The camper industry is large with many different manufacturers offering a wide range of products. Often finding a camper or RV for your family takes more than finding a floorplan you like. You also need to think about the quality and reputation of the brand.

Fortunately, reviews can help you find not only good campers but high-quality RV companies as well. Learn what RV manufacturers received most of the consumers' reaction.


A recreational vehicle is a fun way to travel. Campers, RVs, and travel trailers are an ingredient in many family vacations, but getting the right trailer can be a challenge. There are so many products on the market with different benefits and floorplans.

Often finding the right RV for your family is a matter of finding the right balance between style, quality, and price.

RV reviews

Keystone RV Company. RVs are very expensive, so it’s no surprise that Keystone RV complaints can be especially vehement. Customers are angry that they spent upwards of $50,000 on a camper that has ongoing quality issues. While quality seems to be the central complaint, the exact items in question vary among the reviews.

Some are frustrated by leaks in the roof and windows. Other cite improperly installed toilet systems and water tanks. Still, others are frustrated by flooring and even the large slides opening on their own while driving.

Forest River. Forest River makes a variety of campers, and the complaints vary as well. Almost all of the Forest River complaints deal with quality, however. The Forest River reviews describe issues with delamination, water leaks, poor materials, poor construction and issues with rot and cracking.

One frustrated Forest River owner explained that “During the first year, FR took care of everything that went wrong. They were great. After that first year, you're on your own.

In his case, he had already fixed numerous issues with the dealership's help in the first year, but as new problems developed, he was frustrated to try and tackle them on his own. According to the reviewer:

I'm a stickler on maintenance and taking care of my investments and Thank God because I wouldn't have noticed the wet wood rot if I didn't thoroughly check everything. Unfortunately, I'll never get what I owe so I'm stuck with it, this piece of garbage.

They don't offer an extended warranty past the original year because they know they'd take a beating for their poor craftsmanship.”

Heartland RVs. This is another case of customers very concerned about the quality of their new campers. All of the Heartland RV complaints revolve around quality concerns.

Customers are frustrated by the quality of their new campers and how many things need to be fixed almost immediately after taking possession of the campers. Complaints range from showers not working correctly to lights not turning on and blown out tires.

It’s always the hope of every consumer that what they buy is worth the money they have spent. Finding the best deals that mesh quality and affordability can be a challenge, and often it is reviews like these that help guide others and assist them as they make important buying decisions.

If you’ve had an impressive buying experience, or perhaps one that is not at all satisfactory, be sure to share it so that others can benefit from your knowledge.

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