The beauty industry is huge. There are many products that are designed to improve your skin tone and the texture of your hair. Of course, hair care and skin care products contain chemicals – some of which aren’t very commonly known. That means some beauty products might provide surprising results.

Fortunately, reviews can give you some insight into what you should expect before buying something new. Check out what hair care products were the most discussed and received the largest number of consumers' feedback.

Hair Care Products

Many hair types require products to look their best. From flat irons and curlers to special conditioners and toners, hair care products allow men and women to create the styles they want and to maintain those styles throughout the day.

Hair care reviews

Hair Care

Styling products have a wild range of uses and prices. High-end products promise salon results and lower end products are affordable and can be effective as well, depending on what the product claims to offer. Knowing the best products for your own hair types and styles can be a challenge.

It often requires more than a bit of trial and error, which can be expensive based on the types of products you’re trying.

Wen. Wen haircare products were designed to help strengthen hair and smooth away coarseness. Many customers enjoyed and still enjoy the product and have left positive reviews about their experiences.

Many other customers, however, have stopped using Wen hair care products as they noticed they were losing a large amount of hair and even developing bald spots that seemed to be linked to the product.

Keranique. Despite having a few positive comments, most Keranique complaints have two common threads. The first is that the company apparently overcharges customers once they sign up using a credit card. The second is that the product appears to have been causing hair loss for some customers.

One Keranique customer complained that she found both cases to be true. She stated, “I really don't know where they get the great testimonials on this product but it did nothing for me. On the contrary, it made my hair thinner.” She went on to state that “It is really difficult and frustrating to cancel out of this program.

And, if you do you have to get confirmation of your cancellation otherwise they will continue to charge your credit card.


For many women and men, conditioner is a critical step in washing hair. Conditioner helps to detangle the hair and adds essential nutrients and ingredients to help nourish and condition the hair. Many conditioners help to protect hair from damage caused by styling aids and harsher hair products, and all conditioners help hair look its best.

Wen. Customers found Wen conditioners to have the same issues as other Wen haircare products. Many customers love the products or loved them for years, according to reviews. But some of those who loved and used the products regularly have found that with continued use, the products appear to cause hair to start falling out in large sections.

Some customers complained that they developed bald spots and that hair is not fast to grow back in despite stopping the use of the product.

Everyone wants to present themselves well, and being well groomed is a large part of looking and feeling your best. When your grooming products aren’t what you expected and aren’t what you paid for, it can be frustrating. And when those products do more harm than good, it can be infuriating.

Fortunately, there are the reviews of others to help you decide what is worth a try and what to stay away from. Discover what other goods were in the top 10 most reviewed products of 2017 (Part 9).

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