There are many items that simply make our lives more comfortable. A high-quality sofa or luxurious bedding can make a big difference in a good night’s sleep or a comfortable evening. Knowing what you’re buying when it comes to new furniture and bedding is undoubtedly essential, and thanks to available reviews, you can get a good feel for what to expect. Find out what items were the most discussed in Furniture and Bedding Category.

Furniture and Bedding

New furniture is expensive, often ranging well into thousands of dollars. It’s no surprise that customers want their new furniture delivered on time and in perfect condition. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case which is why some companies show up many times with furniture and bedding complaints.

Furniture and Bedding reviews


A pillow can have many different forms and fillings, but technology in the world of pillows has advanced and some companies claim to have redesigned pillows in a revolutionary way. Of course, not all customers agree that the pillows are the best money can buy.

MyPillow. Some reviewers enjoy MyPillow pillows and are quick to defend the company from others who complain. MyPillow complaints are varied. Some customers didn’t like the pillow fill material. Others found the pillows become too stiff or too flat. Still, others were frustrated by how expensive it was to return the pillows despite a return guarantee.

Other reviewers left positive reviews about how much they enjoyed the pillow and how little they enjoyed the negative complaints from others. Many who complained about the pillow opted to return it but had to pay shipping to send the pillow back to the company.


The sofa is the centerpiece of the living room. It’s a place to sit and visit, to enjoy a good book or perhaps to stretch out and take an afternoon nap. A sofa is supposed to be both stylish and comfortable, but this is not always the case for frustrated buyers.

Ashley Furniture. The bulk of the Ashley Furniture complaints include the type of material used on the company’s sofas. Many customers bought sofas with bonded leather, but the leather began peeling off the sofa within a few years.

One frustrated Ashley Furniture customer has contacted the company about the peeling sofa but has not gotten any response.

She states, “I am embarrassed to invite people into my home. When I do, they always leave with pieces of the sofa and loveseat attached to their clothing.”

She calls these pieces of her sofa, “A souvenir of “sophistication.”


You should be spending a third of every day sleeping. Eight hours of good sleep every night is ideal for your health and your ability to function well the next day. Having a mattress that makes that possible is critical, but not every bed is created equally.

Sleep Number Beds. The complaints about Sleep Number Beds almost all pertain to the quality of the mattress. The bed includes adjustable air pockets that many customers complained to begin leaking just weeks or months into ownership. Those who contacted the company often were sent a replacement part that they installed themselves.

Furniture Sets

There is an appeal to buying a full furniture set. You make one purchase and you have a whole room’s worth of furniture to enjoy. Of course, buying a whole furniture set can be very expensive, so customers want to choose wisely.

Bob’s Discount Furniture. Bob’s Discount Furniture complaints are a mixed bag. Some customers are very frustrated by furniture that arrived scratched or broken. Others made sure to mention that when there was a problem with the furniture, they were able to send it back and the company helped them to replace the items with comparable ones.

Some customers were pleased with their interaction with the sales staff at Bob’s Discount Furniture, while others complained about being misled about their new furniture purchase.

New furniture can and should be exciting. New home items dress up your bedroom or living room and can make your home life much more enjoyable. Fortunately, there are numerous reviews available to give you an idea of what you can expect to go right – or wrong – with new furniture purchases.  Discover what other products received the largest number of consumers' feedback in Top 10 Most Reviewed Products of 2017 (Part 3).

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