Buying new clothes is fun and often necessary. You need a new dress for a special occasion, or you need to replace a pair of jeans that got torn. Shopping online provides a much wider selection of styles and designs, often for much more affordable pricing that shopping in stores.

But whether you decide to shop online or simply try a new store for the first time, you want to check reviews to be sure you know if the store is reliable and will send you what you order in a timely manner. Check out what items in Footwear and Clothing Category were the most reviewed by consumers.


Fashion is subjective, but the quality is pretty universal. Nobody wants clothing that falls apart or shrinks on its first wearing. And you should be able to expect clothing ordered online to live up to its own description and hype. If you’re buying specialty clothing items that cost quite a bit more than a typical outfit, it’s absolutely reasonable to expect a bit of extra care and attention to detail.

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Buying a new dress, especially one as important as a formal or bridal gown, is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The fit should be perfect. The style should reflect your own. And the buying experience should be everything such a special occasion should live up to. Often this is the case, but occasionally something goes wrong.

FashionMia. Fashion experiences can vary wildly, and this seems to be the case with FashionMia. Many reviewers reported excellent experiences with the company and had nothing negative to say. The other large group of reviewers reported terrible experiences with the company and had nothing positive to say.

The reviewers who had positive interactions with the company were pleased with the clothing and price as well as the deals offered on the site. Those who complained were frustrated by very slow delivery times, delays and clothing that didn’t fit or match the online descriptions.

Modlily. Modlily did not receive the mixed reviews that FashionMia did above. Modlily complaints are all very similar and very prevalent on PissedConsumer. Customers are frustrated that the sizing is dramatically different than what they expected.

They are also frustrated that the shipping takes more than thirty days, which then negates the option to return the product within thirty days.

Finally, customers complain about the quality of the clothing items as well.

David’s Bridal. David’s Bridal reviews are a mix of complaints and praise based on the experiences of the women shopping. Some were very frustrated with the salespeople or the store policies that didn’t allow certain alternations or returns. Others praised the salespeople for doing such an excellent job.

One David's Bridal reviewer experienced both the good and bad on a single visit. She visited the store with her sister, and the first consultant they worked with “was very unpleasant and as my sister had a style number for the dress she was looking for (off their website) she acted very put out and just kept saying it's discontinued.

When the sisters were ready to walk out of the store, another consultant “stepped in and was professional, happy to help us find the mother of the bride dress which we had the style number for.” Often in sales, it is the salesperson who can make or break an experience.

Finding what you want online can be thrilling, but getting that item delivered as expected in a timely manner can be more challenging than you expected. Fortunately, it is often reviews and individual salespeople that can make the difference in how well an experience will go. Discover what goods were among the most reviewed products of 2017 (Part 10).

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