In our age of modern conveniences, it’s hard to imagine what life might be like without dishwashers and convection ovens. How much more time would we be forced to spend on routine daily tasks without the clever appliances and electronics in our homes? Discover what appliances and electronics received most customers' feedback on

Appliances and Electronics

Many of us heavily research electronics and appliances before we buy. Spending hundreds of dollars on something that isn’t going to work correctly is a huge waste and a huge headache – it’s not easy to send a washing machine back to the showroom. Fortunately for those who are always looking for reviews on appliance and electronics, there are many who are leaving feedback about their experiences.

Appliances and Electronics reviews


For those with a small kitchen, a countertop oven sounds like a dream come true. You can cook real meals without a large stove and oven combination. When the meal is done, simply tuck the oven away until you need it again next time. Of course, it’s hard to find an appliance that is absolutely perfect, so there have been some customers who wound up frustrated by their small oven experiences.

NuWave. The NuWave countertop oven uses infrared technology to prepare meals. The oven involves a large dome that covers the food, and the majority of NuWave issues stem from the quality of this cover. Many customers found their oven covers cracked after use. The NuWave company representative contacted many customers on the PissedConsumer site to address their concerns and offer a redesigned replacement dome at a discounted price.

One customer with a NewWave cracked cover was offered a discounted replacement dome. She explained that “NuWave replaced my old cracking dome with a new, upgraded yellow tinted dome for $20 including shipping.” She added, “It works well, and I am satisfied that they have shown a responsible attitude toward the consumer. I will continue to urge others to purchase the new, Nu Wave infrared oven, because it is quality made, and a huge help in the kitchen.”


A staple of entertainment, the television is often a gathering place in the evenings or a place to relax after a hard day at work. Movies, shows and streaming video all come through the television, and customers want and expect a television that is dependable and with a quality that reflects the higher price tag they pay for the electronic device.

Element Electronics. Element Electronics creates inexpensive television sets, and many customers stated that they purchased the televisions to save some money or during a sale. Most of the Element Electronics complaints were about the quality of the television and how it was manufactured.

Customers complained that the television would suddenly go black or blue. Menus would appear on the screen and refuse to go away. Some of the televisions wouldn’t work at all after just a few months. While some customers were able to return or exchange the televisions through the store they purchased it from, others tried to contact Element and were unable to reach or speak with a customer service representative.

TV complaints

Washing Machine

A washing machine is a staple of the home. Laundry can easily pile up and a good washing machine makes it much easier to take care of this chore and move on to other parts of your day. Of course, an appliance with that many moving parts and that much water should be purchased carefully – a faulty washing machine can become a very large problem to solve.

Whirlpool. Most Whirlpool complaints deal with concerns about how the washing machines operate. Some customers are very concerned about how the washing machine agitates (or doesn’t) agitate the clothing inside. One Whirlpool customer complained about large items like sheets wrapping around other items in every load. He complains that “It can't spin without making a spare tire where one blanket or sheet wraps around all the others and then the ones inside are dirty and soaking wet.

The reviewer stated that the washing machine also isn’t clear on how long a load will take to wash. “This morning it indicated the wash would take 56 mins, it has been going for over an hour and a half now and I am not sure what it is doing.” After making a public complaint, Whirlpool contacted the reviewer and offered to try to fix the problem. Looking at the reviews, Whirlpool makes an effort to contact almost everyone who complains about their products.

In this case, Whirlpool sent out a repairman who told the owner, “There is nothing mechanically wrong with the washer currently. There is something very wrong with the timer if it says the wash will take 56 minutes then count on an additional hour. The little computer it appears cannot tell time.” Ultimately, the reviewer states, “Whirlpool I give you an A for the effort but there is nothing to fix except to change the design of this appliance for the future.

Electronics and appliances are designed to make life simpler and more enjoyable. When they break or don’t perform as expected, however, those appliances can add a tremendous amount of stress to our already busy lives. Find out what other goods were on the list of the top 10 most reviewed products of 2017 (Part 5).

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