When you order something, you expect it to be exactly, or at least very close to, what you saw online when you handed over your credit card number. Flowers are a luxury item designed to brighten your day or someone else’s and when something goes wrong on a floral delivery order, it can be devastating. Fortunately, the experiences of others are well documented through reviews so you can reasonably determine what to expect from certain companies. Learn what companies had the most reviewed flowers on PissedConsumer.com


Nothing announces and celebrates a special occasion like flowers. Having flowers delivered can make anyone’s day brighter, and floral delivery is an excellent way to show you care about a new baby, a birthday or a special occasion like Valentine’s or Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, not all flower companies are equal when it comes to designing and delivering flowers. A floral order should be beautiful and delivered on time. When that doesn’t happen, customers get angry.

Flowers reviews

Ava’s Flowers. Ava’s Flowers is a floral delivery call center that operates in and near New York. The company is not an actual florist, but collects orders from customers and sends them to local florists to be filled and delivered. Multiple customers have complained that the flowers they ordered from Ava’s Flowers look nothing like the flowers that were delivered. Many customers have complained about the poor quality of the flowers that were delivered and that there is no way to get a refund through the site or the contacted local florists.

ProFlowers. Customers have complained about ProFlowers issues that range from wilted and almost dead flowers to suspect charges as they complete an order. Some customers found that they were charged almost twice as much as they were expecting after submitting their order. They could not find any justification for the price jump. There were many complaints about the type of flowers that were actually delivered.

Many were not at all what was pictured on the website and many of the delivered flowers were wilted, closed, browning or shedding petals from the moment they were unboxed. There did not appear to be any attempt from ProFlowers to address these problems, despite many complaints from customers who were previously satisfied but felt betrayed by their latest orders.

From You Flowers. From You Flowers issues seem to revolve around orders arriving late and the flowers arriving not being what was pictured on the website. While customers are frustrated with their orders, some of those who have contacted the company have been offered store credits to use on future orders as a way of making amends. One frustrated From You Flowers customer ordered her daughter a potted flower.

When it arrived, her daughter received, “a shattered pot, broken flower leaves, and squeezed flowers.” The arrangement was unusable. When the mother called, she was offered, “a 25% discount and a $25 gift card.” However, it is unlikely she will use these benefits as she considers them “useless because everything at the shop costs more than $25 and I wouldn’t pay another dime to this company.

Nobody likes to feel like they were taken advantage of. Spending money on what should be a beautiful treat for others should bring both the recipient and the customer joy. Nothing can kill that joy faster, however, than an order that has gone terribly wrong. Discover  more products that were among the top 10 most reviewed products of 2017 (Part 4)

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