As consumers, we use reviews on an almost daily basis. Where do you want to eat tonight? Check out what’s good in the surrounding area. Where do you want to buy your new mattress? What company is most likely to treat your right? As customers, we often leave reviews about our experiences and others can benefit from our experiences and knowledge.

While we tend to review just about all of our purchases and interactions, some companies tend to pop up more frequently on review websites like Some experiences are terrible. Others more praiseworthy, but people are definitely talking, and these are the top companies they are talking about.

Fast Food

For many, fast food is a way of life. While every franchise and storefront can be a new experience, some company names pop up over and over again despite being spread across the country.

fast food reviews


With a meal like pizza, you expect to get what you ordered, have it delivered in a timely way and to be able to eat it when it arrives. The top pizza complaints all seem to revolve around customer service and food quality issues.

Papa John's. The majority of Papa John’s complaints state that the pizza that arrived was not what they ordered. Ingredients were missing. The crust was burned. The cheese had slid off into a ball. One of PissedConsumer. com users wrote in Papa John's review that he/she had ordered a pizza and received one that “was limp and floppy... the ingredients just slid off.”

Fortunately, after leaving a review of his experience online, Papa John's contacted the person and he/she posted an update that the company offered him/her a free pizza as an apology. The consumer stated, “The pizza was well done and all is forgiven.”

Domino’s Pizza. Many Domino’s Pizza complaints revolve around the quality of the pizza that is delivered. Customers complained that the pizza was cold when it arrived or had the wrong toppings. Some complained about burnt pizza or even pizza that might have been previously frozen.

Some of the individual Domino’s Pizza storefronts did offer a refund, but customers felt it was unfair that the refund would take five days to process. Other stores offered a replacement pizza but required customers to drive back up to the store to collect it.

Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut complaints include frustrations about new upcharges on pan pizzas and frustration with orders being delivered up to an hour late. Customers are also complaining about pizzas being delivered cold.

Some stores have offered customers store credit for wrong orders or a refund, but customers complain that the store credit appears to go missing and the refund takes up a week to be processed.


Taco has a special place in the world of fast food. It’s not burgers and fries, and it’s not pizza. The variety of items on the menu offers customers something different for a fast food meal that isn’t going to break the bank.

Taco Bell. Many Taco Bell complaints revolved around the quality of the tacos and presentation. Customers were frustrated that the food took so long to prepare and when it arrived it was cold or contained very little meat or was lacking other ingredients.

Some long-time customers complain that the quality of the meat used in the tacos is not as good as it used to be. Taco Bell appears to have tried to reach out to at least one frustrated customer with an apology note through the mail.

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A quick sandwich is a great way to have lunch that has some healthy ingredients. Many sandwich shops offer customers a choice as they walk along the serving line to add ingredients to their liking.

Jimmy John’s. The majority of Jimmy John’s complaints center on the amount of food that is offered in relation to the price. Many customers felt the price of the sandwich was too high for the small amount of meat and vegetables that they actually got on the sandwich. Others felt the bread used for the sandwich was stale and flavorless. There did not appear to be any attempt to resolve these complaints by the store.


Hamburgers and fries make up the majority of the menu in the fast food chains while you can also find other options including chicken sandwiches and the occasional salad. So it is not uncommon to hear both praise and burger complaints.

Burger King. Burger King issues revolve around the length of time required to create the food order and how often the burger joint gets the order wrong. Customers complain about sitting in line for up to thirty minutes to receive an order with cold burgers or that has the wrong types of burgers. There does not appear to be any attempt by Burger King to resolve these complaints.

Paying for food shouldn’t be a gamble on quality or timeliness. When you visit a fast food restaurant, you are counting on a few key things – food that is prepared correctly, delivered in a timely manner and that is reasonably tasty. When restaurants don’t deliver on what they promise, it can be frustrating.  Find out what other products were on Top 10 Most Reviewed Products in 2017 (Part 2) list.

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