Your dental health is often overlooked in favor of your body’s health, but when things go wrong with your teeth, life can be miserable. Choosing a dental professional can be challenging when insurance and funds are considered, but reviews make it easier to find the right services at the right time. Learn about the most complained about Dental Products.

Dental Complaints

Dental Products

Taking good care of your teeth requires more than a good brushing and flossing. Dental products have expanded well beyond toothpaste and electronic toothbrushes to include dentures, braces, implants and much more.

Ensuring a good fit and quality product can be a challenge, however, as everyone’s mouth is shaped and used in their own way. This may be why some dental products have accumulated so many reviews.


Bridges and dentures can be life-changing for those who struggle with missing teeth and a smile they don’t like. Of course, the highest quality dentures can also bring a hefty price tag, meaning finding an affordable pair can be a game of trial and error to find the right fit, comfortable use, and a great new smile.

Aspen Dental. Aspen Dental issues stem from the lack of communication and the pressure that clients feel to make rapid decisions about new dentures. Customers complain about having to make decisions about having their teeth surgically removed without much processing time due to the surgeon’s schedule.

They also complain about how quickly the dentures are measured following surgery.

When the dentures arrive they are uncomfortable and actually hurt many of the clients or they are too loose and won’t stay put. Others found the cost of the dentures to be higher than expected due to unexplained costs and charges.

While there were a few customers who were satisfied with their experiences, many others were frustrated with ongoing fit or payment issues. There did not appear to be any responses from any of the Aspen Dental offices to the complaints.

Affordable Dentures. Many of the Affordable Dentures complaints are similar to those of other less expensive denture shops. While some customers were pleased with their new dentures, others were frustrated by ill-fitting dentures and what they felt were unnecessary upcharges or even tooth extractions.

One Affordable Dentures customer had trouble with an abutment that kept falling out. According to the reviewer, “On the Sunday before Thanksgiving, the abutment came out for the 3rd time. When I called on Monday morning I was informed that their office was closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Frustrated, the person called around to find another office of Affordable Denture that was open during the holiday week.

He “went to the St. Pete office and he told me that the type of abutments that they had used have a very small tolerance for error and because mine were not done properly they didn't line up quite right and that was the reason they kept falling out.

The customer feels he is “entitled to a full refund of $395.00 because the Tampa office was not able to correct the issue after 2 follow up visits and the St. Pete office solved it on the first visit.” To date, there does not appear to be any communication with the Affordable Dentures offices about the refund.

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Dental Braces

It’s a gift to be born with perfectly spaced and straightened teeth. For those who are not blessed with great teeth, dental braces can offer a chance to straighten teeth and improve your smile. The types and options for straightening teeth can be varied, and prices and experiences seem to be just as varied as the options.

Western Dental. Braces are expensive and can be complicated. Many of the Western Dental reviews stem from issues with payment plans, double-billing, issues with reports to the credit bureaus or with the actual braces and the hardware and care required. Some patients were extremely frustrated by mistakes in the bills.

Multiple times disputed bills were sent to collections and reported to the credit bureaus.

Other cases involved parents frustrated on behalf of their children who were left sitting for hours waiting for adjustments to their braces or for children who have had braces for years longer than expected with only spotty service and appointments.

Western Dental did reach out to many of the patients to continue the discussion of their concerns privately due to legal requirements and an interest in patient confidentiality.

A great variety of modern dental products, services, and procedures can amaze and confuse at the same time. Not to get lost in this myriad of choices and to be satisfied at the end, research the company carefully read and listen what other consumers have to say about it. Be informed and stay updated with the top 10 most reviewed products of 2017 (Part 8).


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