Today, furniture is not by far just a functional piece of the interior; it is also a way to express one’s taste and life philosophy. Enriching our dwellings with beautiful things can help gradually approach the state of wholesome inner harmony.

The following piece was composed to provide an unprejudiced look at the top 5 furniture companies that carry out a furniture retail, so we hope you’ll find this feature interesting and useful.

The Best-Rated Furniture Stores: Analyzing Customer Complaints Online

We’ve been collecting and analyzing information from our furniture stores reviews in order to formulate the most objective list of the top 5 furniture companies. We’d like to notice that practically all the mentioned stores have their own online retail resources, as well as official publics in social networks.

Some of them are multi-brand stores; others focus their activity on a single trademark.
All in all, having thoroughly analyzed customer complaints online, we assessed each store from our top-rated furniture stores list by the following critically important parameters:

  • rating;
  • things customers like;
  • things customers dislike;
  • number of resolved issues;
  • responsiveness of the support.

*A company’s rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in your profile. The algorithm parameters are: user’s rating, number of resolved issues, number of company’s responses etc. The algorithm is subject to change in future.

Now then, let’s cut to the chase and commence our review of the top furniture retailers.

Top Furniture Stores

Home Cinema Center

One of the top furniture retailers right now – Home Cinema Center – has been retailing home furniture for almost 15 years. It provides delivery to the States as well as to Mexico, Great Britain, Canada, and Germany.

The main specialization of this store are home entertainment systems (special chairs, projection machines, sofas, and stands & closets with plasma TV housing), but you can also find various other pieces of interior there, such as – bedside tables, tables, beds; outdoor, office, and kids’ furniture, etc.

The store has its own loyalty program in the form of additional discount (3%, 5%, or 7% from the order sum). You aren’t required to create a profile to make orders in this store (which significantly saves time). Just fill out the form defining payment and delivery options and that’s it. A personal account would be needed if you wanted to track the order processing stages.

Now, let’s find out pros and cons of this retailer according to the furniture stores reviews of our users.

1. Rating

3, 7 points out of 5.

2. Things Customers Like

Assortment: being one of the best furniture stores in the USA, this retailer provides a huge choice of classic and modern style indoor and outdoor furniture.

Delivery: during the period of 2 weeks; price and estimated time are calculated during the ordering process based on customer’s location.

Customer service: customers give credit to a number of support employees who politely and thoroughly explain all the ordering and delivery nuances.

3. Things Customers Dislike

Inappropriate customer responses: (one of the furniture stores reviews is presented below):

“I experienced some one the same issues with not being able to track my shipment and the same rude guy always answer the phone. I finally received my shipment today with a broken nightstand and a badly damaged dresser. I was told to email pictures and someone will get back with you.”

Return and refund issues: occasionally, the store’s employees ignored requests from customers that had received the defective goods.

Product quality: there were occasions of damaged furniture delivery.

4. Number of Resolved Issues: 0

5. Responsiveness of the Support

Currently, there are no responses from Home Cinema Center customer support to any of the reviews on our website.

Mattress Gallery Direct

Now, for the second place in our top 5 furniture brands. A company with a 30-year experience, Mattress Gallery Direct offers a wide range of basic pieces for comfortable sleep, as well as orthopedic mattresses based on gel, polystyrene, and other synthetic & natural fillers.

This store represents such brands as Tempur-pedic, Steams & Foster, Sealy Posturepedic, Beautyrest, Jamison, Englander Resort Collection, Malouf Wellsville, Leggett & Platt, and many others.

Notice that one can check out the store’s assortment not only online but also by visiting one of the 4 showrooms in the state of Tennessee. The main advantage of this store is considered to be highly-qualified staff that will always explain to you features of a certain piece.

Additionally, you can buy a mattress on the installment plan for 3, 6, 12, 18, and 24 months.The purchase itself, however, can be made only in one of the 4 galleries in the state of Tennessee. Let’s take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of this online resource according to our users’ reviews.

1. Rating

3,6 points out of 5.

2. Things Customers Like

Assortment: another example of the best furniture stores in the USA, this store provides a wide choice of modern mattress models with orthopedic fillers.

Fast delivery: next-day delivery policy.

Customer service: veritably qualified salespeople that don’t take fees for helping choose a product. One of Mattress Gallery Direct reviewer says:

Trey patiently helped us identify the correct equipment for us and explained each product in detail. We also purchased a mattress for my RV. When we received the mattress, it did not fit the space in the RV. I called Tim to discuss the situation. Tim understood, identified the product best suited for my situation and substituted the mattress without question...”

3. Things Customers Dislike

Products harmful to spine: some customers made complaints that certain mattresses cause strong back pains.

Unqualified delivery service employees: there was an occasion where a base of the bed had been damaged during mattress installment.

Rude employees’ behavior: certain salespeople were quite rude to customers.

4. Number of Resolved Issues: 0

5. Responsiveness of the Support

There are, currently, no responses to our website’s reviews from Mattress Gallery Direct customer support whatsoever.

Furniture Brands Reviews

Galleria Furniture

The next position in our top 5 furniture brands is held by Galleria Furniture – a marketplace (provides over 1 thousand products) that specializes in home furniture retail, based in Oklahoma. It provides everything: soft furniture, wooden pieces of the interior, as well as office items.

Also, Galleria Furniture offers various accessories: mirrors, rugs, linen cabinets, etc. It also provides your order’s current status so that you wouldn’t order an item that isn’t currently in stock.

You can individually discuss all the delivery details (the delivery service covers a continental part of the USA) and if you want to see a product in real life, you can visit one of the offline outlets in Oklahoma City, Lawton, Chickasha, or Guthrie.

You know what comes next, some pros and cons of Galleria Furniture based on the text of our users’ reviews.

1. Rating

2,9 points out of 5.

2. Things Customers Like

Assortment: stylish design and a wide range of products are the primary reasons for inclusion of this store in our top furniture stores in the USA list as well as optimal quality-to-price ratio. 

It is stated in one of Galleria Furniture reviews

“You get what you pay for. But for really good-looking and unique furniture at an affordable price, I think Galleria is great.”

Customer service: customers of this top furniture store give credit to some salespeople for their competence and kindness.

3. Things Customers Dislike

Slow delivery: according to customer complaints online, one must discuss delivery terms beforehand when buying from this store.

Return/replacement issues: it was problematic for some customers that received flawed goods to get a proper replacement.

Quality goods: not all of the customers are satisfied with the quality of goods execution.

4. Number of Resolved Issues: 0

5. Responsiveness of the Support

As of yet, Galleria Furniture customer support hasn’t provided any responses to our website’s customer reviews.


World-renowned Italian furniture manufacturer, Natuzzi combines exclusive design with advanced product manufacturing technologies. Currently, this top furniture company’s production capacity includes 7 huge factories. Established in far 1959, this brand has become an absolute leader in the segment of soft furniture made out of natural leather.

Assortment provided by this company includes sofas, chairs, tables, and various accessories. You can order the store’s products via the website, delivery is free. Among top-class services are free interior design and in-store 3D interior design consultations. Some icing on the cake – pros and cons of this store according to the text of our users’ reviews.

1. Rating

2,8 points out of 5.

2. Things Customers Like

Assortment: an extensive variety of stylish pieces of furniture with hide covering of high quality.

Delivery: free.

Customer service: customers are mostly satisfied with service quality and politeness & competence of the store’s employees.

3. Things customers Dislike

Rude employees: some reviews mention unacceptable, rude staff’s behavior.

Return and repair issues: in certain cases, the store’s employees refused to fix the sold item’s defects.

Quality of goods: (one of the examples of Natuzzi's customer complaints online is presented below):

“I was lucky that the faulty arm leather was replaced when the corners collapsed within first few months, but the new leather rippled immediately and they say it's right.”

4. Number of Resolved Issues: 0

5. Responsiveness of the Support

Natuzzi takes customer reviews on our website into account and frequently responds, either simply acknowledging a customer’s effort in formulating a review or trying to resolve a certain customer service issue.

Furniture and Decor Companies Reviews

Opulent Items

Opulent items online store has its showroom in Los Angeles and provides quite a wide assortment of textile and leather soft furniture: sofas, ottomans, and chairs. Upholstery is either high-quality fabrics or 100% natural Italian skin. Design of all the featured items is quite concise and universal to fit practically any type of interior.

Note that this store allows you to personally choose upholstery palette out of several options provided on the website. The store supports purchases on the installment plan and offers free delivery for the states of California and Nevada. Contact phone and fax numbers are provided on the website.

Now then, the main pros and cons of this store as indicated in our users’ reviews.

1. Rating

2,6 points out of 5.

2. Things Customers Like

Assortment: luxuriously designed soft furniture with a wide variety of upholsteries.

Delivery: free for the states of Nevada and California.

Customer service: in the case of incorrect carrying out of order, customers get timely, helpful response, and 100% cashback.

3. Things Customers Dislike

Incorrect carrying out of orders: some customers made complaints as to improper order management by the store.

Delivery issues: certain customers never received their orders.

Quality of goods: there were occasions of damaged pieces’ delivery.

4. Number of Resolved Issues: 1 

An Opulent Items customer had ordered a lounge sofa and a white-sided table but received items with the wrong parameters instead.

I ordered a right side lounge sofa. I received a left side lounge sofa. It does not work with my living space and blocks my patio door … I also ordered a white sided table, I received a black sided table.

The items with the alternative features were delivered. Fortunately, the store’s owner took the matter into his own hands and resolved the situation personally by phone to customer’s satisfaction:

I thank Mr. Gonzalez for resolving this issue. He stood behind his word.

5. Responsiveness of the Support

Opulent items customer support gladly helps their unsatisfied customers resolve issues and acknowledge most reviews by responding to them.

Summarizing our best furniture retailers ranked by users list, we can say that having analyzed customers’ real reviews as to the above-mentioned stores, we collected info on the most highly-rated ones.

Our main purpose was to provide you with an unprejudiced, objective look on the highly-rated furniture stores, based on company criteria given by our users, and the things they liked and disliked in a business. We eagerly hope that this article will help you avoid any furniture ordering issues whatsoever and you’ll know where to best spend your hard-earned money.

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