We instinctively like clever ideas that serve a useful purpose in our lives. Hoses that fit neatly into a cabinet. Paint that can do the job in one coat. But it’s natural to feel frustrated when a product doesn’t deliver what it promises. Fortunately, reviews exist to make it easier to spot a good purchase and weed out the potentially rotten ones. Check what products were the most complained about in Household Essentials Category

Household Essentials

There are many products that exist solely to make our lives easier. These household essentials may not actually be essential to our daily lives, but they can certainly save us time and effort while doing certain household tasks. Of course, these essentials often come with a price tag to match their convenience. What is not always clear is if the convenience matches the price.

Household essentials review

Pocket Hose

What could be more convenient than a hose that takes up just a fraction of the space we’re used to dedicating to the unwieldy items? A hose that easily compresses and can be stored in a small closet versus a large shed seems like a great idea – provided it works as well as it is advertised.

Telebrands. The pocket hose complaints spring from holes that seem to appear in the hose itself. According to customers, the Telebrands pocket hose develops holes within a few weeks of use. Multiple customers complained that the hose almost explodes out of a hole when it develops and that the hose often leaks near the valves where the brass meets the hose material.

Some customers contacted Telebrands to seek a solution to the broken hose. The company is willing to send out a replacement hose for the broken one, but the replacement can take weeks to arrive. According to complaints, a replacement hose is the only solution as they will not offer a refund. Some customers have replaced the hose three or four times due to the same reoccurring problem.


Paint can be an amazing element in your home. One gallon of paint and you can reinvent any room in your home. Upgrade your colors and improve your design. Paint comes in different textures, sheens, and colors, and it should be surprising that it comes with different levels of reviews as well.

Behr. Customers have had Behr issues that deal with the paint and stain adhesion and peeling. Multiple customers complained about the paint and stains peeling up after application, even when applied perfectly according to instructions.

Customers were frustrated that they spent quite a bit of money to apply a product that claimed to need only “one-coat coverage” but actually required multiple coats of paint to even come close to being enough coverage.

One customer used the Behr deck stain to recoat his deck. He followed instructions to the letter, but after one winter the deck began to peel. He “took several pictures to send to Behr. By fall, I will have to resand the entire deck, a very difficult job at my ripe age of 71.” Fortunately, Behr was receptive to his concerns.

He states, “I'm happy to say that after a call to Behr to complain about deck stain peeling after one winter, they reimbursed me the entire cost of staining, plus the $200 it cost me to have someone sand it. I can now hire someone again with that money and restain at my leisure. I was pleased with their response..just not so happy about the stain itself.

Paint complaints

Gas Tank

Propane is a necessary ingredient in many backyard barbeques as well as an essential element for some heaters and kitchens. Being able to quickly refill or exchange a propane tank makes it easier to get back to the grill or keep your home warm when a good heater matters the most.

AmeriGas. AmeriGas complaints range as much as the company’s products. AmeriGas sells propane exchange tanks for small gas grills as well as much larger tanks for personal and consumer user. Customers complain that the smaller canisters for grills leak around the connections. Other customers complain at the prices charged by Amerigas to come and refill in the ground and above ground propane tanks for home use.

Still, others are frustrated by the amount of time it takes for the company to come and refill tanks, especially when a lack of gas might cause an emergency. It does not appear that Ameri-Gas has contacted any of the reviewers about their concerns.

While some items are more about convenience than survival, others can make life extremely challenging when things go wrong. When it comes to household essentials, you want to buy with confidence. Often the best way to determine a good buy is to simply read what others have experienced before you in product reviews. Learn what other goods were on the list of top 10 most reviewed products of 2017 (Part 6).

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