with the following Comcast issue:

“9/21/17 - southern florida - post irma - intermittent cable and internet service still today - no service for more than a week during hurricane... Florida is in a state of disaster, as many other territories are, but comcast wants their bills paid on due date regardless of lack of service. This is so unethical.”

Meanwhile, there were also users who defended the company in their comments.


AT&T Internet service complaints go further than just at the company’s profile at PissedConsumer. The issues with unstable work of the connected services can also be accessed throughout the PissedConsumer website.

People complain that after the service providers like DIRECTV were acquired by AT&T, things with them got worse. Also, they report deception, poor customer care, faulty equipment, price gouging, etc.

Phone Service

phone service complaints


Customers were annoyed with bad service quality and inability of the customer care to solve the issues. Some complained to the one way sound, others disliked the phone quality after the upgrade. Despite the overall annoyance, the company’s service was mentioned as affordable, although outdated.


Hello once again. In this category, people dislike bad voice quality, slow data, and high prices. They also complained about poor coverage, forcing them to make calls from a kitchen window only. When people tried to get help from the customer care, they faced a runaround or simply the reps couldn’t find a solution, like in this AT&T case.

Straight Talk Wireless

The Straight Talk phone service complaints concerned both service quality, like voices cut in/out, and poor customer service. The quality of the latter is best shown in the next Straight Talk Wireless review:

“My phone quit sending or receiving text messages a couple days ago and customer service had me on hold three different times for over an hour. When she told me to hold, it wasnt muted on my end and i could hear them laughing and carrying on when she was supposed to be checking my service.” 

Despite all, the representative of the company answered some of the complaints and promised to help with the issues.


Planet Fitness

The reported issues include inconveniences in membership termination like an automatic money charge from credit cards. Every other complaint concerns payment troubles. The lone fact that they didn’t accept cash pisses the customers off, but there were far more indignant cases. Among positive moments, people liked great facility and atmosphere of the gym.

North American Hunting Club

Nearly all the reviewers left North American Hunting Club Lifetime Membership complaints. Back many years ago, people paid money for being members for all their life when suddenly the company changed the policies. The monetary loss reached $1,000, as it was stated by one of the consumers.

Anytime Fitness. What was the most complained about membership in Anytime Fitness in 2017 is an auto renewal and a 30 day cancellation requirement to stop the service. One of Anytime Fitness members shared:

“It also said that in order to cancel the contract, I needed to give them an additional 30 days written notice (in person at the gym).”

People reported numerous deceptive issues and shady contract terms.

Flight Booking

flight booking issues


The most complained about flight booking service in 2017 was CheapOair. The reason was numerous scam reports, refund policies, sudden fare changes and poor customer service. Nevertheless, some people noticed the airline rates were really cheap.


The reasons why customers were dissatisfied with Expedia in 2017 include changes without notification, refund charges, substandard service, run around customer care and false advertising on their policy. When people tried to get help from the company reps, they were feeling "like hitting a brick wall". The similar Expedia issue had one of our users:

“Very very disappointed and outraged about the way Expedia is treating my issue. Not getting any real help or progress.”


Like any other company that is the most complained about flight booking service, FlightHub had the exchange and cancellation issues, extra fees, changing flights without notification and bad customer treatment.

Bus Service

bus service complaints


The Megabus bus service issues included mechanical problems, bus non-arrivals and terrible customer service. Also, Megabus passenger reported the buses were not clean:

“Sewage, YES, as in the Toilet Water Running Down the aisle and under the Seats where Passengers are to put their Carry Ons.” 


The busses of Greyhound were late in 2017 very often, as we can see from the reviews. Despite some users appreciated the buses’ comfort and phone chargers inside the bus compartment, the seat overselling practice annoyed customers greatly.

US Coachways

This company, as our users said, owns old buses without necessary comfort elements. They reported broken seats, smelly bathrooms, cracked windows, cold compartments, etc. Also, the complaints concerned late arrivals without explanations.


household service reviews


The Sears repair complaints claimed their customer service to be incompetent, reported outrageous billing, unfair delivery costs, warranty work not performed and misleading representation.

A&E Factory Service

The most complained about repair company was A&E Factory Service. People reported they were fixing the same things for many times charging every repair separately. Some A&E Factory Service users rated the repairmen by 5 stars, others decisively not:

“Sent out tech from A&E. Spent to much time talking finally finds the problem no parts on truck to fix it has to order parts week one. Parts come to my house not to them. Tech comes back this is all you got not all here, how am I supposed to know that… Been a month with no dryer.”

Safelite AutoGlass

PissedConsumer users reported the technicians of Safelite AutoGlass didn’t appear on appointments, deceived customers about the real price of their services and made the job wrong causing additional damages. There also were accidents with them losing customers keys. Nevertheless, the company has also positive feedback.

What Services Consumers Complained About in 2017

While preparing this cast of the most complained services for each category, an idea to make a comparison table crossed our minds. Here, one may compare the companies, which got to this top, by the number of positive/negative reviews and rankings. 

The Most Complained About Service Company Name Number of Reviews
 Delivery Service  FedEX 4074 
UPS 5028
Avas Flowers 3403
TV and Streaming Service DIRECTV   10619
Hulu 1063
Dish Network 2142
 Customer Care Frontier Communications 2470
Walmart 6631
Car Rental  Enterprise Rent A Car  1661 
Hertz 679
Green Motion 636
 Internet Service  CenturyLink 2752 
Comcast 3799
AT&T 5351
Phone Service  MagicJack   2575
Straight Talk Wireless 1662
 Membership Planet Fitness   1775
North American Hunting Club 1050
Anytime Fitness 1129
 Flight Booking CheapOair   1303
Expedia 1896 
FlightHub  276
 Bus Service Megabus   1655
Greyhound  684
US Coachways  108
 Repair Sears   5000
A&E Factory Service  1305
Safelite AutoGlass 605 

The year 2017 has finished, and many achievements await for both companies and clients in the new year. There is always enough time to correct mistakes in customer service and retain the customers’ loyalty.

Let the new year bring only pleasant discoveries in everything you do, no matter whether this is renting a car or making a weekly shopping. Stay calm and use our tips to avoid inappropriate service that can ruin your plans. Also, you may learn what are the most reviewed products of 2017 in our next article.

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