Food items bring not only nourishment but comfort as well. The cookies you enjoyed as a child should taste the same now when you’re an adult. If they change the recipe on special treats you’ve enjoyed for years, it’s natural to feel betrayed. Snacks are more than a filler between meals – they are something we count on and enjoy.

When things change, people notice and reviews can certainly provide a head’s up. Discover what popular snacks were the most discussed on 

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Who doesn’t love a good snack? Snacks are the least appreciated meal of the day, and there are so many tasty options to choose from. Some snack products have been around for decades, while others seem to be dreamed up and placed on store shelves virtually overnight.

When you’re shopping for a good cracker or a tasty cookie, you want the best for your money. Reviews can help you get your money’s worth.


The base of a good cheese. Pair it perfectly with peanut butter. A cracker is one of the most functional members of the snack food family, but not every cracker is considered equal. Salted, unsalted, seasoned, baked or whole grain – with so much to choose from, certainly, not everyone will have a great cracker experience.

Ritz Crackers. Customers are frustrated with the difference between what Ritz Crackers used to be and what they have become. Multiple customers cited decades of enjoyment with Ritz crackers, but have noticed big changes in the last year. Ritz Cracker complaints are almost all about the crumbling nature of the crackers.

What used to be thick crackers perfect for dips and spreads, Ritz Crackers are now a different color and often crumble before the package is opened. Crackers that arrive intact crumble as soon as you try to spread on a dip or topping. There did not appear to be any information from Ritz about changes in their product or any outreach to customers about the change.

cracker complaints


A sweet treat can make a day brighter, and some cookies have been enjoyed by families for decades. Of course, snack cookies will have their fans and detractors, and with so many new varieties and flavors being released all of the time, it’s no wonder some types of cookies wind up being less than popular.

Oreos. Another childhood favorite, customers are noting big differences in how cookies feel and taste. As one Oreo customer explains, “I hate when companies treat loyal customers like we’re idiots. You reduce the diameter, reduce the thickness, AND cut the amount of filling in the regular Oreo and think no one would notice.”

This customer did notice and is frustrated by the changes. He states, “Oreo cookies are an American icon. Most of us were raised on them! It’s silly to say in this changing world but some things just shouldn’t be messed with. Unfortunately you have.”

Nabisco Pinwheels. Nabisco seems to have listened to customer concerns about a recipe change the company made to the original Nabisco Pinwheels. Customers complained when Nabisco changed the original darker chocolate to a lighter, milk chocolate “fudge” Pinwheel recipe.

Customers who had enjoyed the Pinwheels for decades stopped buying them and complained about the different flavors. At least a few posts, however, noted that the company seems to have reverted to the original recipe and that the Pinwheels customers tried after January tasted the same as the dedicated customers remembered.

We count on delicious treats and snack staples to be there when we want to enjoy a tasty bit or when we are planning to serve a bit of something to others. When our favorite snack foods don’t taste and act the way we expect, reviewers will certainly make their voices heard.  Learn what other items were on the top 10 most reviewed products of 2017 (Part 7).

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